Glass half full, or Half empty — and breath taking, exciting

 Over the last week I’ve been talking about making every touch with someone exciting, and even breath taking
Well, how in the world do you do that?
Start with the concept that whenever you meet someone you could make that experience a glass half full, or glass half empty experience, and make it not just a positive half full, but a glass overflowing experience.
For instance, I met with an insurnace agency yesterday. He was here to sell to me, not me to sell to him.
But, here’s a suggestion, EVERY time you touch someone it’s an opportunity to take their breath, to provide an exciting experience from having known you. Don’t EVER let tht slip by.
So, when he came in I asked him, “So tell me about what you do”
It went sort of this way.
He explained that he’s selling Long Term Care insurance.
So, I asked him how many appointments a week he really wanted for long term care, and what in the world makes him so different that gets him that many appointments.
Within a few minutes he had explained that he was struggling to get appointments, and that the national company he works with wasn’t supplying him ANY leads at all. I showed him that there are 600 people looking for long term care insurance in Kansas City, and asked him if he’d like to get a significant portion of those. Is that EXCITING or not?
We even looked at the national company’s website and discovered that they have no search engine positions at all, nationwide, or for our city. I showed him how he could DOMINATE our city by changing a few things on his national website and how he could create a local website that would land at least 4 positions in the city out of 10. In other words DOMINATE the listings in this city.
Doesn’t an opportunity to DOMINATE the city sound exciting?
We spent the first 30 minutes talking about opportunities to become THE DOMINANT player in long term care. He was excited, so excited that we will meet later this week to start our coaching program for both him and his partner, 2 coaching clients.
I actually had to ask him to stop and explain his long term care insurance program. He was so excited about where I had taken him that I had to redirect him back to the fact that he was here to show me his long term care insurance.
Every time you touch someone, or they touch you . . . do you make it exciting and not just an opportunity to talk about coaching or even what they had started out discussing, but an opportunity to literally take his breath away at what he might be able to do working with you?
In fact, incoming sales calls are an excellent opportunity to help that caller become more successful, and to leave him breathless. How many times have you gotten an incoming sales call that you hung up on? Was that an opportunity missed?
Alan Boyer
Helping coaches, consultants, trainers, reach another $100K to $250K within 3-6 months and to stop playing at building a business.

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