The Two Most Critical Secrets to Getting Coaching Clients

I can’t emphasize enough that THESE are the TWO MOST CRITICAL secrets to getting coaching clients. Get these right and your life and your coaching business will change suddenly. Clients will line up outside your door begging you to help them, and price won’t be an issue.

The two things are simple,

  • who to get your marketing message in front of (and who to avoid wasting your time), and
  • What to say — A marketing message that drives them crazy (we’ll show you how and it isn’t what 99% of all coaches are already doing.)

 Get Coaching Clients Secrets #1 –Who to Get Your Marketing Message in Front of . . . and who to avoid

So, who’s this secret marketing segment that’ll change everything?

I guess the first, and most important thing is who not to present your marketing message to. That’ll change things big time.

Most coaches, consultants, and trainers have a misconception . . . that there are LOTS of people out there who are desparate for the kind of help that these coaches provide. The problem isn’t that there are lots of desparate people out there, nor is it that these desparate people don’t need them. They do, desparately.

But here’s the surprise gotcha. Those who are desparate, are desparate because of something they believe, and a behavior that that belief ALWAYS leads to which is why they are where they are . . . and one of those beliefs is that they NEVER spend money to fix a problem when they are so desperately in need. In fact, they believe that spending money is the root of their problem so everything they do and believe is about cutting . . . cutting . . . cutting and NEVER spending.

The result: 99% of the people you talk to in this category will not spend money on you, and if you do convince one here and there, well, you will have spent far too much of your time attempting to convince the unconvincable, and if they do move forward, most will find it difficult to make the changes that you recommend. You will both very likely fail after you’ve put a lot of effort into this and gotten very little money.

So, what’s the answer? Target the successful, not the desparate.

Those who are already successful are used to

  • searching for help from consultants, coaches, trainers to move them to the next level faster.
  • In fact, find one who is already searching. (Imagine the difference between finding someone who normally doesn’t spend money for help, avoids spending money, and will take a LOT of your time to change his current state of mind . . . as opposed to one who is already looking, used to spending for that help, and expects to.

Let me share my own aha moments with you. As a business coach, I look for businesses in several brackets. A $100K or under business is usually a startup with unknowledgable, and sometimes desparate business owners. A $500K business is typically one where it has just started growing and is in transition from beginner (and desparate) to more successful. While $1M and up businesses are starting to accelerate even further toward success. So:

  •  When I talk to $100K businesses most will not have the money, nor are they used to spending. Sales success ratio is VERY LOW. They manage their business with a belief that you “cut costs” to improve the bottom line, and often shoot themselves in the foot as they cut the very things that would save them. And that means they aren’t looking to hire help. They will hear your marketing message and say, “Holy Smokes, I’d LOVE to have your help . . . but I can’t afford it.”
  • $500K Business — My sales success ratio is between 30% and 40%. These are the people who have just started to learn that “cutting costs” can actually hurt, and they are gradually moving to ROI thinking, where investing a $1 turns into $10, and if you, coach can prove a ROI that’s valuable enough they’ll hire you. But this group is just starting to “get it.”
  • $1M Business — These businesses are accelerating upward, and many will snap up any help them can get. Most have thoroughly moved to ROI thinking and do little if any “cut costs” thinking. My sales close ratio in this group runs from 75% to 90%.

So your job is to stop playing in the bottom of the kiddie pool with the businesses who are still “playing” at business, and cutting costs instead of finding which investment dollar will generate 10’s or 100’s of times more.

Instead of working with “desparate” people, look for successful people who would quickly pay you to help them LEAP to their next level, and their next above that, and on and on.

If every time you’ve talked to a prospect he says “can’t afford it” it’s very likely you either haven’t presented a valuable enough ROI, or you are talking to someone who no matter how good of an ROI you layed in his lap he’ll never spend anyway. Move UP the ladder and watch what happens.

Get Coaching Clients Secret #2 –Next Comes, VALUABLE Marketing Message

Are you selling “coaching” or “consulting” (where’s the value????? Where’s the ROI????) . . . or are you selling some specific RESULT with a HUGE Value and HUGE ROI?

How do you respond to “What do you do?” Do you say “I am a coach?” What’s the value?

Imagine for a minute that Babe Ruth was trying to get a job. If he walks up to you, his target employer, and says, “I am a baseball player.”

Now, I’m assuming that you don’t already know anything about this guy who walked up to you. You don’t know that he’s the best baseball player in history. So when he says “I’m a baseball player” it’s likely you say “so what” and walk off.

Why? He hasn’t show you “what he delivers” (results), nor has he shown you “the value” of those results. Are you starting to get the idea why “I’m a coach” has not worked for you?

So, back to Babe Ruth. You’ve just told him to “take a hike.” After all you’ve been approached by every baseball player in this league, and probably several minor leagues. You’ve head “I’m a baseball player before” and it didn’t get your attention, you hear it every day.

But what would happen if he said, “I’ll deliver 2 home runs in every game we play.”

SCREECH, halt. Did that get your ATTENTION? Probably.

Do you believe him, probably not, but he stopped you dead in your tracks AND you are listening. Now where’s the proof. He does have your attention.

Marketing is about GETTING YOUR ATTENTION, and with a value statement that blows your mind, with a specific result that you could get if your hired this guy, at least you are listening.

None of the 100’s of others who said “I am a baseball player” or even those who said “I’m THE BEST” got your attention. But this one did . . . because he gave you a SPECFIC RESULT, and a VALUE that was so valauble that you are now listening. Now you need proof.

Well, now if he gives you stats from games he’s played, testimonials from other owners he’s worked for, there’s the proof. And if he can, or has already delivered, that value, you can’t wait to hire him to get those kinds of RESULTS, and that VALUE for yourself, right?

So, back to you coach. What specific results do you deliver? What value do you deliver? Are you more valuable than most of the coaches your clients run into?

Some Examples of RESULTS

Don’t make the mistake of saying “I’m the best”, the biggest, the most valuable, or any of that b.s. And that’s all it is, b.s. It’s vague (doesn’t show actual measurable value), and it also isn’t clear about specific results.

So, if you are a business coach and tempted to say “I’ll help you grow your business (or profits, or efficiency)” stop and ask yourself:

What specific result do I deliver?

What measurable amount do I deliver?

By when? How long does it take?

Those are specific, and clear.

One of the biggest problems of selling any kind of service is that it isn’t clear. If you walked into a retail store to buy a baseball, you’d be able to pick it up, feel it, see the quality, and make a logical decision. So when we are talking about a service, or coaching, and you say “I’ll help you grow” that isn’t clear. But if you say I will help you get 10 more sales tomorrow, or this week that’s coming closer, and has a value on it. Or if you can say I help my clients reach $100K more sales within the next 2 months, that’s also somewhat clear.

If you’d like to litterally blow your clients out of the water, find the client who’s ready to hire you, and lay a message on him that will line them up outside your door, actually fighting over you, then give me a call, 816-415-8878.

Alan Boyer

Helping coaches, consultants, trainers reach another $100K in months, and to stop playing in the kidie pool.



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