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Get as Many Clients as You Want Whenever You Want Them

It all starts with your marketing message. Saying the right thing to the right person, and how you say it. AND KNOWING what percentage of those you reach out to will always respond . . .

. . . Sort of puts you in control doesn’t it?

Imagine that when you say the right thing, that you have the right people responding with “Wow, tell me more. When can I get that?” Continue reading

It’s Easier to Sell Coaching Than to Get Employed

Who would have believed that it is actually easier to get a coaching client, than to get hired as an employee?

Far, far easier, in fact.

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In Times Like This It Is EASY to Get High Paying Clients

I’d bet that most coaches feel that getting higher paying clients becomes a LOT harder when economic times get tougher, like they are becoming right now.

Actually, it is EASIER to getcoaching clients, and especially  higher paying clients, and more of them, now than in better times.

Hard to believe isn’t it? Here’s how! Continue reading

US Service Business Slowing — Is Your Coaching/Consulting Service Expanding?

I just saw the warning that the U.S. service businesses are slowing. That actually means that your service business, coaching or consulting, should actually be increasing . . . that is if you have set it up right.

So how is that when the warning says that my type of business is slowing down?

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The Secret — How to EASILY Get Coaching Clients

There is more to finding your target niche than choosing an industry. In fact, below, I’ll show you a way to multiply your sales by many many times within that industry. Continue reading

Are You Shooting Yourself in the foot with your client attraction?

There are lots of things that coaches/consultants tend to do that actually block them from getting clients. Here’s something that I discovered when trying to call 75 coaches myself, asking “I’m looking for a coach” and NOT ONE called back.

Are you doing any of these things? Continue reading

The System to Get $10,000 of Coaching Clients a Month

Thought I’d share the system that lands as many clients as you want monthly. You can design it for $10,000 a month of new coaching clients, or whatever number you want.

That’s the beauty of it. Design your future. Marketing is usually done by throwing your approach against the wall and hope something comes back, but it rarely does.

Here’s a system that actually works. Been using it for 12+ years.

Read on. Continue reading

Turning Any Old Conversation into a Steady Stream of Clients

Do you have conversations every day that don’t turn into clients?

What if you could turn most conversations into clients, referrals, or some form of next step of buying from you? Continue reading

Does Everything You Say Out in the World ATTRACT Clients to You?

And when I say ATTRACT, I don’t mean little so-so responses, but a real client magnet?

Everything you do or say about your coaching business only has real value if it helps people to engage you. Most things a coach/consultant says in networking, on websites are about coaching. Believe it or not, that doesn’t work. Why?

It’s not about what the prospect wants.

I know you THOUGHT they needed coaching. Maybe they do. But, at this point they don’t really see coaching has anything to do with

  • solving their worst and most frustrating problems.
  • Helping them reach new dreams, or results they couldn’t get alone.

They only see you as one more person trying to get to their money, trying to make a sale.

Your job is to talk to them about what they WANT, removing the worst nightmare problem they have, or achieving the most valuable dream, wish, new result that has been out of their reach, or they have totally given up on EVER achieving.

Here’s how: Continue reading

Does “FREE” Really Devalue Your Coaching? — It Should be Driving Them Crazy

I keep hearing from coaches/consultants that “giving anything away” is devaluing what you sell.

NOT SO! It’s the key to getting clients . . . when done right. That’s important. When done right!

Others say that it’s just plain difficult to turn free followers into any kind of paying clients, let alone high paying clients.

Again, when done right it’s not hard, at least if you’ve identified the right market.

Dive in, and let’s learn how to do it right. Continue reading

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