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 My Goal for My Clients — Achieving More Than They Dared to Reach For

…#1 out of 800 on national sales team within 6 monthsCheri Williams
...doubled my client base within 3 monthsGeof Carter

I believe that the intent of having a coach is that the coach takes you to levels you couldn’t achieve on your own.

In fact, I’ve discovered that most coaches are afraid to shoot too high . . . so they only offer small steps to their clients. And, most clients reach only as far as they feel comfortable based on their own past performance. Sort of which came first chicken or the egg, because they’ve never reached very far that’s just about as far as they dare reach the next time.

I’ll share the things that helped me build a $450K a year business in less than 2 years. 

I challenge my clients to really reach! In fact, whenever we determine what you want, then I’ll ask you why not further. Why not 2 times,  5 times, or even 100 times further.

It really is possible. I’ve had a small MLM who said they were working hard to reach only 5 prospects a week who reached 250 a week and $500K a month without working that much harder. I’ve had a start up sales person become #1 out of 800 across the U.S. Frankly, it really is easy when few really know how.

Developing marketing for coaches and consultants to levels most coaches and consultants wouldn’t have believed possible has been my goal for the last 12 years that I’ve been a coach.

Over that 12 years, whenever I found someone who could outperform me, I hired them to take me to their level. I have stair-stepped through some of the big names in marketing and coaching until I can stand with them with their kind of results. I now share those kinds of results with my clients as well as applying it to my own business.

I love working with coaches/consultants who are ready for that next step of getting lots of new and higher paying clients.

So if you want to acquire more clients faster and become a coach with more clients, achieving bigger, faster results with your own clients, feel free to email me at alanboyer@get-coaching-clients.com I love talking with other coaches who want a more successful business.

In fact, I’m looking for coaches to share what they’ve been doing and how well it worked, or didn’t, and I’m putting a database together of all of those ways to market coaching, what to avoid, and what that’ll catapult you ahead. I’m sure that there are some coaches that may be using something I haven’t been teaching my clients.

In any case, a little about me.

I have been VP of some international corporations, and chief consultant, troubleshooter resolving problems for corporations and for the U.S. Government for over 30 years with the result that some generated over $100M more per project. As chief troubleshooter with the government, my projects went from 100% failure on every project for the previous year, to 100% success on every project within 6 months saving the government $100’s of thousands.

When I started my first business. I discovered that running a small business was significantly different and more difficult than running a large corporation. I struggled at first, mainly in marketing. But within 2 years we reached $500K.  When I sold that business, the franchisor told me that with just the sale of my one business I had generated more people in my one city in two months than their entire national sales team had generated in a year all across America. So what I do works.

If you’d like to have that kind of result, give me a call, 816-415-8878, or email alanboyer@get-coaching-clients.com just to explore, no charge for the first call and I’ll GUARANTEE you’ll discover breakthroughs.

I focus my clients on reaching way further than they even dared hope to reach for.

I’ve had one of my larger clients go from 1 client a month to $1,500 and $80K a day more than when we started.

For smaller clients, I’ve had one who was a small salesman who had just started in a very large company who reached #1 out of 800 sales people in about 6 months, and also started teaching other teams, and within one month had her first 2 teams #1 among team sales in that company. One of those teams had been on the “cut” list because they had not been able to reach even the minimum level at first.

If you believe normal is small, I’ll help you reach super performer level. I believe Tony Robbins calls it Outrageous goals, and that is my focus for my clients.


Coaching — How to Add $100K to $1M

Lots of ways to get started MULTIPLYING the number of clients and dollars of income. Alan focuses on helping you find the multipliers with an ultimate outcome of adding another $100K to $1M of income for his clients. He’ll hold your hand until you get there.

Alan has a secret in his coaching that makes it WORK. While a lot of you may have already read everything you can get your hands on or taken other courses, those are focused on “how to”, and “knowledge” of what to do, but here you are not getting the results yet, or at least as good as you wanted. The missing pieces are: “becoming good, REALLY GOOD at acquiring clients, and that frequently takes interacting with me as you go out there and try it, trip over your feet, and we’ll debrief, and tune it up . . . until it not only works for you . . . but over time we’ll keep multiplying how many clients and dollars you get from each effort . . . multiply over, and over, and over. Think about that!

You can start at any of the steps.

  • Start with a $99/month temporarily $29/month program of virtual coaching — learn what works, how to get 10 to 100 times more people responding to what you say. I’m in the process of totally revamping my coaching business. Therefore, I have cut back on my full time clients and doing what I’ve been coaching people in the Golden Client acquisition program. Working less while making as much as before. Therefore the $99/month program is temporarily available at only $29/month until that FILLS, then that will be the last time I offer it at that price. This delivers the same results as the other programs, but you have to do a lot more of the work, but I am there to help you virtually, by email, so I won’t let you fail just like in the other programs.
  • Move to Master Mind groups where you’ll be able to work with and bounce ideas off others as you work with me to get those results you want.
  • One on one coaching. This is the fastest way, and you’ll get personal hand holding helping you “become REALLY GOOD at acquiring new clients.
  • Golden client acquisition — all of the earlier programs are around acquiring only a few clients at a time, every week or month. But you’ll quickly discover that there’s an even better approach to your coaching business. This is where you acquire groups of clients at a time, more money with less effort, and work only a few hours a week making the kind of money you always wanted . . . and have the time to enjoy it with those you want to enjoy it with. Imagine making the kind of money you wanted with a lot less time taken from your week.


Transform your Coaching/Consulting Business

From short programs to a year long intensive coaching program, to live events designed to invigorate you and your business, to personal coaching – Alan Boyer offers many levels of coaching, consulting, and training for business owners and other coaches and consultants.. And these programs are designed to help anyone from new business owners just starting out, to those who have broken the six-figure level and beyond.

Our coaching programs are designed to help you step into your next level business model, implement marketing strategies that will attract your ideal clients, and break through the blocks and barriers holding you back from stepping into a bigger vision of you.


Coaching Program

Lots of Clients Attraction Program– Step 1

The “Lots of Clients Attraction Program” is about helping you to create a clear message with a big high-value vision of what your prospects can get from you. While most coaches say something like “I am a coach” which attracts about 1 in 1,000, our goal is to develop a marketing message that attracts 1 out of every 10 that hear it or experience it as our starting point. But in reality, a marketing message should do more than just generate a little interest. Imagine that the better the marketing message the more excited they get until they are lined up outside of your door, down the street, and around the corner . . . and they are begging you for that empty slot in your schedule.

How many clients a week currently respond to your marketing message? Fill it in right here ________

It’s a matter of that marketing message, what you say, how you say it, and who you say it too. Join us in the “Lots of Clients Attraction Program” as we work on moving you from that number you just wrote down to 10’s to 100’s of times more clients and dollars. We’ll be showing you how, and holding your hand as you become good at attracting new clients.

The “Lots of Clients Attraction Program” is for you, if:

  • You are getting fewer than 1 new client a month and want more.
  • You want to make a bigger impact on the world.
  • You are a go-getter than wants to be even bigger, but it’s alluded you so far.

To learn more about the “Lots of Clients Attraction Program” and how you can join, click here


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