What would it take to become the most well known coach in your area?

To be able to answer, first you’ll have to identify who the coach is who is the most well known in your area, and then what is he/she the most well known for.

One of the things I’ve been doing now for several years is to help every one of my clients become the most well known, and to achieve the greatest sales in their industry.

Here’s how you can do that? Actually it’s easier than you might think.

Identify the top three most well known, or maybe visible, coaches serving your target market

One good place to start is the internet.  Decide if your competitor is competing nationally, or locally. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look at both. Even if you are looking only for local business, understanding what those competing nationally are doing to get business, what they are saying can be quite eye opening. While competing down on the local level may actually result in a very non-competitive market with weak players. Time to find out.

Starting with the keywords you’d use to find what you do, find the top three at the top of Google. Actually you could do this three ways, the top three in Google Adwords which is usually the very top three listings, the top three in Google Places which are those showing in the map to the right if there is a map, and the top three that are showing in the organic listings, which come next.

Start an Excel worksheet listing each one by position, and their URL so you can quickly get back to their site. And we’ll be adding more data as we go.

How Much Traffic Do Each of These Get Monthly

I use two different tools, www.semrush.com and www.alexa.com .

SEM Rush has a graph of an estimated monthly traffic for the URL you type in along with all of the keywords in the top 3 pages of search engine positions, as well as whether they are using just organic SEO or Adwords. How much traffic each of them are bringing. They don’t have every last website listed, but most of the significant ones, so if you don’t find a listing for a URL it’s likely they are new, or just not very big.

Alexa has a much bigger listing, but still doesn’t have them all. In this case they only show a relative measurement. I assume that a ranging of 2,000,000 is around 1,000 visitors a month. And the formula for their traffic is approximately

2,000,000  X 1,000 = Estimated traffic volume monthly

The lower the traffic rank number the higher the traffic estimate. This is only an estimate. So at 1,000,000 it’s about 2,000 visitors a month and that’s where they are JUST barely starting to get decent traffic. At 500,000 rank, that’s about 4,000 visitors a month, 100,000 traffic rank is about 20,000 visitors a month.

Going the other way, 10,000,000 rank is about 100 visitors a month. These sites are either very weak, or maybe targeting a very small local target market.

In any case, you can estimate how well they are doing, and how well you could do if you got to that search engine position. But keep in mind this is only the number of visitors to the site and tells you nothing about how many people actually are converted when they visit the site. That’s due to what they say, and how compelling their freebie is on the site. Nor does it tell you how many actually become their clients. Those are all different steps.

We can only get a rough estimate of what’s possible by looking at their estimated traffic. Just assume that however many come to their site, if they’ve written the copy right they MIGHT be getting about 10% of that traffic to sign up. And might be getting 10% of those signups buying from them. At least you have a very rough estimate.

You can bet that the numbers you just calculated are very likely the best case scenario. I’ve discovered that very few actually do any of these steps well. So if you do them well, and I’ll help you do that, then you could have those estimated numbers yourself, AND I’ll show you that there are lots more ways than this to get traffic. LOTS!

So, now write down the estimated traffic for each of these, the estimated conversion from the website, and the estimated sales numbers. You could also throw an estimated sales dollar figure and put that there too.

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