The System to Get $10,000 of Coaching Clients a Month

Thought I’d share the system that lands as many clients as you want monthly. You can design it for $10,000 a month of new coaching clients, or whatever number you want.

That’s the beauty of it. Design your future. Marketing is usually done by throwing your approach against the wall and hope something comes back, but it rarely does.

Here’s a system that actually works. Been using it for 12+ years.

Read on.

IN any case, this is the system that I take my clients through to where they can design how many clients they get every month, and will from that point on have a system where if you do this approach, or that (chose them like choosing your food from the menu) that will deliver exactly the same number of clients every time you do it. I’ve filled rooms of 50 to 100 over and over with this approach, also get a few thousand to my website that convert. I’ve used one of these to get about 20% of a mailer I’d send out.

At first, you will develop the client attracting bait that works for what you do, then you will develop the systems that will deliver the same number of clients every time you do it.

3 Simple Steps to a Steady flow of Clients

1) The first step is developing the client attracting bait, what you say that attracts them to you. There are two parts of that, choose your ideal target market, and then the attraction bait that fits that market. My rule of thumb is that what most coaches say gets about 1 out of 1,000, while getting this part right can get about 10% of that target market, or about 100 times more clients and more dollars than before, at least for the average coach. Many of my clients are starting with zero, anything times zero is infinite times more.

With that message in hand you can immediately apply it in networking situations, redo your business card, redo your website. I guarantee that you will see an immediate response from your target market with that marketing message, client attracting bait, in your hand (in your head actually). Just this part alone is life changing, business changing to suddenly see the new response you’ll be getting. Even if you go no further than this, it will change everything.

 2) Next comes strategy and systems.

  • Strategy—deciding the best way, or even a series of ways, to get that bait out there to each specific market. Once we work on a specific strategy that works for you and your target market, then you’ll be able to choose from a list of strategies, like choosing from a cafeteria menu those that you are comfortable with.
  • Systems – taking those strategies and developing a system that every time you do steps, A, B, C, you get a known number of prospects falling out of the system into your hand. Notice that I said, prospects since we aren’t to the point of turning them into clients yet.
  • Optimizing – reviewing your marketing systems to constantly increase the number of prospects coming out, and how much they will pay
  • System Design – Now that we have systems with a known conversion rate, how many you reach out to touch brings you what percentage ready to explore buying. Then we can design exactly how many times we do these systems to get how many clients and dollars to hit your target income every month.

3)    Sales, –turning prospects into high paying clients.

  • Systems again – we will walk you through a step by step process of turning the prospects into clients. We’ll have a goal of turning anywhere from 30% to 70% into your high paying clients.
  • Optimizing – reviewing your sales system to constantly increase the number of high paying clients coming out, and increasing the number of higher and higher paying clients.
  • System design – Designing your sales systems to deliver exactly how many clients monthly that will make the income you want, and how fast you want to grow even bigger.

By the time you get step one done you should be seeing a huge change in the number of people interested in you. That’s the part where they start chasing you instead of you having to do the chasing.

The rest puts you in control of designing exactly how many clients and income you want and having a written step by step, when you do this this many come rolling out so how many do we want to do this month.

I believe it was W.Edwards Deming, the management and quality guru that changed Japan into the highest producing country in the world at the time. I was lucky enough to have worked with him for a while in Japan. In any case he said that for any highly efficient effective process, a time proven system is the fastest way to constant and predictable success. A system that has been proven time and again has a higher probability of delivering the results you want faster and more often than any new developing system. Most coaches are shooting in the dark, or trying to develop their own which will take years to work as good as a system that has already proven itself time and again.

If that even sounds close to what you want, email me, or call 816-415-8878 to schedule a little one-on-one time to explore and learn how to develop that client attracting bait that will have them chasing you instead of you doing the chasing.

In fact I’m making a special offer to coaches who will share what they have been doing (working or not) with me, I’ll share some ways that will kick your coaching sales up several notches in exchange. In fact, I’d like to compare the before and after to be used in my upcoming book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Business: Getting Clients Faster and Easier”. Email me or call me!!!! And get help now just for helping me.

Alan Boyer

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