Leveraging Holidays into New Clients, Especially Christmas

Here we are coming up on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, three holidays that you should be leveraging to get more clients.

Do you have a strategy to capture more clients from each of those holidays?

If you don’t you are missing out on a golden opportunity to get clients at every holliday.

Writing articles that build on the holiday is a great way, and another is to offer a gift to help someone grow their business or their life is another.

Christmas is a great time to get a lot of clients . . . even if everyone keeps saying “December and Christmas is the worst time of the year because no one is buying.”

Most people feel that everyone’s focus turns toward Christmas gifts and cutting back on spending in every other area, and to a certain extent that is true.

However, as I’ve said in all kinds of marketing . . . it’s about THEM and not about us, our products, or our services. When you get that THOROUGHLY embedded into your brain EVERYTHING you’ve ever learned about marketing suddenly flips upside down and starts working . . . even in the worst times . . . even in the recession . . . and even at Christmas which almost everyone tells me is the worst time of the year, which means, to them that this is the worst time of the worst recession and, for them, they don’t believe that anything works at Christmas.

But that’s because they are still “trying to sell something.” When you start “helping people get what they want” marketing totally flips upside down and starts working.

So, what are you doing about leveraging Christmas one of the greatest times of the year to get coaching business . . . as far as I’m concerned, but worst time as far as most everyone else believes.

By offering a Christmas present of a couple of hours of coaching time to work on their business I typicall get 2-3  clients. This year I expect a LOT more, mainly because I’m extending the offer to a LOT more. 

A couple of years ago, I got a Mary Kay lady who told me at our meeting that she had gotten only 1 new client from the Mary Kay national website in a year, and at that meeting I helped her set up a plan that delivered 72 new interested people to her within the next two weeks, out of which she sold 10. And that carried through the rest of the year. 5 new clients every week x 52 weeks is 260 new clients. She’s happy.

And a carpet cleaner increased his income by $1,500 a week within the next week which also carried through the rest of the year, an increase of about $60,000 for his year.

I leveraged those testimonials heavily for the rest of the year. So, whether they had become clients or not (but they did) those free hours I gave away became a great investment of my time. 

That  year I sent an email to all of the members of my BNI chapter offering them a Christmas gift, an hour to work on exploding their business, of helping them take their business to a totally new level, more clients, more profits. Within an hour of sending it I already had 2 signed up, and several more over the next few days.

Even if a low percentage of those I met with turned into a client at some level ($100K Club, Mastermind group, or one on one coaching) then this was successful. Or if I get even half of them giving me a referral! And, as happened last year, even one of them reaching the levels of success that both of them achieved last year becomes a great story or testimonial that leverages into a lot of business over the year.

There are 1,300 BNI members in this city. Through the year I had used LinkedIn to create a BNI Kansas City group on LinkedIn where we compared notes, generates some cross the city referrals, and I got known as a business builder and the guy who was pulling all of those BNI chapters and members together even tighter. Of course I now have an email list of most of the BNI members in the city which helps me a lot with this kind of program.

In any case, my next step is to offer a Christmas gift to 1,300 BNI members. Of course I couldn’t do an hour with each of them and neither do I expect to have every last one of them call me. I will also avoid any chapters where there is already a coach since that’s the principle of BNI, to not compete. But there aren’t too many chapters with coaches either.

I intend to offer a free Christmas gift to everyone . . . a free month with me on the $100K Business Tool forum to grow their business which I expect quite a few to take me up on, and for the first 5, I’ll give the one hour free session.

So what are you doing for Christmas?

By the way, I attached a copy of the Christmas email if you’d like to try something similar. How can you tailor that to work with what you do?

The Christmas Email: http://www.get-coaching-clients.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Merry_Christmas_to_all_of_my_friends_at_BNI.doc

Alan Boyer
The $100K Coach

Helping coaches, consultants, trainers reach another $100K to $250K within 3-6 months and to stop playing at building a business.


One Response to Leveraging Holidays into New Clients, Especially Christmas

  • Geoff says:

    Hi Alan

    This is a great article and provides food for thought, but more
    importantly, ACTION!

    I like the Christmas email/letter you have shared and I well
    know this will be a great benefit to me and I am sure other
    members here.

    Thanks for all your excellent advice and guidance.

    Cheers and best wishes…


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