The Most Important Discovery That Will Change Your Business by 10’s of Times Further

One thing that absolutely amazes me is that when I ask this simple question, almost no coach or consultant can ever answer the question.

Yet . . . this is THE MOST IMPORTANT answer you need to succeed at your coaching/consulting business.

How many people respond to your marketing message when you deliver it?

What most coaches and consultants say in their marketing is something like, “I am a coach” which is about the worst thing you can say, and that typically gets about 0.1% or less, and when a few respond, most will avoid buying anyway.

Whether that is what you say when talking to a prospect or you say something else, the most important question still is: “What percentage of those you reach out to touch actually respond with an answer like, ‘OMG I’d love to have that.’ ”

So can you answer the question: “How many respond positively at all,” and “How many actually almost BEG you to help them.

First, if you don’t know how many respond even with a weak response, how in the world can you fix it so that more respond? And would you know it if more responded since you aren’t measuring it and constantly improving. Or do you even know what they will respond to?

And secondly, how would you ever get it even better, to the one where they are BEGGING you to help?

And that is ONLY the beginning. Because if you know how many respond the way you want them to, then don’t you know how many you NEED to reach out to in order to get the income you want?

Let me share an example showing you what most coaches say and how to get it to one that people would almost KILL to get:

Most coaches, consultants, trainers, and frankly almost all startup businesses typically say something to a new potential prospect that is “a label”, telling them who or what you are.

This is a real example showing a coach and a doctor that are standing right in front of an ideal prospect that would actually almost BEG the coach or doctor to help them if the coach or doctor says the right thing. So we start out with each of them standing face to face with their ideal prospect at a networking event.

Each step downwards shows a more powerful message than the one above it, and also shows the typical percent response rate. So for the label you’d have to talk to around 1,000 to get just one so-so response. While the next one down, you’d have to talk to 100, and at the very bottom, after reviewing what is said, can you imagine that if YOU were that last prospect, that you’d be down on your hands and knees begging that person to help you. It would likely be a 100% response rate.

Type Message and who is it about   Typical Response Rate   Marketing Message for each
Coach   Doctor
Label — about You < 0.1% I am a coach I am a doctor
Results — about the prospect ~1% I help my clients get more income I help my patients get better
More specific results for a clarified customer


about the prospect

1+% I help architects get more income I help pancreatic cancer patients get better faster
Results for a specific customer with a HUGE value,


about the prospect, very mouth watering

5% to 10%

Notice that this is already 500 to 1000 times more clients and dollars!!!

I help struggling architects get another $100K within 3 to 6 months
Results for a specific customer with a KILL for value. The larger the value the higher the response.


About the prospect, they’d almost kill for this result.

Approaching 100% I work with pancreatic cancer patients who have been told they have less than 6 months to live, and about 80% of my clients are cured in 3 months or less.

What makes the difference at every step? The ones that work:

  • The ones that work are not about your coach, but are about the client.
  • The ones that work even better start talking about RESULTS that the client wants.
  • The ones that work MUCH MUCH better include being specific about who that prospect is, and a HUGE value. The bigger, the faster the results the more people who will respond.
  • And if you deliver a value to THAT specific client that they perceive is SOOO VALUABLE almost everyone would beg you to help, or even kill to get it.

And, yes, I know that many who are reading this still believe that what you deliver really isn’t that valueable, especially life changing, or life saving. That problem is between your own two ears. For instance, I’m a business coach and I’ve saved businesses from going under, I’ve saved people’s entire life savings from being lost, and I’ve saved marriages, and saved them from losing their children. I’ve helped business owners FINALLY achieve their life’s dreams. Life coaches do essentially the same things and more. Parent coaches create successful children.

  • Are you measuring your response rates?
  • Do you KNOW how many you need to reach out to with that response rate so that you add just the right number of clients to get the income you want THIS YEAR, or even within the next few months?
  • And if your response is way down that list, 1% or less, can you change the marketing message, and WHO you deliver it to, so that the VERY NEXT TIME you talk to someone, or send out your advertising, or someone sees your website, suddenly 10 times more will respond?

If you’d like to learn how to attract clients to you, to have them begging you to help them join us either at the next webinar, or come to my video course. And if you are right now getting much lower response rates I’ll show you how to move upwards by 10 to 100’s more times.

What are the changes that will turn your coaching success around and on the track to another $100K early in 2016? Let me help you get them and new level of results FAST.

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