Turning Incoming Cold Calls into a High Probability Coaching Appointment . . . Over and Over

 How many times a day do you either get a call, an email, or a brochure from someone trying to sell you something?

And what’s your typical response?

Is it anger, “Leave me alone”, and the slamming down of the phone, or immediately throwing away that brochure? You probably just slammed the phone down on one of your best opportunities for a new client

 Would you slam the phone down on a prospect’s incoming call?

 Then why would you slam the phone down on an ideal customer that called you looking for the very thin you do?

 ?????????????? Sound confusing? It is to most coaches.

 Do you realize that for coaches . . . that’s a client calling you that needs exactly what you have? And you just slammed the phone in his ear?

Just getting this one mindset straight in your own mind will change all of your marketing and sales results no matter where you meet that prospect. The mindset that you are not here to “make a sale”, you are here to: 

Help as many people as you can to get what they want . . . which, in turn . . . gives you everything you EVER wanted.

You’ll get coaching clients, as many as you want.

So, that incoming cold call was someone who needed to grow his business, get more clients, become more effective at everything within his business. Or if you are a life coach, someone who needed more outof his life or family. Or if you are a career coach, someone who needed to be making more money than making these stupid cold calls. It’s up to you whether you slam the phone down or start partnering with this caller to help him get what he wants.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a business coach, life coach, career coach, health coach, or whatever coach. It’s your mindset that provides you an opportunity to help this calling get what he wants and turn him around into a prospect that is BEGGING you to help him get more of what he’s struggling to get . . . and in fact . . . that probably isn’t working for him as he makes these calls.  

In fact, what do you do to ENCOURAGE more of these incoming calls? Do you sign up for things on your ideal clients’ websites, which generates these incoming calls? And then I hope you don’t slam the phone in their ear because it irritates you to get these sales calls?

 If you change your mindset to WANTING these incoming calls from that special marketplace, and being there to help them when they call your life and your coaching business will skyrocket.

Just imagine that if instead of you having to make the calls to your ideal client, instead they call you. It doesn’t have to be a call to ask about YOUR services.

What would happen if they are calling you to sell their services to you . . . what would you do . . . slam the phone down? or listen and turn it around into an opportunity for you. 

Look at it this way, one of our rules is that you should “find as many people as you can to help them get what they want and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of life” from doing that one thing. So, when that call comes in . . . be there to help them get what they want.

Instead of slamming the phone down, turn to being there to help them get what they want. That IS what a coach is supposed to do right? Then do it even for people calling you to sell to you. They want something, find it, help them get it, and turn them into clients.

Try these steps the next time you get an incoming sales call. 

Listen . . . Sympathize . . . Discover What They Want . . . . Help Them Get It

  1. Listen to their sales pitch, get to understand what they are trying to do and what they want.
  2. Show interest in helping them with that.
  3. Ask them how those calls are working for them (they aren’t working for them by the way). Ask them what percentage of those calls turn into clients? Ask them how many slam the phone down in their ear. And then ask them, so how many turn into clients for you? It’ll be a VERY small number . . . or even zero. Then ask them if they’d be interested in you sharing a way to get 10’s of times that number in new clients every week. (Do you suppose anyone would turn you down?)

By the way, that offer I just made is my offer. If you develop your own while showing how many times more they can get, or whatever it is you deliver they’ll beg you to help them.

4)      Become a sympathetic listener, been there, done that, had those same frustrating feelings . . .

Notice how this went from listening to what they said, to what is it you are trying to accomplish to would you like to get even more of that than you are getting now. In other words I’m interested in helping them get what they want. That’s the difference between “trying to sell them something” and “being there to help them get what they want.”

Don’t Ever Go Into a Sales Pitch at the First Opportunity

Don’t EVER listen and then immediately go into a sales pitch saying something like, “I’m a sales coach, would you like me or help you grow your business?” You’ll sound as bad as the incoming call was, and get about the same result . . . hesitation . . . and then get hung up on, or at least not many will set an appointment.

But follow the “help them get what they want” approach and a very high percentage, 90% is possible, will set a follow up telephone appointment, and even some will meet with you one on one or become a first tier of your marketing funnel right away.

Always Be Looking for Ways to Help Them Get What They Want

Your job is to ALWAYS be looking for someone to help get what they want. An incoming call is someone who’s trying to get more clients, to grow a business, to get more income . . . just listen, ask them how that’s working and what other things they’ve tried. Be sympathetic, and then make them an offer they can’t refuse. “You know, I was once frustrated and doing that and got just about the same kinds of results, but when I . . . . I started getting X new clients a week. Would you like to do that?” 

Keep the focus on them and not on your sale and watch your sales skyrocket, and watch your ability to turn around an incoming call into nearly 90% appointments.

And what do you think you’ll do when you get there? Maybe sign upon other people’s sites, get lots of those incoming calls flowing. Sort of turns your marketing upside down doesn’t it? 

Alan Boyer

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