You may be just like I used to be. Checking out every so-called expert you could find about how to build your business.

But here are a few rules that will help you find the real ones, the ones who’s expertise you really want to find. There are plenty you don’t want to be like.

As an example, (I won’t name names), I just tripped over someone’s Google Plus info. I was pretty impressed by what they had to say, so I went to their website to read more.

However, as they tell me all these breakthroughs he’s made on the internet, I always check out what they say, looking for measurable levels of success.

I use two sources to always check out someone’s traffic, keywords (that tells me what people are looking for when they go there, or ARE there any).

The traffic to the site was 25 a month. There is a graph showing not only how much traffic he has right now, but a graph that shows how long he’s been in business, and how much traffic year to year. 25 visitors a month is not exactly what I’d consider as someone that is well followed. That also might mean that since he doesn’t have a lot of followers, he doesn’t have a lot of clients, and not a lot of experience. and it also means that he may very well not have much experience in getting traffic on the internet even though he was giving advice as if he did.

There is also a graph showing how they stack up to their competitors for those keywords. Is this person or website you are checking out high on the list, or who is. Maybe you should look at one of those at the top of that list and start this research around that one.

Next, I looked to see what keywords he had on Google, what positions, and an estimate of how much traffic from each keyword. This was another big aha moment. One of my rules for marketing is that it is never about you, your products/services, what you do, your processes, years of experience, or credentials.

Does that sound counterintuitive? Most websites talk about those things, and when you meet people in networking, isn’t that what they talk about?

Well, yes, that is what most coach/consultants do, but that’s not what brings them followers, leads, or clients.

Your keywords should be what the most people are looking for. If you have a website with your name in the domain, and as the name of the website, that is what you will get a search engine position for. But stop, what are your clients looking for? Not you by name, since at first, NO ONE KNOWS YOU BY NAME. You want people finding you for what they are looking for before they ever know you by name.

There are two ways to use your website, one is “as a business card”, which means that you, personally have to hand it out. And the other is that people actually go looking for answers to their problems, to accomplish something, to avoid some pain.

So if you are using the website as a business card, how many of your IDEAL clients do you meet weekly and hand them a business card that takes them to your website? 5 or so?

But let’s stop a minute and ask you what kinds of results do you help clients get, positive (what new dreams do you help them with, how much more and how fast), or negative (what pains do you help them avoid and how much cost were they, how much pain). Now what are the keywords someone would use to find those things?

Now, let’s compare.

  • Used as a business card, you might hand out 5 cards a week.
  • Used to discuss results and how big and how fast. Depends on the keyword, but very likely we are talking thousands a month.

So which do you want, 5 a week, or thousands a month?

And guess what, just because you focus on RESULTS instead of your name and using it as a business card, doesn’t mean that you still can’t hand your card out as often as you can to drive people to your site. But I can say that you will get more of those as clients that you hand your card to if they find that you do DELIVER RESULTS instead of talking about you and your programs. About 100:1 to be exact. I’ve measured it.

OK, let’s get back to how to find your real expert. So far we want those who have lots of followers which means experience. However, years of experience, doesn’t mean they are good at what they do, nor do they deliver results, how much results (how valuable are they). So we want to see who’s talking about himself or talking about results, and are they the results you want. And are they really valuable?

Value???? — How much value should you be looking for.

I’ve frequently asked a new client of mine, how far do you want to take your clients. I hear timid comments like , “Oh, maybe 10% further”. Well, 10% is probably the yearly variation up and down of any business. So is that valuable? No, and you’ll discover that most people believe they could achieve another 10% by just working harder or longer, so they won’t take you up on it. And if that is what your “expert” says, it’s not valuable to you.

So, now we start looking for the MOST VALUABLE expert you can find. ¬†Hint: Those starting out in coaching/consulting, or your so-called experts, will have very low numbers simply for fear they can’t deliver more. And even as they get better, they have a built in SELF LIMIT. Whatever they believe they can deliver has become their limit. And even for a few who might be able to deliver more, fear that they can’t consistently deliver has them conservitively setting measurable targets if they would even share a measurement.

Those who have been in business for long periods who were focused on measurements, and constantly getting bigger and bigger measurements, will suddenly pop up as sharing BIG results.

Of course, if you, the consumer, has never experienced such results, frequently the b.s. alarm goes off about “no one can do that”, but you just may be within arms length of leaping forward to levels such as that. But, yes, now is the time to see if those numbers are real, can he really deliver them.

Start looking or his testimonials, for someone actually getting those results. And, if possible call them to discuss it.

But it’s time to open a conversation with this expert.

If there is one thing I’ve discovered in my own coaching/consulting is that by surrounding myself with the most successful experts, those with the biggest results, suddenly I find that things they say LEAP my own progress forward. When I THOUGHT that getting results that big and that fast just weren’t likely for me, or sometimes anyone else, suddenly I find out how easy it really is.

Therefore, the more I surround myself with someone who’s delivering several times bigger results than me, the fster I reach those levels. So I have a goal for myself. I keep moving up by finding more people that are delivering results that are just out of my reach. Andwhen I get to their level, I look for those working at the next level.

To say that I’m shocked by what’s possible is hardly enough to say about the progress that is possible.

As an example, when I started in coaching I found that getting 1 or 2 to a workshop was difficult. When I studieda top marketer 5 to 10 became immediately easy, but when I finished the course I found that I could easily fill rooms of 100 or so.

And I sort of worked that level for a while. But then one day I was invited to a special group of “Top Internet Marketers” where we spent the weekend offering to help all of the others with my strengths. Many of these people around me were doing workshops of 2,000 to 5,000. and that very week I worked with one to do an online workshop of 2,000 people. Now I know how.

But next I met those who were doing workshops of 10,000+.

Now, if you had asked me when I was starting out if I could ever have 10,000 in any workshop I ever did, I’d say that would never happen. I would likely not even have paid attention to someone offering to help me do it. Of course, I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle the clients falling out of that at the time either.

In any case, back to finding your experts. Look for those who are showing you how to achieve the results you want, and those who are offering the biggest fastest results. But then verify. Now go learn from them, and don’t chase all of the others who just claim to be experts.

Tony Robbins has the perfect example. He was once coaching Robert Fulghum, who wrote “Everything I Ever Needed to Learn I Learned in Kindergarten”.

Robert asked Tony, “I don’t get it. You are approaching a billion dollars, I am barely at one million. We both wrote #1 Best Times Seller books. So what’s the difference.”

Tony asked him, “So who you do spend your time with, associate with?” Robert said, “Other millionaires of course”

Tony said, “That’s your problem. When you associate with billionaires you’ll learn the little tricks that made them billionaires, and can make you one. You will also get referrals to other billionaires, and that’s a referral worth 1,000 times more than the referral to the millionaires you associate with. And when you associate with people of similar income to yours, you don’t learn how to get any bigger than that, nor referrals that are worth 1,000’s of times more.”

Now don’t let the big numbers, millionaires to billionaires stop you. The principle applies at any level. Just start associating with people who are 2 to 3 times higher than you are. You’ll quickly learn how to double your current situation, and you’ll find that it is easy, and that it isn’t about working harder or longer. It’s about learning a different mindset and skill that will make it easy to leap up there.

But then, go for another 2 to 3 times above that. and keep doing it.

At every step you will amaze yourself at how easy this new level is, and you’ll kick yourself for not having already done it years ago.


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