The Importance of Being the Biggest, The Best . . . and Challenging All You Touch to Reach Further Than Ever

How to be the biggest, the best, the fastest coach…

The importance of being the biggest, the best, the fastest, and challenging all you touch to reach for those things as well.

Modesty tends to be a reason that coaches fail to become the biggest and best and not challenging everyone they touch to reach that far.

One of the things I discovered along the way in my coaching is that, as a coach, my job is to take everyone I touch not just to levels they have never reached before, but once I’ve gotten them there, to take them further, to make them THE BEST within their industry.

Now, if I am to do that, maybe I have to reach for similar levels myself. But most coaches have had “modesty” driven into them, to not talk about themselves.

I agree, to a certain extent, when it comes to not talking about yourself. However, when you have achieved results beyond most people’s reach . . . for yourself . . .. or for your clients . . . then share, share, share it as an opportunity for your prospects . . . and get those you touch to beg you to help them reach those kinds of levels.

In other words, no, don’t say I’m the greatest, however, asking someone if they like to reach _______ (name the result, and the value, how big, how fast) because you’d be glad to share how some (or one) of your clients did just that. That’s not bragging, that’s offering to help someone.

Client’s Biggest Dream

When I meet a prospective client, I always ask him what’s his biggest and most desired dream. What would he nearly kill to get? And once we’ve laid that dream out . . . my next question is, “Why stop there? Why not 2 times, 3 times, even 100’s of times further.”

I feel that that is my job as a coach, to challenge them to reach far far further than they would even dare to attempt if we had never met. And even hear their internal beliefs about why they don’t believe they could or should reach that far. Then to take them there. Isn’t that what a coach is supposed to do?

A client can reach small steps all by himself. He doesn’t need you for that. What he needs you for is the really big steps, so don’t play around in small steps.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that almost every time I have asked a client “Who is the biggest, most successful in your industry?” not only does he rarely know who that is, but he’ll not even have an idea of where he stands. He is the bottom of the pile, the middle, or even how far he is from the top, and how easy it really is to get to BEST. But one he can show his clients what the best looks like, and he has just become the best, the clients LINE UP to get his outcomes.

Alan Boyer

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