Three Keys to Super Performance Sales of Your Coaching

  • Results
  • Value
  • Excitement
  • Curiosity

 Most coaches, consultants, trainers tell their prospects about “what they do as coaches” or that “I am a coach.” NO ONE CARES.

The only thing anyone cares about is “the results” they would get from working with you, and how valuable those results are.

If you want your sales to SKYROCKET then celebrate a result that one of your clients got along with how valuable it is. It can be in the form of a story,  such as,

Wow, I had a client the other day that does a whole lot of what you do. He was struggling with ___________ (name the struggles), and that’s almost the same as what you said you were struggling with. But once we worked on that solution together he moved from around $100K to $250K within 3 months.

That was exciting!

Get the idea?

Share great results, and the more valuable the better. If you haven’t been capturing measurable results from your clients it’s time to do that. In fact, once you set some targets for what you deliver to clients as your personal coaching goals you’ll start achieving not only those results, but you will see those values (measurable results) start shooting for the sky.

When I first focused on the results I got for clients I quickly discovered that “doubling” was easy, and now I’ve had clients reach 10 times, 100 times, and even 1,000 times.

What’s interesitng is that many coaches, will tell me “that’s not possible” and laugh. Well, that only means that those coaches have never achieved those results . . . and what they believe sets the limits as to what they acheive. Sometimes when I work with a starting coach, they find it hard to believe they could do more than 10% increase in a business, or 10% increase in income for a life coaching clients.

I consider 10% a normal everyday variation, hardly worth playing with. What you believe determines what you typically achieve. Time to reach for the bigger results and values that excite your clients.

Speaking of Excitement. When speaking with your prospects, if you sound dull, and if the values you offer are those smaller figures, they aren’t exciting. But something that gets your prospects blood to the boiling point will get them lining up, get them excited and begging to do business with you.

This isn’t about HYPING, that’s bragging about something that will never be true. This is about leading with a carrot that is truly so exciting that people will almost fight to get.

In one of our programs I show clients how to get their prospects swarming around them, like sharks swimming around a boat to get the bait that was thrown all around the boat (called chumming). Just imagine, learning a technique where you put your prospects favorite thing all around you, they sense it from miles away, swarm around you where ever you go (at the office, when networking, at workshops, at other meetings, etc). Like the sharks in a feeding frenzy around the boat. When you throw a hook in, even without bait they snap it up. And that works when marketing coaching too.

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