How to Sell Coaching In the Worst Times

I hear coaches say all of the time, that their business is down because of the recession. But your business should actually be UP because of the recession.

So what makes the difference? Read on.

I can remember those times myself. I used to tell people that my phone was a leading economic indicator. A few weeks before times would get even worse, my phone would slow down or stop ringing. But a few weeks before some good economic announcement was made my phone would pick up again.

The problem today is that most coaches tell me their phone isn’t ringing at all.

Well, if that’s you, that’s a problem with . . .  your core marketing message and how it positions you.

Here’s How to Sell Coaching even in the worst of times.

Let’s take a look at this business. Let’s say that you are a doctor after all coaches diagnose and fix . . . businesses (business coach), someone’s life or relationships (life coach). Whatever kind of coach you are results in you diagnosing and fixing.

You could say “I am a doctor”, or to be more specific, let’s say that you are an oncologist, a cancer doctor.

Here are some of the typical marketing messages that I hear.

how to sell coaching marketing message

Starting at the bottom, number 1,  is the most typical, using a label “I am a doctor.” Or for a coach, “I am a coach”. It’s also the worst, least effective marketing message.

Your market wants to buy the most effective, most valuable thing they can buy. So, does “I am a doctor” answer the question: Where can I buy the most cost effective results I can buy? Not that I can tell.

Far too many people assume that saying “I am a doctor” IMPLIES that you are good at what you do. In no way does it imply results, what kind of results, nor what the value of those results will be. Therefore, this is the least effective marketing message of them all.

Same for “I am a coach.” The person who hears that has no idea what kind of results you could help him with, or the value of those results.  In other words, if that has been your marketing message . . . I doubt it’s been very effective for you.

Next more effective message is “I am an oncologist.” Or for coaches, “I am a business coach” or “I am a life coach” or whatever kind of coach. This is more specific about your label, but not specific about results or value of the results you deliver. Again, an ineffective message.

Do you see how each step up that ladder of marketing messages becomes more and more compelling until that last one, number 4. If you were his target market, someone with cancer, or dying from cancer, it literally would leap off the page and grab you by the throat.

Now let’s go back to the fact that we are in a recession. Would the recession slow anyone down from responding to number 4? People do tighten their pocket books and stop spending when times get tough. But if you had that #4 message do you think anyone would be thinking pocket book first?

No? And why do you think that is?

That market message surpasses a need to look at the pocket book. It’s because THE VALUE is much more than anything to do with the pocket book. And that’s what will happen to your results when you get the right value in front of your prospects.

Yet, down at #1, many people are already cutting back on what they perceive as unnecessary expenses. They aren’t running to a doctor quite as often as they used to.

Now, before you go running off saying, “but I don’t have anything as valuable, or as important to my clients as that.”

Well, might that be your problem?

Let’s learn How to Sell Coaching in any economy and then NOTHING will slow you down, not the economy, nor those that just don’t understand the coaching you do.

It’s how you position yourself in your market. The doctor who uses marketing message number 4 positions himself as CRITICAL to achieving something that s very important to his patient. All you have to do is do that for your patients, . . . err clients.

And since you don’t feel that you have anything as valuable as this doctor’s product or service, then you will be forever stuck selling at position 1, 2, or maybe 3 where your clients have been cutting expenses. But no one would consider cutting at position #4.

OK, so how in the world do you do that?

For one, it’s not WHAT YOU DO, or WHO YOU ARE that’ll grab your prospects attention like that #4 marketing message above.

The first 3 are ABOUT the doctor. Have your marketing messages been about you, your services, your coaching, your credentials, or your processes? They don’t work.

The last one, #4 is about what the prospect wants in the way of results. And he also wants the most valuable results he can get.

So, stop talking about you, your products, your services, your degrees, your credientials, your coaching certifications and start talking about . . . MEASURABLE and VERY SPECIFIC RESULTS.

That seems to go against the grain for most coaches. They’ve been taught that they can help almost anyone, therefore it’s likely that you’ve been forcusing on THE WORLD. Haven’t you even been thinking that the bigger your target market (the whole world) the more clients will be available to you?

