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If you are struggling to grow your coaching business, don’t fret. 99% of the coaches do.

Check out weekly free sessions right here in Kansas City on rapidly growing a coaching business

Whether you are a

  • business coach
  • life coach
  • career coach
  • small business coach
  • executive coach
  • or whatever coach

Although I had experience coaching inside of some larger corporations and also had been an executive inside of some international corporations . . . I discovered very quickly that running my own small businesses was TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

It took me many years to learn the little tricks that grow a business rapidly, but now that I do and look back I can tell you that I can see why over 99% of all coaches are saying such ineffective things as “I am a coach”.

Join me for weekly sessions right here in Kansas City on developing a marketing message that will literally have clients CHASING after you, lined up outside of your door, down the street, and around the corner.

Ever hear a marketing method called “chumming”?

When fishing for sharks, they throw the sharks favorite food into the water. Sharks from miles around come running to the boat, circle the boat, and even have a feeding frenzy. Just imagine that when you know what bait to throw all around where ever you go, networking, chambers, and even when setting in your office, that prospects should come running, and lining up to get what you have. And where ever you go out, wouldn’t it be great for them to circle around you asking you to help them with something.

And, wouldn’t it be great if you had something to offer them that would cause them to circle like the sharks to get what you have.

Join me weekly for a free session right here in Kansas City to work on your marketing message that’ll have them chasing after you instead of you having to chase them.

If you’d like to come to our weekly sessions, email to hold a seat.

Or call me at 816-415-8878 to ask about anything you are struggling with.

Alan Boyer
Helping coaches, consultants, trainers reach another $100K to $250K within 3-5 months and to stop PLAYING at building a coaching/consulting business.

P.S. I say playing because most coaches rarely reach out to touch 5 to 10 people in a week when there are over 200 people a week right here in Kansas City looking for a coach, and over 75,000 nationwide. 5-10 people a week is playing in the kiddie pool. Let me help you get serious about growing your business.

Alan Boyer, $100K Small Business Coach . . . Kansas City, MO

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Charles AlvarezAfter our very first session I landed a big oil & gas services client . . . and another after our second. Alan is the best coach I've ever had.

Charles Alvarez
Cornerstone Business Academy

Cheri WilliamsBecame #1 in sales among 800 in national sales team within 6 months of starting to learn sales when being coached by Alan

Cheri Williams

Geof Carter. . . have doubled my own client base in
a matter of three months.

Geof Carter
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Jason Garey...doubled the growth of my business within a few short months of engaging Alan.

Jason Garey

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