Tips on Coaching — Get Clients Chasing You

Most businesses, especially coaches, start off marketing wrong . . . in a lot of ways. But marketing is so easy . . . once you understand that marketing is not about you, your products/services, your processes, what you do, or your company name.

It is about what the client wants. And here’s how to spread around what he wants so that they start chasing you.Lets compare three ways of fishing to how we market.

Fishing (Marketing) With one Line and Tiny Bait

The first is fishing with a single rod, reel, and bait. Let’s say that even if we have what I call a drive-them-crazy type of bait, it is a tiny thing on the end of one line. Imagine that if you are fishing in a 100 square mile area and that your ideal fish that LOVE that bait are hiding out in 4 square miles. And it takes about 1 day to fish one square mile. That means that you could fish about 96 days before finding the right place. And even if you do find it, you have to pretty much dangle that bait right in front of the fish to get him to nibble.

And that is how most business owners market, but worse yet, most have bait that don’t work, so after fishing for 100 days, they just might get a nibble or two, but the fish spits it out as yuch, not any good.

Business owners go networking to save money with that one bait dangling it for days and weeks at a time.

Getting 10 Times More

Of course, a better way is to use 10 different rods, reels, and bait all dangling over the edge of the boat. But, keep mind, you’ll still fish through all 96 square miles until you find where the fish are, and IF you have the right bait you could have 10 times more nibbles than before, as long as you have the right bait. Wrong bait and you still get nothing, or almost nothing.

The Secret to Getting Them Chasing You

This is a totally different way of fishing (marketing). It’s called chumming, commonly used to catch sharks.

By spreading the sharks favorite food, and a drive-them-crazy type of food, around the boat. And, sometimes it’s thrown behind the boat for miles. In any case, sharks can detect the bait from miles away, and they come running and end up swarming around the boat in dozens or even by hundreds.

They will even start fighting each other for the bait. And if you throw a hook in even without bait it’ll quickly get snapped up. Or if you use a net you certainly can haul lots of them in at once.

Isn’t the key to make this happen the bait? This has got to be not only what the sharks want, but what I’d call a drive-them-crazy flavor that they just can’t wait to get, something that exciting, has a sensation that’s exciting to that specific shark.  But if you throw something overboard as bait that is “Yuch” they don’t come running. Or if it’s so so, well, maybe you might get one or two.

Sound familiar with your marketing? Getting none to one or two I mean. And when you do get one they certainly aren’t fighting to get it, you have to almost fight them to get them to pay attention, let alone buy.

Well, we are going to change all of that. It starts with the right bait, what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to. We are going to hang out some bait that your ideal client not only wants, but is a drive-them-crazy type of bait so that they are attracted from everywhere to you. You no longer have to do the chasing, they are attracted to you, and chase you.

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Alan Boyer
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Tips On Coaching — Get Clients Chasing You.



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