What Kind of Coach Are You?

There are three kinds of coaches. I don’t mean life coach, business coach, career coach, etc. coach. I mean three kinds of coaching styles. One is awesome, the other two are blah, or chase them away types.

The problem is that the “blah” coach is what most coaches feel is “the way” to coach.The normal coach –this is the one that “follows the rules”, as he knows them, about how to coach. The rules seem to be that you don’t lead them anywhere, you wait for them to tell you where they want to go, and then carefully explore to discover what’s within them.

That’s certainly one of the tools coaches should use. However, that’s waiting for the client to lead.

But now, let’s look at two other kinds of coaching, a good one and a, not so good, one.

Drill Sergeant coach/accountability coach — This coach often thinks he’s holding his clients accountable, but becomes the drill sergeant. These work from the fact that a client NEEDS something, and often that is a boot placed in the right place at the right time. Crack the whip or they won’t get the job done. Crack the whip to get them to work faster, better, more efficiently.

Again, there is a time and a place for each of these tools as a coach. But what works the best is:

Celebrate Coach — This is a coach who leads out front, who helps a client celebrate successes. Either by leading they achieve new success, or by allowing the client to lead, but always celebrating the progress. And, yes, accountability can be a part of this, but always finding something to celebrate rather than to crack the whip.

Lead out front to levels this client hasn’t reached when that’s what they need. And celebrate the progress. Or help the client develop a big new vision. Helping him develop a vision bigger than he’d do alone. And maybe helping him take the lead. And then celebrating the new levels. And, accountability, yes, asking if they are on schedule and what help they need to get back on schedule, but celebrating the parts they have progressed with and asking what other parts they need help with so that the two of you can work on that part together, and then celebrating those new levels of success at each step.





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