How to Keep Every Client Forever

How long do you typically keep a coaching client?

Do they tend to achieve their goal and you both believe “that’s all there is” so the client goes away?

Here’s how to keep a client for a lifetime, if you want him that is.Let’s start by evaluating a few important points.

  1. For any previous or current clients, how long do you typically work with them before they leave?
  2. Do you have a specific goal that they achieve and see no further need to work with you?
  3. How many actually achieve their goals?
  4. What is the average client worth to you in dollars? Per month and lifetime.

Move Past the Thought I’m Done with This Client

You should never be done.

A lot of coaches tend to attempt to deliver on one goal, if they reach it, then both the coach and the client feel “job is done” so it’s over. If they don’t reach it, they are still done. Either way is an opportunity to help this client further.

I always look at it this way. There’s always more, LOTS more, so I ask the client, if that was valuable to you, how much more would you like to have?

If They Say No More, That’s Enough! That’s an Opportunity.

If they don’t want more, they see another obstacle to going after more, and that’s your opportunity to help them with that obstacle. It’s a never ending loop as long as you always look for the opportunity in what your client sees as something he can’t, or doesn’t want to get beyond.

Sometimes they see getting more of what you just delivered to them as too much work.  I ask them what they really want. Frequently what we just achieved is a part of the overall goal. They may have wanted so many clients, or so many dollars and we achieved that. But  what they really wanted was a bigger income with less work. And when we just delivered more clients or more income, they may have all the WORK, and TIME committed that they want to give to this. So any more of what you just delivered is more than they want to handle.

Oh Darn! I Just Lost a Client

By the way, when you hear that they don’t want more of whatever you just delivered b, do you accept it as fact and say, “Oh darn, I just lost a client” or do you look at it as your next opportunity to take this client even further?”

So when their goal might have been only 5 new clients a week and they got there with your help, they see themselves as either working as hard as they want, or overworked. But if I can show them how to make that much money (one of their longer term goals) but working only ½ the time they had worked even before we added those clients, they’ll come back very excited to go around again with me. Of course, that should lead you to another set of questions because that just opened a bigger picture to both of you.

If they wanted that much money, or whatever it was you helped them get, by only giving so much time, then ask them

  • “Why did you want that much money (or whatever it was you delivered)?
  • And why did you want to downsize your time committed?
  • Do you have something that’s more important to you that you’d do with that money and that freed up time?

Of course they do! And somewhere in that question is what they really wanted that they haven’t mentioned before . . . and your opportunity to take them even further. After all, if they liked what you just helped them do it should be easy for them to hire you to take them to that next level . . . if only . . . you don’t accept their belief that it’s too much work to go further. You can show them how to get that much, and lots more, with less effort, less time, less money, whatever! And actually take them to a bigger dream, a totally new life outcome for them. But their thinking isn’t clear about how to get there.

So you can help them make more money, do it in less time, and ultimately achieve that big life dream that was originally unsaid. No matter what you help them with, there’s always more, something bigger, something that that delivery helped them achieve on a bigger life scale.

In fact, one of the things I’d help you with is becoming that super deliverer or super performance. Tony Robbins calls it setting outrageous goals. And when you can be that coach who helps people reach outrageous levels of success, you will become the coach everyone wants, and existing clients will never let go of.

NEVER Lose a Client!

There is no reason to ever lose a client once you’ve got them. There’s always more they want, and if they see you as THE ANSWER not only to their business, but to their entire life goals, they will love you for taking them higher and higher with less and less effort.

It’s all in the questions you ask, either at the beginning before ever starting with a client, or even after you’ve been working with a client. There’s always more they want, be there to help them/

My philosophy is:

Find enough people to help them get what they want and you’ll always have everything you ever wanted out of life.

Your focus is on them, their goals, helping them get everything they ever wanted and you’ll be their friend and coach for life.

Another Way to Get Clients Wanting More!

Imagine clients begging you to keep helping them, wanting more, and more. PLEASE help me for my next goal!

Celebrate at every meeting with your client.

Celebrate progress, even small steps. Set a measurable goal for the end result your client wants, and then celebrate every step forward even if they have a step back here and there. Look for some part that was progress.

For instance, if your client’s target was to get 5 new clients a week, and they haven’t even gotten one client yet, did they start getting more leads, that’s progress. Did they start getting more leads in just one area of their business? That’s progress.

The Last Coaching Session Is NEVER the Last

Even if you get to the last coaching session you promised that they got only 2 or 3 clients more than before, instead of 5. Celebrate! They made progress. Progress they wouldn’t have had without you.

We want them celebrating from having worked with you. Help them celebrate their progress and celebrate YOU by pointing out the steps they made progress in.

That’s doesn’t mean that you overlook where they didn’t move forward, but when you celebrate the parts that are moving forward, then it’s easier to work on the difficult parts. After celebrating, you can easily call them on the carpet, or challenge them. This keeps you as a team that constantly works on their new future, fantastic results.

And, actually, most of the time they won’t blame you for those missing, or slow moving parts, they’ll happily take them on as their responsibility where they have to work harder, while the good parts they contribute to you.

Even when you get to your last session, and you are somewhat short of the goal, with all the celebrating about the progress that was made, it’s easy for them to continue working with you for a few more weeks, months, or even years, to get to their original target, and even beyond that.

It will be very easy to take them to another goal, another level, something else they will be glad to celebrate with you and looking forward to it. Even giving you referrals is easy.

Imagine if you could keep recycling every client you have. Instead of losing some along the way, and constantly having to replace them, instead you’ll be collecting them, building a bigger and bigger list of ongoing clients.

By the way, I’m looking for coaches to share with me what they’ve been doing to get clients. Share with me what you’ve been doing, and how well it worked. And I’ll share with you ways to grow your business even further.

I’m putting together a whole list of what grows coaching businesses that I’ve used for years, and that has worked for coaches I’ve coached. But now reaching out to all kinds of coaches to create a huge “how to” for coaches.

Email me at to join this group and grow your business even further. For now, I’ll help you for helping me, and you could end up in my book with your new progress.

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How to keep a coaching client for life.

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