How to Deliver BIG BIG Results FAST

When I tell other coaches that if they want lots of clients they have to use a headline that promises a big result. The bigger the better, and the faster the better.

However, many coaches don’t have the experience of actually delivering BIG results.

Here’s how I learned to deliver REALLY BIG RESULTS, and do it faster.It starts with what I call the 80/15/1 Rule.

  • 80% of the entire world claims to have all the answers, but has NEVER delivered anything other than AVERAGE results. Yet they are the ones that always give advice. But here’s an aha moment I had. That is that as I grew up being told all of these ways to succeed, and even to become wealthy, NONE of what I learned worked to make me any more successful, any more wealthy, and any happier than any of the 80% of those around me. And these people will not be able to retire. They will always be working menial jobs for the rest of their lives. I don’t consider this success, do you? But they will tell everyone what to do, or what they tried to do “Won’t work.”
  • 15% of the entire world will retire “comfortably.” But “comfortable” doesn’t mean that they will achieve their life dreams, become wealthy, or that they are happy. I’d say that these are probably surviving comfortably. Again, is that success? Or above average success, or wealth, or happiness?
  • 1% of the world are the truly successful, wealthy, and happy. These are the ones that are super performers. In fact, most will retire in the next 3 to 5 years with many times more success, wealth and happiness. They don’t have to work 50 years to retirement to get their dreams. They will do it in 3 to 5 years bigger than the other two groups even imaging what was possible.

So, how do we use that?

First identify the 80% who haven’t succeeded and will be the most outspoken with advice. They can be identified because they AREN’T successful, just lots of talk.

Then identify the 1% super successful. They can be identified because they ARE successful. I’m not talking about the ones that LOOK successful, I’m talking about the ones that ARE measurably successful.

Then study them, discover what they do, and copy them. That is what I have done with my coaching. Not only have I identified the best in coach marketing to copy which has taken my coaching to a new level. but I want my coaching clients to achieve the biggest results, and for them to become the 1% in their field.

Always look around you for the 1% most successful, and then associate with them. Learn from them, do what they do. It is said that our income level averages around the income level of those we associate with. So, how much you make as anything you want to do is determined as much by those around you.

Tony Robbins gives an example. He was coaching Robert Fulghum who wrote the book “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”.

Robert asked Tony, “I don’t get it. You are almost a billionaire. We both wrote #1 best sellers, yet I’m barely making a million dollars. What’s the difference?”

Tony asked him, “Who do you associate with?”

Robert replied, “With other millionaires like me.”

Tony responded, “That’s your problem. If you associated with billionaires, you’d learn the little tricks that made them billionaires. And you will also get referrals to other billionaires. If you are a millionaire associate with other millionaires you won’t learn much more than you already know, and your referrals will be worth 1/1000th of those you’d get from billionaires.”

Once I learned that, I started associating with those who I wanted to become like. That led me to getting invitations to events where more successful coaches were. And, at the time I was doing workshops with 100 people, and at an event I was invited to others were doing events with 2,000 to 10,000 and bingo, first I was invited to participate in their events, and then I was doing bigger ones myself.

From associating with others more successful than me, I have been amazed at the new levels I’ve learned to achieve myself, as well as the new levels that I now take my clients. And, by the way, my clients are already many times bigger than they used to be, and wanting to get bigger.

Alan Boyer
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