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Three Kinds of Prospects . . . and One Will Be the Easiest to Get

There are three kinds of coaching or consulting prospects . . . and only one will be easy to get. Do you know which one that is?

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How Much Should You Be Spending on Marketing for Your Coaching Business?

Most coaches tell me they don’t spend money on marketing, many call it word of mouth marketing.

Any form of marketing that works is great. So just ask yourself, do I get the number of new clients a week that I’d like to have? Do I make the kind of money that I’d like to have?

If you answered yes, then great. Keep doing it. But when I ask those two questions 99% of the coaches I talk to say, no.

Many say they can’t afford marketing.

And that’s where most coaches get it wrong. Can you afford to be without clients? Or operating below what you need to live or operate?

If for instance every time you spent a $1 on marketing, you could generate $10 in coaching sales, could you afford not to spend that dollar? I couldn’t

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A Simple Way to Quickly Multiply Coaching/Consulting Income 10’s of Times

It always amazes me that most coaches/consultants would rather “sell to everyone” and struggle with almost no clients, and no income, rather than narrowing down on an ideal client that always buys, has a history of actually being out there already looking for what you do.

The first type you have to chase down, then you have to convince them to buy, and they almost never do, let alone spending much. While the second type is already out there looking for someone just like you and has a history of spending whatever it takes to get what he is begging for help to get.

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Why do you keep hearing, “Can’t Afford it right now”?

How many times have you heard:

  • Can’t afford it right now
  • Too expensive
  • How can you do this for free and stay in business?
  • I don’t want to spend much

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Secrets to Becoming THE BEST SELLING Coach or Consultant in Your Area

To become THE BEST SELLING coach or consultant in your area . . . it’s simple. Become THE BEST COACH OR CONSULTANT in your area.

And how do you do that, easily actually. Read on.

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Charles AlvarezAfter our very first session I landed a big oil & gas services client . . . and another after our second. Alan is the best coach I've ever had.

Charles Alvarez
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Cheri WilliamsBecame #1 in sales among 800 in national sales team within 6 months of starting to learn sales when being coached by Alan

Cheri Williams

Geof Carter. . . have doubled my own client base in
a matter of three months.

Geof Carter
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Jason Garey...doubled the growth of my business within a few short months of engaging Alan.

Jason Garey

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