The Most Effective Coaching/Consulting Advertising EVER

When I run into coaches and consultants and ask them what they do to get clients, I almost always hear a couple of things that make me cringe and even when I ask why they did it that way.

  • Networking . . . Why? Because it’s free.
  • Word of mouth . . . Why? Because it’s free.

And yet, the way they do anything free is the most costly thing they do in their coaching consulting.

Always ask yourself, What does it cost to acquire each and every client when you do it this way? The answer will likely scare you.

I’ll show you how to get clients the fastest and the less expensive.

What does a client cost to acquire?

First let me ask you an important question. How much would you be willing to spend to acquire a client that would generate $1,000 a month, or $12,000 a year?

Would you spend $10, $50, $100, $500, or even up to $1,000 to acquire that one client? It’s important for you to decide the maximum you would ever spend to get that $1,000 a month, and IF you KNOW that every time you do that you land a client, or a known number of clients, then wouldn’t you just GO BUY CLIENTS every time you want one, or more instead of going for free?

In fact one of my larger clients had gasped when we first started. They wanted to stay with everything free, and yes, we did start bringing in about 200 to 300 new clients from free organic seo, but when I showed them how to get some advertising out there at first they were hesitant. In the first month $300 of advertising generated another 1,000 clients that brought in about $100,000. So, at that point I asked them how many new clients they wanted at a cost of $3.00 each. Actually they still said, but the others are free. In any case, we turned up the advertising, and that very month they generated an extra $80,000 a day, or about $2.5M a month, for a cost of $25,000 for the month.

Now you have to understand that a LOT of clients grew up “trying to avoid spending” so even at that, the board of directors of that company asked me to cut back. They were now generating around 100 times what they were spending but, in their heads, they thought they could get it for free. In fact they expected to keep that income while not spending anything for it. Yes, there are some that stupid, but for the next year they were getting about $2M a month, and at the end of the year, the board of directors actually hired one of the NYC Major Marketing firms and let me go. The result: by the end of that month they were down to only 5 new clients a month. In 3 months they were back to hire me again. This time there were no arguments about advertising costs.

Do you KNOW what FREE Costs?

In any case, back to free. Do you know what FREE costs you?

A lot of coaches/consultants would rather try FREE networking, or word of mouth. But let’s take a look.

If you are making even as low as $100/hour, and I’ll show you how to get several hundred an hour, but let’s say that you go to 3 networking events a week that take up about 2 hours at the event, and 1/2 hour driving each way, that is 3 hours per event, 9 hours a week, and that takes away from $100/hour coaching, that’s a cost of $900 a week, or $3,600 a month where you aren’t coaching. Wouldn’t you rather spend most or all of your time generating the income with coaching, or at least know for a fact that every hour you spend doing any form of marketing that would generate 3 to 4 times more per hour through coaching? I would.

So, is free really free when it takes a lot of your time that would be bringing in money if you were coaching instead of doing free marketing?

I agree, that if what you do for free is generating a steady stream of clients at a decent ROI for your time, yes, go for it. In fact, understanding how to make marketing work, and at a decent response rate per hour or dollar is the key to making your marketing work. But when you haven’t worked out how to make marketing work, free will cost you big time until you can get your marketing to work at any cost. Then calculate, if I do this for free what is the cost to acquire a client? If I instead spend some money on marketing, or hire someone to help me (another coach who knows how, or consultant), what does that cost me to acquire a client? And which one acquires the most clients the fastest as the lowest cost? Now get out there and buy the clients at the best ROI. Get a steady flow of clients and start coaching generating the big bucks.

My goal is to teach coaches what steps in marketing will generate several times that cost in coaching income. As I said earlier, you MUST know that every time you spend $X that generates $Y of coaching clients. In other words now you know what it costs to acquire a client, and therefore, instead of throwing money against the wall in marketing, you simply go out and buy as many new clients as you want when you want them.

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