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How Easy Is it to Go From Reaching 5 Potential Coaching Clients to 100’s

Thought I’d share what one of my clients did that took him from barely meeting with about 5 prospects a week, to actually selling well over 100 a week.

Now, I don’t want to hear that you don’t want that many, so you aren’t going to read this. Just keep in mind that once you KNOW how to get that many clients comfortably, that, from that point, you can just choose how hard you want to work that week, and how many clients you do want.

Or, even better. If you are getting more clients than you want, or could possibly handle, now you can hand them off to others while sharing the income. That’s exactly what this one client did.

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Do You Constantly Multiple Your Results, Your Profits, Your Sales Every Week? Why not?

I’ve been working with businesses, coaches, consultants, trainers of all sizes for many years, and I am amazed that every new client I take on has not been actively managing for measurable results of anything, let alone multiplying those results 5 times, 10 times, 100 times, or even 1,000 times weekly or monthly.

In fact, once your start targeting specific results, and specific measurable levels of results, guess what? Suddenly you learn ways to take that level up, and up, and up. Really, 5, 10, 100, or even 1,000 times more isn’t hard, once you start measuring.

Imagine your own results, and those of your clients going from 5 new clients a week to an income of multiple thousands of dollar a month. I’ll even share how one of my clients went from meeting only 5 people a week to $500K a month. Or how do you increase sales closes by 10 times every month or so. Or do you know what it costs you to acquire a client so that every time you spend $100 a month you land a new client. In that case how many clients a month do you want to buy?

If you struggle to get clients almost randomly here and there without knowing how to consistently get them. Imagine knowing that every time you spent $X you got a client, and all you had to do was do it over and over. Continue reading

Getting Coaching Clients Seems Hard for Many Coaches

Getting coaching clients seems awfully hard for a lot of coaches . . . why? Believe it or not, their focus is in the wrong spot.

Refocus and watch clients leap out of the woodwork.

If someone asks you “What do you do?” Do you answer, “I am a coach”? Then your focus is in the wrong spot. Continue reading

Getting Coaching Clients with Shock and Awe


 President Bush had it right, shock and awe.

Look at that in comparison to what you sell. Do you sell excitement or do you sell what everyone else sells, plain old day to day ______________ (fill in the blank of what your title is, coach, consultant trainer, photographer, engineer, manufacturer . . . just label it like everyone else does.) And that makes you just plain old brown wrapper like them. Doesn’t excite me any. Does it you? Continue reading

Marketing Results — The Most Important Secret to Get Coaching Clients Fast

For you to be successful at getting coaching clients measure and manage your Marketing Results. Frankly it amazes me that when I talk with companies that claim to be marketing companies they aren’t measuring for results, they are measuring activities.

If you want to be in control of getting more coaching clients, measure and manage your Marketing Results. Here are some guidelines for achieving serious client acquisition results. Continue reading

The Secret to Getting Coaching Clients, Any Kind of Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach, Whatever Coach

Most coaches are really good at coaching, but horrible at getting coaching clients. And pretty much make the same mistake. When anyone asks them what they do they answer . . . “I am a coach” or “I am a _____ (life coach, business coach, or whatever coach) coach.”

The problem is that no one care what your label is, or what you call yourself, the ONE THING they do care about is . . . what kind of results you could provide to them . . . AND how much result.

Discover what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to so that you start to get coaching clients lined up begging you to help them. Continue reading

Getting Coaching Clients — Turning Incoming Sales Calls into Coaching Prospects

How many times have you received an incoming sales call and you hung up in disgust?   But is that the right thing to do? 
And how many times have you actually HIDDEN your address and phone number on your website because you didn’t want to get those calls?
Both of those actions are NOT in your best interest especialy when you’ve been struggling getting coaching clients. Those are people who need what you sell . . . coaching. Continue reading

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