What Should Be Your Coaching Brand?

Have you started your coaching around YOUR NAME?

Are you doing that because you want to be known, or branded, around you name?

Why that won’t work, and why you aren’t getting people already chasing you.

Let’s start with a couple of really important questions.

  • “What do you want to be known for?” and
  • “What are your prospects looking for right now, before they know you at all?”

Branding is something you teach those that follow you. When a coach/consultant starts out, there is NOTHING you are known for.

So the next most important question is, “Since you have no one that knows you yet, how do you attract them in the first place.” Will people who don’t know you YET be looking for you by your name?

Not very likely. So when you create a coaching company such as “Jim Jones Coaching” NO ONE will ever find you since they aren’t looking for Jim Jones, let alone Jones Coaching.

When I’m working with my coaching and consulting clients, teaching them how to be found, the first rules look something like this.

  • Rule 1 — Marketing, what attracts them to you:  isn’t about: You, your products/services, what you do, your process, your years of experience, your credentials.
  • Rule 2 — Marketing is about what they want
    • HIGH MEASURABLE VALUE, huge, fast results with a specific amount.
    • EXCITING, EMOTIONAL outcomes

Therefore, think very carefully about your brand, what you want to be known for. Is it your name, or is it about those huge measurable results that you deliver to all of your clients?

What’s the difference between:

  • Jim Jones Coaching
  • Small Business Owners Get Another $500K within 6 Months

Which one grabs your eyeballs when scanning by on a website, a newsletter, etc. And which one causes those eyeballs to not only stop, but then to WANT TO READ whatever comes next.

As I said at the beginning, we have two issues, the first is to attract someone to you who doesn’t know you yet (and of course what attracts them), and the second is actual branding, this is where you teach them to come back over and over for more and more from you.

Pavlov’s Dogs — An Example in Branding

Do you remember the story of Pavlov’s dogs? That’s actually a very good example of what to do, and what not to do in marketing, and branding.

What he did was ring a bell just before he put meat down in front of his dogs to feed them. So after many, many times of ringing the bell before putting the meat in front of them, they started salivating as soon as they heard the bell, and even before they ever saw the meat.

Actually, isn’t that what we want people who follow us to do when they think of us? We want their mouths watering thinking about what they would get from working with us.

Now, stop for a moment and think this through carefully. What makes their mouths water? Something they desparately want?

If they know only your name does that make their mouths water? But if in their minds they see a RESULT that they’d do almost anything to get, doesn’t that make them want you even more, mouths watering? But, let’s take that one step further. Will their mouths water over a tiny result, or a HUGE result?

So, clearly, we want them to remember us for some really big, very mouth watering outcome?

Let’s go back to the dogs for a moment.

What would happen if, instead of getting the meat, something they desparately wanted, and was very mouth watering, instead, we rang the bell and then put down an empty bowl. What do you suppose happens after many, many times of ringing the bell?

Well, obviously they aren’t going to be watering at the mouth. In fact, might they learn that the bell is a little, or even a LOT annoying? So in this case they learn to get angry, growl at the bell?

Now, let’s go back to what you are putting in front of new people. If it isn’t AMAZINGLY mouth watering, won’t they get tired of seeing, or hearing from you pretty soon?

Now go back to the rules I gave you. If you are talking about you, your products/services, your processes, your experience, or your credentials, and what they REALLY WANT is a specific RESULT of a HUGE VALUE won’t they get tired of hearing about you or from you pretty quickly? While if every time they see you they are exposed to something that is so mouth watering that they can’t wait to get it, and get more from you, now their mouths water every time they think about you, and they might actually start searching you out when they need what you provide.

Let’s review.

  • They won’t find you for your branding.
  • You have to attract them with what they want of such huge value first.
  • THEN we teach them (coach branding) that they can get HUGE RESULTS, and just how big and how fast, and now they will come back for more and more.
  • If instead, you talk about you, you chase them off

So ask yourself, what do you indicate as results and value in your marketing, and every time you network, or meet with a prospect. And then ask, what percentage of those you meet with actually say “Wow, I can’t wait.” The can’t wait might be to work with you, or it could be can’t wait for your next email, or your next meeting. At least then their mouths are watering and they want more, give me more!

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