Some VERY Important Questions to Ask of EVERY Client

Here are some things that you MUST know about every client in order for you to know what’s the best way to approach a new one, and to get the existing ones to BEG you for more over and over.

  1. One a scale of 0 to 5 how beneficial has this been for you?
  2. When you decided to hire us, what were your other choices, and why us instead of any of the others?
  3. What other things have you tried that didn’t work? And what was the difference when working with us?
  4. Tell us your biggest measurable success you’ve had with us?
  5. What one thing actually caused you to decide to move forward, to hire, instead of looking further, or not acting at all?
  6. What one thing would increase your satisfaction, or actually excite you further about your experience with us?
  7. Do you refer us to others? On a regular basis? If so why? If not, why not? If they answered positively, “Do you know anyone right now who’d love to have results similar to yours or is struggling with something they’d nearly kill to eliminate?” If not, resolve their problems before ever asking for a referral.
  8. What would you search for on Google in order to find someone like us?

For the rating, 0 to 5, NEVER EVER let that number fall lower than a 4.

I tell all of my clients that I NEVER let that satisfaction rating fall lower than a 4. I tell them that when we start, and every time we talk. I ask them after every meeting with me about that meeting and about their overall satisfaction for the whole journey together.

Honesty Is Critical

I do want them to be honest, to share the real level of result and satisfaction, however, if it is 3 or lower, then I am going to immediately ask them what caused it to be that low, and we will immediately do what is necessary to get it back up to a 4, or preferably a 5. It is important to emphasize that they give you an honest rating since with only an honest rating can we get their satisfaction not only higher, but to get to a super 5. No low scores ever allowed, or we fix it right then and there.

I consider a 3 out of 5 as average and no average levels allowed. I want their experience to be very good to super. So simply by asking why that level is an opportunity to make their satisfaction, or even excitement go higher.

In order to get to “OMG That was SOOO Great . . . ask What is the Biggest measurable Result You Have Ever Gotten Working with Me?

And, of course when you have a constant string of 5’s with an occasional 4, share that as you reach out to new prospects. Especially share the measurable results they get with their “OMG that was great” and acquiring clients becomes easy.

One of the other questions, on “What is the biggest measurable result you got with us?” is something few coaches or clients ever ask. In fact most are afraid to ask. But if you have identified an “ideal client”, you MUST know what is your typical measurable result with that type of client. And that allows you, when approaching new prospects, to share that measurable result as either one of the things you promise to deliver, or THE THING you promise to deliver. You see your prospects don’t buy “get more” of anything. They buy a specific number that blows their mind, or could simply be that “just out of reach” step and now they SEE YOU DELIVER THAT.

Plus, when you ask a current client “what is that biggest measurable result” it forces them to “become aware” of just how good they are doing with you, or maybe that they have made progress this far toward their goal. That forces them to realize that you aren’t average, or “just a coach” but you are someone that takes them to levels they haven’t reached before. And, of course, now’s a good time to ask them if they’ve gotten that far, how far would they like to go, or “Would you like to go 2 times, 3 times, 5 times or more in the next X months.”

One thing I have discovered both with most coaches, and their clients is that few actually measure results. So when you aren’t in the habit of asking a client for a measurable result, how much more did you get this week?, How much, how far, how fast did you get since we started? Are we on target for achieving your measurable goal so far month to month?

When the client isn’t in the habit of measuring, he isn’t aware of JUST HOW GOOD it is been to work with you. I’ve had coaches I have been coaching who started asking their clients how good was it, make it measurable, this past week or month, and the client didn’t know. Yes, he’d say things like, “It’s been OK” or even “good” but when he was asked outright, how many more dollars did you make THIS week, or how many more clients, or whatever measurable goal he had started shooting for, suddenly he’d look rather surprised. I’ve heard things such as “OMG, I knew it was getting better, but I had no idea that I had added another $10K this week alone?

So that prompts me to ask him, how much would that be over the next year if he keeps it up.  And I get a really big smile.. You see, without measurements they just seem to not be aware of the value they have achieved, and are getting from you.

When they see THE NUMBERS suddenly he is so excited that he wants to get right into doing this in an even bigger way. Some will want to work on another area and hire you for more.

One of my clients who actually had an office in One World Trade Center, one of the towers in NYC that fell on 9/11 had said that they had a new office opened up, but since that time they had only been getting one new client a month. After three months of working together I asked the CEO how well were they doing. I got the typical answer, “Oh, it’s better.” So I had to insist that he share the measurable results. And it took him a few days to go get it from his records. So he hadn’t really been managing to the numbers. When he did come back, he had increased $80,000 a day. You see he had originally set a goal for us to get JUST ONE new MAJOR client a month, but he was now up in the thousands of new clients a month, and an additional $80,000 a day. He had actually thought about cutting off my services, however, when he saw the real numbers, well, we continued working together for another 5 years.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Discuss Their Measurable Success

Never ever miss an opportunity to have a conversation about all of those questions and turn those into more business with that client, and attract more clients because of the answers you got from the existing clients.

Never Miss an opportunity to ask them what that new successful FEELS like, they will get excited when they discover that much success.

Never miss an opportunity to ask them what this new level of success would allow them to do . . . in business . . . in their life . . . in their family . . . with their kids. There is always some area beyond your first level of coaching that is also exploding. Help them find that value and they will never let you go. You will be hired for a lifetime.

You see if they aren’t in the habit of measuring, they just aren’t aware of the real level of success you have taken them to. Help them get excited and beg for more.




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