It simply doesn’t work that way. The market messages I listed above, starting with #1 are the “I can help anyone anywhere anyhow” types of marketing message. And almost no one ever responds to those.

The difference between #1 and #4 is about

  • #1 type of marketing message
    • 1 out of 1,000 to as bad as 1 out of 10,000 for #1 marketing message.
      • I am a coach
      • I am a life coach, business coach, whatever coach
  • to
  • #4 type of marketing message
    • 1 out of 10 to as much as 50%
    • being specific as to your very clear target, their outcome, and even a measurement of how many have their problem resolved, or even how many dollars someone might have gained from working with you, and they will start jumping into your shopping cart at even 50% of those you talk with.
    • I help coaches, consultants, trainers reach their first $100K within 3-6 months and to stop playing at building a coaching business.

So let’s take a look at some possible results oriented marketing message for different kinds of coaches.

Business coach Life Coach Career Coach
I work with manufacturers who just can’t seem to get enough clients no matter how hard they worked, and they are still stuck I work with retired or laid off executives who want to be comfortably unemployed. I work with upper level managers, directors, and VPs in high tech companies who haven’t been getting the promotions they deserve.
I help them get a steady stream of new clients . . . the $500K companies more than double . . . the $10M companies increase by at least another $5M I help them achieve an income stream greater than they had working for someone else . . .with time to enjoy their family doing the things they’ve always wanted to do. I help them get their next promotion within 6 months, and at least 30% increase in income every year, even in this economy.

It all boils down to how valuable that marketing message is.

Be THE ANSWER to the Recession and not at the Mercy of the Recession

The final key you need is to position yourself as THE ANSWER to the recession, or any other problem your prospect is facing, and to NEVER be at the mercy of it or anything.

So, STOP . . . THINK . . . right now . . . what do you provide that stops the problems your clients are having because of this recession.

If you are a business coach . . . while all of these businesses are failing due to the economy, you have answers that will either just plain grow their business in any situation, or . . . even better . . . you have some answers that will make those clients better because of the recession. ‘

For instance, because I am a marketing coach, I show people how to grow their business with marketing formulas that are totally within my client’s hands and have almost nothing to do with the economy. They grow anyway. In fact, most of the world literally shoots themselves in the foot in bad times by slowing down their marketing when they should actually work to improve their marketing message, and get more marketing out there. But most stop spending, or stop marketing in an effort to save money. I show them how to spend their dollar, and their time in places that will grow them fast.

If you are a life coach, and are working with people who have lost a job because of the economy, you can show them ways to get back on their feet fast, making an income, or getting back to work when everyone else is floundering.

Same for the career coach. Show them how to develop resumes that get them a job when no one else even gets their resumes read. Talk about the number of people going back to work within 2 months because of working with you. See, talking about results will get you lots of work.

It’s the Marketing Message and How You Position Yourself

When I walk the floor of a business expo talking to business owners, about 1 in 3 set an appointment with me . . . because my marketing message is an offer they can’t refuse.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that?

Speaking of Postion — What Position Are You in Your Field

Are you the number 1, 2, 10, or 100 in your field of coaching in your geographic area? Wouldn’t you like to point out that your clients achieve results better than any other coach of your type within your city? Or show that you know just one thing that takes your clients to THE TOP in your city?

That’s positioning. For instance, I typically am #1 or #2 in internet positioning in Kansas City for many of my targeted keywords. That means that I know how to get my clients positioned in the #1 or #2 position as well. And if I can do that on the internet, isn’t it likely that I can do it in other areas of marketing as well?

That’s positioning. So what do you do that’s says that you or your clients are reaching a #1 or #2 spot, or that they grew by $100K within 3 months?

If you’d like to develop a marketing message that has them lining up outside of your door email me, and I’ll help you develop your first real killer marketing message.

Email me, and I’ll share some ideas that work for getting lots of coaching clients even in a recession . . . or worse . . . a depression.  You’ll learn How to Sell Coaching in any economy.

And if times do get worse, which is looking more likely all the time . . . don’t you think it’s time to get clients flowing easily now?

Email me, . You’ll learn some tricks, to grow your business. It doesn’t cost to talk and learn.

Alan Boyer
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