What Are You Worth to Your Clients?

If you can’t define how much you are worth to clients, they won’t buy from you.
I’ve asked every one of the coaches I help to get more clients, “What are you worth?”

And few can answer that question, at least at first. It’s the one MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to know before you can get even one client.

If someone is looking for a coach, which one of the following statements would get the most clients? Which one would define how much you are worth?

  1. “I am a coach”
  2. “I have been working as a coach for 20 years”, or “I have 15 certificates of coaching” again, what is the value?
  3. “I help my clients get another 10%…” could be productivity, profit, dollars, or whatever.
  4. “I help manufacturers make another $1M within 6 months

Any doubt which one gets more clients faster? So, what are you worth to your clients? Is it a little scary to state clearly how much you are worth? Does it feel like, “Oh My, I’m not confident I could deliver that exact amount.” Do you feel REALLY uncomfortable putting that much value out there? or maybe ANY value at all?

Maybe you haven’t been measuring what you’ve delivered to your clients previously so you don’t know.

One of the biggest problems in selling something like coaching is that it isn’t as clear about what you are selling as when someone walks into a retail store, picks up the product, feels it, looks at it, determines which one of those on the shelves are the best for the money.

When buying anything, it is important for you to clearly see what it is you are buying, and which is the best for the money you are spending. That’s easier to see in a retail store than when evaluating a coach or consultant since you cannot see the final product. Therefore, a coach who can clearly define what he’s delivering is more likely to make the sale.

What a coach delivers is

  • Who they help get what
  • Specific results
  • Specific value of those results

If you walked into a retail store to get a ball, you’d want to know what kind of ball, what size, is it a cheap ball or a very valuable ball that would last a long time. So why wouldn’t someone buying your coaching want to know specifically what they are buying. Buying “coaching” is like buying “a ball”, you don’t know what kind of ball it is, what it’ll be used for, how valuable it is, etc. Therefore, when we define what we deliver we must be specific, who we help, what kind of specific results they get, and how valuable.

I realize that many coaches want to remain vague for several reasons. One is that, frequently, when they went through their training they were told that they could help “anyone”, therefore they want to stay vague about who they help since they feel they can help anyone. They hesitate to say what kind of specific results they deliver because they feel that they can deliver an almost infinite range of different results. And when it comes to value, how big, how much, how fast, well, unless we are talking about specific results, it is pretty hard to define how big, how much, or how fast isn’t it?

The bottom line is: if you aren’t specifically telling who you work the best with, then you are “just a coach”. If you aren’t telling what kind of results you deliver, then the person wanting that kind of help will NEVER FIND YOU. And if you don’t define your value, how big, how much, how fast, then it’s like picking “a ball” you might pick up a toy plastic ball when you wanted a professional basketball for your next professional game.

Of course, you can still work with several different people, delivering several different kinds of results, and value, however, until you are specific about who you are going after right now, you will almost never get even one. but when you get specific you’ll start landing them. I’ll show you how to get 10% or more by laying out a very clear result for a very specific target market.

Just consider the difference between, “I am a coach” and “I help architects make another $100K a year within 3-6 months.” I had a client that used a very targeted message that suddenly had people calling him from every time he shared that message at a networking event and on a radio show.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your value that will literally paint a box around your value.

  1. What is the average value you typically deliver.  This is the typical client, typical result. Just as one example, I typically say that my typical client will at least increase his output by double.
  2. What is the minimum amount you have every delivered. (This requires qualification. We have all had clients who totally flopped. But ask yourself, what is the reason they flopped. I have had clients who never did the homework I asked them to do so they never had the answers they needed.  So my qualification is that I will give them a minimum result they are likely to get IF they show up every time, and do all of the work. If they don’t do the work then it’s their problem. But those who do the work will achieve at least 50% increase. So that sets a bottom line minimum as long as they do the work.
  3. What is the maximum amount you have ever delivered. I’ve had clients leap to more than $80,000 a day additional income when they had started at $1,000 a day. You pick yours.

Now, what we have is a clear box around what you deliver. And that is what you sell. And one thing I’ve discovered is that most of my clients do not feel that they are “typical”, so most pick up the maximum and say “Wow, he can help me get that far????!!! Wow.” And if they fall anywhere in that box they are more than happy.

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