How to Have Your Coaching Prospects Begging You to Help Them,

Now that it is Thanksgiving, I’d like for you to compare the feelings you had about the Thanksgiving meal to the feelings that you instill in a prospect for your coaching business.

Imagine, Thanksgiving morning when you first smelled the Turkey and all the goodies cooking. Wasn’t your mouth watering all morning, couldn’t wait to take a sample, and you probably did steal a bite or two, right?

Doesn’t just that thought, and remembering the smells of Thanksgiving dinner cooking, make your mouth water even now? Why aren’t your prospects reacting to your marketing like that?

For your marketing to work, let me back up, not just work, but for it to drive your prospects crazy, to have them begging you to help them . . . the marketing message you lay out in front of them has to have the same effect on them as the smells you experienced Thanksgiving morning. Leaving their mouths watering. Leaving them wanting it so bad they can’t wait.

In fact, did you have to taste it before your mouth was watering? What if what you say in your marketing had that kind of effect on your prospects even before they got their first taste.

Now, I’d bet that after you had sensed those smells on Thanksgiving morning, you couldn’t resist and you did sneak a taste or two, right?

Our job in marketing, and attracting prospects to your coaching must cause your prospects to have a similar reaction. What you say in your marketing must make their mouths water, and they can’t resist at least taking their first bite, their first sample. But, that first taste, must also DRIVE them to want more, lots more. We want them to have basically the same sesations as you were having on Thursday morning.

The next big question is: “Does what you say to your prospects when you first reach out to touch them in any form of marketing leave them with that kind of response? Are they begging to talk to you, and after talking with you, begging you to help them?”

I really do want you to stop right now and consider that mouth watering emotion you had Thanksgiving and that “can’t wait to get a taste” feeling, because that’s what you should be instilling in prospects that not only read your marketing for the first time, but how they respond after your first meeting.

If not, let’s work on your marketing message until they do.

Would you like to have people asking you to help them every time you shared a marketing message, a story, a speech, or the first time you met? If you’d like to develop a marketing message that would have your ideal client begging you to help, check out this video class where I’ll take you by the hand to help you start attracting them to you, to beg you to help them.

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