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I sent an email a couple of days ago about marketing that talks about the emotional aspect, and the target achieving “just interest” versus “delighted” and “excited”, and also about your target value for your client being “acceptable”, “OK”, “good”, vs “exceptional”, or “excellent.”
That email was about the connection you make with your marketing, and where you are leading your prospects. But today, I’d like you to look inside . . . where are you leading you? What is your target for your self and everyone you touch.
The World Is Misleading Everyone
Our educational system has taught us that we shoot for “acceptable” or “not acceptable.” , “good” or “bad”..
Take a look at the graph I attached to that previous email. Our educational system works along the green curve, and mostly along the 45 degree line to the left side. In other words, our system is about being better than those who are doing worse than you, and, at best, you could reach “acceptable” if you get a good grade in school. At that point you’ll be just like everyone else in this world, struggling to survive, at the mercy of the economy. Even employees of our greatest companies, are striving to “just meet expectations.”
For those that own their own businesses, most strive to “meet expectations”. But what would happen if, instead you moved toward “exceptional”.
It’s time to move beyond “meeting expectations” and start always reaching for “exceptional”. What would happen if you are reaching for “exceptional”, and “excellent” for everything you do in life?
That means that, yes, you do have to meet expectations for everything, but then you jump to that upper left in the chart above, finding what is exceptional, above expectations. I’m not just talking about doing more of  what’s expected, or even doing it faster, better, although that’s a FIRST STEP to becoming exceptional. to truly become exceptional means that you reach outside of the box to find things that are so unexpected that your personal results, your business results, but also what happens to everyone you touch even briefly becomes exceptional, and outstanding. This becomes THE BRAND you represent to you, your family, your friends, and your customers.
I always ask my prospects, what would they like to achieve and set an initial expectation, but the next question will be, “If you could reach to levels that you’d never dream to reach, and if you could eliminate every last obstacle that you have in your head what would that look like, and feel like.”
You see your customers have what they’ll call “a realistic view” of the world which includes the fact that they’ve NEVER been able to get past certain “real world” barriors (their definition of real world, not mine). But it’s their belief system that says “it’s not realistic for ME to go beyond that”, or it could be a beliefe that “it’s not realistic for anyone to reach that level”, or “anyone like me.” So, my job is to help them develop a dream, then a plan that works without barriers, to get them there. That’s where they get EXCITED.
But, now I want YOU to think about that for your business as well. For you to lead someone to a place you have never been is hard. Let’s get you there first.
Let’s look at three levels that we’ll work on “becoming excellent” for you, and then for your clients.
  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Mindset
We want to become excellent in every one of these areas.
  • Knowledge is Knowing what to do, and how to do it. But if the knowledge we are reaching for is only average, normal, acceptable. Then that’s very likely the best you’ll do. We want to reach for the knowledge that is required to be outstanding, excellent, super performer. Yes, as in the chart above, we have to make the first step as reaching normal expectations, but then we reach way beyond that for the things that the outstanding people, and the super performers reach for. So, don’t stop at “just expected” as the world defines it. Reach for levels way beyond. In fact, in the chart, notice that there really isn’t a TOP. When reaching for outstanding, there is ALWAYS more above here you are. You can always be better than you are now. Set your own levels of excellence, not what the world defines as “expected”.
  • Skill — Knowledge is only the first step. It’s knowing what to do. While skill is “becoming good at what you do.”, or maybe I should say “outstanding”, “excellent”, and keep reaching. I always like to use the example of learning to ride a bicycle. As far as knowledge is concerned, you could read every book on riding a bicycle, and I’ll still guarantee that the first time you get on the bike you are going to fall off and skin your knees because you don’t have the skill yet. But, there are levels of skill, starting from “being able to stay on”, to “becoming comfortable”, to “winning a few races”, to maybe going to the olympics, a really exceptional level. And, as long as you are reaching for “exceptional” on that curve above, you’ll achieve results that are far beyond “expected” by the world.
  • Mindset — This is where you can really reach exceptional. The world, and our educational system shoots for “acceptable”, but if you always believe that you are reaching for, and can achieve exceptional, your life will be TOTALLY different. Or if you believe that YOU, or people like you can’t even reach acceptable, then you will always be stuck there. In fact, if you believe that THE WAY you do things now is the ONLY WAY to do it, you’ll be stuck. That’s mindset, belief. Changing your mindset from “can’t” to “can” is a first step, but changing from “shooting for acceptable” to “shooting for excellent, exceptional, outstanding, .and even beyond that” is the biggest, most exciting step you’ll ever take in your life.
Let’s take a look at mindsets and beliefs a bit. What you believe determines the behavior and results you ultimately get. If you believe it can’t be done, it can’t, or won’t be done. However, if you believe you can achieve “acceptable” results you’ll very likely operate somewhere between unacceptable to acceptable, but not likely above acceptable toward exceptional. But if you believe that you can, or, even better, that you can easily, achieve exceptional, and above, then you’ll always be working toward, or above super performer, exceptional.
What you believe about either how to do something (knowledge, or skill) determines your atitutde about it. Attitude is nothing but a “habit” of thought. So if your habit is that most things are easy for you, or that you constantly reach for and achieve “exceptional” then a simple belief turns into a constant gut feel, an attitude about how easy, how fast, or how far you can go, or if you believe it can’t be done, or YOU can’t do it, then you won’t, or can’t.
Attitude leads to behavior, what you do, how you do it, or if you do it at all. Behavior also includes knowledge and skill as well. What you do comes from the knowledge you have, and skill is how good you have become at that behavior.
And behavior leads, to the results you get.
All of your results, and the results your clients get, start with a belief. Beliefs can range from how to do something (knowledge), to “what targets you set for yourself” (shooting for acceptable, or exceptional), to “how easy” (skills, how good you are at it). So, always review beliefs, yours and your clients since that’s where most problems start, and that’s also where you determine if you are shooting for “unacceptable”, “acceptable”, or “exceptional, super performer.”
I’ve had clients who keep trying to fix a behavior without looking at the belief. For instance, if someone says they would like to quit smoking and they are working on “the behavior of smoking” it never seems to work. Well, the reason is that their belief system isn’t about “WANTING” to quit, or they may have other wants that take higher priority. The attitude is still habitual “feels good”, or “it’s painful to quit”.
In any case, let’s get back to what you believe about “shooting for exceptional, outstanding, super performer”. If, from today you start working on shooting for “exceptional” in everything you do, life will totally change, once you believe it.
Let’s work together on “knowledge” about becoming exceptional, one of those highest performers in the coaching industry, and the exceptional outcomes for your life. We’ll achieve new “exceptional” levels of skills, becoming REALLY good at coaching, at new levels of achievement in life, family, friends, retirement. And, frankly, feeling really good about your life and business as you accomplish super performer levels.
Also, surround yourself with other super performers who have reached new levels of “exceptional”. When you surround yourself with people who beleive that “acceptable level” is the “acceptable target” then you’ll hear things like, “you are working too hard” when, in reality, if you surround yourself with super performers, they’ll tell you how easy it is to get to the super performer level and how they do it. Your job is to surround yourself with other super performers that will lead you to new levels, and, for your “acceptable level thinker groups” to lead them to new levels yourself.
Join us to reach exceptional levels in life, business, and making it easy.
Alan Boyer
Helping coaches, consultants, trainers reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop playing in the kiddie pool when attracting new clients.
P.S. I say stop playing in the kiddie pool, since most people believe that shooting a lot lower is the way to do it, yet, the super performer, exceptional coaches are easily, and every day, reaching new levels that most coaches would never even believe are possible.

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