Turning Any Old Conversation into a Steady Stream of Clients

Do you have conversations every day that don’t turn into clients?

What if you could turn most conversations into clients, referrals, or some form of next step of buying from you?Do you use EVERY conversation you have to find some thing you could help achieve results they couldn’t have gotten without you?

If not, you are missing out on a steady stream of clients from most conversations.

I run my whole business around this vision:

    • I will help EVERYONE I touch, ever time we touch, reach not only new significant levels of success, but levels of success that they couldn’t even dream of reaching before we met. And I’ll do that even if I touch someone only once and briefly.
    • To find enough people to help them get what they want, and from that, I’ll have everything I ever wanted out of life. (Now turn that “I’ll help them get what they want” into “helping them get levels of success that they couldn’t even dream of achieving before we met.”)

If you follow something like that, helping everyone you touch, and helping them achieve results they couldn’t have even dreamed about, almost every conversation will lead to something far greater for both of you.

So, when meeting someone, after you’ve exchanged the typical formalities, introductions, ask them to tell you about either their business (if you are a business coach), their most important things in their lives (if you are a life coach), what they are doing with their career (if you are a career coach), and so on. The first step is to just open the door to get them talking about the most important thing in their business, life, career, or whatever target you have for them.

What’s REALLY Important to Them?

The first step is just let them tell you what’s important, what they are excited about. If they don’t automatically to go “what they’d like to have happen or achieve” then ask them. “What is that most important thing you’d like to see happen with . . . ” business, life, career.

After they start down that path, start asking, how big, how good, how fast? What’s been the biggest obstacle to you pulling that off?

You don’t have to jump in to that conversation much, other than to show sympathy at problems, or admiration at what they have already achieved, and a few “Oh Wow’s” when they give a BIG new level of result that is impressive.

Challenge Them to Reach Even Further! LOTS FURTHER!

I believe that the entire purpose of a coach is to help people reach levels they couldn’t reach alone. So it’s important to establish, as they tell you their goals, how much of this can they reach now, and how much will they need help with. That’s your first foot in the door, but only the first.

I also believe that a small step forward is just that, very small, not that valuable, but if you target your coaching at helping people reach not just normal levels, but levels they couldn’t reach alone, or couldn’t dare to think about, and you will be EXTREMELY valuable. And those are coaches that will have as much business as they can handle. The higher the value you offer, the further you help them reach the more valuable you will be and the more clients will fight to get your rare empty time slot.

Normal . . . Their Enemy!

Here’s a hint about that: I call it the normalcy bias. Whatever level they are at, whatever level of growth they have already achieved, becomes the level they think that is reachable. Most people wouldn’t dare reach for a level that they might fail at. If they have not grown, or if they have grown slightly, just ask them what they think is a reasonable new level to reach for. You’ll very likely get an answer, “Oh, about 10%.”

That’s a level that is almost within the normal yearly range of up and down in a typical business. So why bother?

If they have been an up and coming business that was growing at 50% per year, then they probably won’t see a reason to reach much further, at least without someone who has the tools and the knowledge to help them do it. So be that person!

Now don’t get me wrong here. I’m not asking you to reach for levels that you can’t reach, nor could they. That’s hype. But I have discovered that reaching many many times further than they have are quite easy.

Most Clients Play It Safe Instead of Looking for Ways to Move Forward, Upward

Most of your clients live by one rule, “safety”, “defensively playing” “caution”. The results are no real movement forward, upward.

Imagine this, most of your clients play “defense”. A little like a football team that plays 100% defense. Can that football team seriously move the ball forward, score a lot, win most of their games by playing ONLY defense? Not until they pick up the ball and start running. Not until they have a strategy to how to move that ball further, faster, and win most times that they do get the ball.

Challenge Your Clients to Pick Up the Ball . . . Start Running . . . Scoring . . . and Winning!

The same applies for your clients. A business client who focuses on “cutting expenses to stay within his budget” is playing defense. It takes picking up the ball and start running in the right direction. That’s finding that spending the right amount on the right marketing makes 10 times more than the cost, and suddenly you are making 10 times more than before.

After You Get Them Picking the Ball Up, Running, Scoring and Winning . . . Challenge them to Win More, Win Bigger and Bigger

It also takes, developing the strategy of how to run the ball that gets the furtherest, the fastest, and scores the most often. So we take the marketing ball, and decide what marketing message works the best, how to put that together into a system of where to deliver it, how to deliver it, who to deliver it to, and suddenly we’ll see that 10 times multiplier multiplied by another 10 times to 100 times, now we are looking at 100 to 1,000 times larger.

See what I mean? You, coach can take people to some pretty fantastic levels, so don’t play “average”. Become the coach that delivers results that they couldn’t have dreamed about before you met.

In every conversation, explore what they want, how far, how much, how big. Then challenge them to reach to an exciting level that they’d say, “Holy smokes, if I could reach THAT!” and then ask them what that would do for them, and if they’d like to go for it?

Now you’ve got a client.

Keep Reaching Higher . . . Turn Past Clients into Life Time Clients

And you know what? That process will keep getting those clients coming back over and over and over. Don’t ever assume that once you hit a goal for a client . . . that it’s over! If you are so good at taking them higher than before, you’ll good at taking them higher, and then higher, and then higher. It never ends. You should have clients for life.

Alan Boyer

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