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Most coaches are really good at coaching, but horrible at getting coaching clients. And pretty much make the same mistake. When anyone asks them what they do they answer . . . “I am a coach” or “I am a _____ (life coach, business coach, or whatever coach) coach.”

The problem is that no one care what your label is, or what you call yourself, the ONE THING they do care about is . . . what kind of results you could provide to them . . . AND how much result.

Discover what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to so that you start to get coaching clients lined up begging you to help them.

The difference between saying “I am a coach” and saying “I work with coaches, consultants, and trainers who struggle to get enough clients to turn them into a client acquisition power house to grow in $100K steps every 3-6 months. In fact one  of my larger clients went from one prospect a month to 1,500 prospects a month.”

The first words are either EMOTIONAL ATTENTION getters, or dull as a pound of dirt nothings like “I am a coach”, or in some cases absolute turnoffs. I’m sure that you’ve experienced a few incoming calls that you hung up on within the first 2-3 seconds. Those are the absolute turnoffs. 

Raise Emotional Excitement in Your Marketing and Your Sales

The key is to raise the emotional excitement your prospect feels at the first exposure, and from then on. If you’ve been spending your time trying to logical explain why someone needs your coaching, you were shooting somewhere closer to “I am a coach” than to an exciting emotional visition of the results you deliver.

It doesn’t matter what kind of a coach you are. The bottom line is that you must understand what your target market wants and needs, and then help them discover a vision of them acquiring something so valuable that they couldn’t resist.

Let’s explore this example and the possible ways you might tell someone what you do. For this example, you are a cancer specialist that has the cure for some form of cancer. I’m using this example for a very special reason. If you ran into a prospect who was dying of cancer, this SHOULD be an easy sale. But, if you fall back into those bad habits that most coaches fall into . . . you would lose even that sale.

I’m going to start with a decent marketing message, and we’ll back down to the traditional coach’s approach from there.

A powerful message:

I work with people who have been told they have incurable cancer, dying from cancer.  But 80% of my patients are cancer-free within 3 months

OK. If you were one of those people with incurable cancer, wouldn’t you be begging that doctor to take you on. And, you are very likely one of many lined up outside of his door chasing him. This guy is not having to chase after his patients. They will come to him . . . once the word is out in that manner.

But here’s how coaches have traditionally approached a similar situation

If this doctor is approached by someone at a networking event who says, “What do you do?” and he answers, “I am a doctor” he’s responding the same as most coaches who say “I am a coach.”

I hope that shakes your world a bit. It’s meant to.

Even if someone standing there was dying of cancer, they wouldn’t even know what they might get, and they probably wouldn’t be attracted to that doctor. He might even slip right on by.

More Clarity

The clearer you are the more you will connect with your target market. Don’t be vague about anything.

So,  let’s crank that up a bit further. This doctor’s answer becomes, “I am an oncologist.” This might be a step above “I am a doctor.” It’s becoming a little clearer that he has something to do with cancer. The person standing in front of him might actually ask him if he might be able to help, or if he knows someone who could.

The clearer you are the more people who will respond.

To Get More Attention . . . It’s Not About YOU . . . It’s About THEM and RESULTS They Get

So, let’s take another step to clariity. But this time let’s not talk about what YOU DO, but the results you provide. By the way, another key: No one is interested in WHAT YOU DO (keywords are both WHAT, YOU, and DO), they are only interested in THE RESULTS THEY would get (keywords are RESULTS, and THEY GET).

So, when this doctor says, “I help people who have been told they have incurable cancer” (clarity . . . who they work with . . . that patient might be there, or overhear the discussion, or the word spread to them from this person in front of the doctor), “and I help them recover from cancer.”

These are RESULTS.  This is clear as to WHO the doctor works with, and it’s a clear VALUABLE RESULT. If that person is within earshot he’ll be CHASING the doctor. Or if someone that heard this knows someone like that the word will spread. . . I Guarantee it. This is gut grabbing, compelling. But we still aren’t to the most powerful message yet.


So, one more step.  We just started talking about results in the last step. The next most powerful marketing message is MEASURABLE RESULTS, in other words HOW VALUABLE are the results.

Key guideline: People buy the MOST VALABLUE thing they can buy. Therefore a statement about the result you provide that are vague won’t be nearly as powerful as a statement about how valuable those results are. For a business coach, a statement, “I grow busienss” is vague. Certainly WAY better than “I am a coach” but still. . . couldn’t “I grow a business” mean that I grow them by 1%which isn’t very valuable. In fact, it’s within normal daily variation. But if I say I double businesses it’s starting to sound a lot better. But if I take even one more step and add time into that, then when I say I double businesses within 2 months, or that I have them on track to doubling within 1 month THAT s clarity and GRABS the listener since he now knows EXACTLY the value, and whether it’s something that he’d want.

So back to our oncologist, he says, “I work with people who have been told they have incurable cancer, but about 80% of my patients walk out cancer-free within 3 months.”

Notice those measurements. It indicates probability, it says how much, and when. If someone who’s told he has less than 6 months to live hears that wouldn’t he be BEGGING this doctor for an appointment and then to help him?

OK, so how does that story apply to coaches?

Exactly the same way.

I can hear the stammering in the background. “But . . . but . . . but . . . what I sell . . .  coaching, isn’t as valuable as saving someone’s life!” Whimper!

Hmmph! Doesn’t that mean that YOU don’t value what you do? If you don’t see the value, how can you convey value to your target market?

Coaching is one of the most valuable things for anyone, whether it’s in a business (get business coaching clients), or getting life coaching clients, executive coaching clients, career coaching clients, or whatever coaching clients. But we must be providing a clear vision of the results he’ll get and the value of those results.

It starts with YOU identifying what the client gets, and what you are worth to them.

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