Strategic Partnerships a Way to LEVERAGE the Number of People You Touch at One Time into Coaching/Consulting Clients

I keep seeing coaches, consultants, trainers either knock on 5 to 10 doors a week, or almost none. It seems that the onesy-twosy approach is the way most coaches think.

Yet the marketing formula says clearly that the more people you reach out to touch at one time the more people who will be doing business with you.

Here’s how to reach dozens of times more people with every outreach . . .

coach marketing formula

Comparing the results, reaching out to touch 5 to 10 a week, or reaching out to touch 50 to 100 a week is 10 times more business and more dollars that very week  Or reaching out to touch 1,000 with your direct marketing or internet marketing is 100 times more clients and dollars.

I have several clients that have taken that to almost unbelievable numbers just by thinking bigger and by leveraging strategic partnerships.

Two of my clients are doing between ½ million dollars and 1 million dollars a month with this approach, and since I’ve challenged everyone that I work with to think this way, I’m receiving more and more stories of leveraged connections that, before we started thinking this way, would have never even been on the radar screen, and would have been thought of as IMPOSSIBLE.

When thinking strategic partnerships the goal is to look at others that are already doing business with your ideal customer. And then how can you make it a win-win for both. This isn’t about taking advantage of what they have, it’s about leveraging the results for both of you.

As a coach, you have some things that should nearly explode a business, a career, a life. So freely give of those results and look for ways that that will help you business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business coach, career coach, life coach, or whatever kind of coach.

Web Developers as Strategic Partners

For instance, as a business coach, I’ve found that web developers are typically doing business with businesses who are looking for new clients, and ways to grow their business. Those are my ideal clients.

I’ll offer to help that web developer increase his business by several times by partnering with him on a local workshop or a teleseminar.

I’ll market to the community he’s in to about 1,000 to 2,000 people, and he’ll market to the several hundred or even thousand businesses that are already his clients. The result is more than double the attendees and both my strategic web developer partner and I will be giving each other some great testimonials which always more than doubles the response rate. So, the bottom line is more than 4 times higher total close rates, double the number of people who hear the message, and double the response rate, so that’s 4 times higher close rate.

Plus even those that don’t buy, about 75% will end up signing up for my email list, and will eventually over time buy.

My presentation will be tailored to help my strategic partner out. For instance, I know of most of the reasons that small businesses fail to get ANY LEADS from their website. And my strategic partner isn’t probably any different in his ability to bring new leads to people’s websites. So, a big part of the marketing for this will be that he’s offering me as an added help to all of his clients to help them take their overall business growth, and especially their website abilities even further than he had done it so far.

It becomes a win for him to provide extra value to his clients. And many that follow through with changes to their website will be hiring my strategic partner to do all of the website updates.

Some will be hiring me as their coach to grow their overall business, and still come back to him for more and more website changes as we implement them.

A win win.

Be sure to read more about using the A.I.D.A. (attention, interest, desire, and call to action) approach that I use in marketing, and almost every speech, written article,  and webinar so that your conversion rate of that presentation will be up there in the 20% to 30% area for the next step, and at least 75% for signups for your email list.

Chambers, BNI, and Other Networking Groups

This one may surprise you. Your actual strategic partner just might be a competitor, or almost any networker doing business with the people you’d like to do business with.

I’ve discovered that most chambers don’t like to give me access to their chamber members, yet, when doing marketing to chamber members the response rates are about double that outside of the chamber (or other networking group).

So, to overcome that issue, find a chamber member that will partner with you. And, in fact, the more like you the better. For instance, I do work with other coaches to help them grow their business, and they will be an ideal strategic partner for this.

Imagine that you could go to just about every chamber, BNI group, or other networking group and get access to their list by partnering with a member of that group. Of course you have to make it a win-win for that partner who is a member, also for that networking group, and then, of course, for you.

Let’s assume for a minute that you are a great presenter of “how to’s” that grow a business rapidly. Your goal will be to find a member of that networking group who would like to hitch his wagon to a rising star that will literally drag him right along to the stardom that you can provide.

One of my clients has a nationwide radio program that they do with Michael Gerber, of E-Myth fame. They seek out coaches, consultants, trainers in chambers, and offer to do a program on growing a business (or any number of other beneficial business things) for the local chamber. That coach approaches the chamber as if it was his workshop that he’s offering to chamber members, and that he can bring in some pretty significant players. He gets the chamber event, and the chamber list.

Then he’s on stage, gaining in attention with his own network, alongside of some pretty big names. He also gets a percentage of the sale, and also retains the ultimate outcome of with the next clients he also gets.

My clients sell an online training program that is very inexpensive, and they encourage coaches to sell it (pay them a commission), and then as those who have bought into the online training program progress to wanting a coach, the original coach is the one still working with them an uses the online training to leverage the customers to his coaching.

There are a lot of ways of doing that. Just find the best win-win for the partnership, and leverage your reach out into many chambers, BNI groups, and other networking groups.

A Way of Leveraging MLM WAY Beyond Door Knocking and How Coaches, Consultans, Trainers Can Do the Same

This will apply even to coaches, consultants, and trainers. But this came to me through one of my clients who is an MLM company. I have two of them, one doing ½ million a month, and the other doing about 1 million a month.

He approaches a series of resturants. In fact he sets up about 300 a year, every day or so.

He approaches a restaurant and asks “Would you like to have 25 to 50 new clients every week?  He makes sure that they have a meeting room where he can arrange a meeting with potential clients.

Of course they would. (NOTE: keep this in mind when approaching anyone to partner with you, or even to buy your services. When the approach is about helping them get soemthing they’d almost kill for they will almost always be excited to do business with you, or to hire you, for that matter.)

Then he leaves leaflets on every business within several blocks. He lets them know that he will introduce them to 25 to 50 other business in the area if they’d like to show up at his networking event at that restaurant

25 to 50 show up, he’s got a free meeting room, and they buy lunch The restaurant is happy. They all get introduced to each other and are given time to present their own 30 to 60 second elevator speech. They are happy. And he gets 10 minutes to do a quick presentation on his MLM. The result to him is that he sells about half of that room.  

He’s meeting 125 to 250 people a week, and selling 60 to 120 a week And then he teaches each of those how to go do what he does, and gets to stuff about half of their sales into his pocket. The more people he helps the more he makes.

Now, as a coach, consultant, trainer, you can do exactly the same thing. Just imagine that you approach a restaurant as a great coach who grows businesses like wildfire. And some of these restaurants want proof that you can do it. Well, suddenly they have those people showing up just as you said. The restaurant becomes you client, and 20% to 30% of those that come also become your client.

With that kind of growth rate you wouldn’t need to do very many of these before you’d not have time to keep doing them due to the long list of clients you have.

Strategic Partnerships Can Explode Your Business Quickly

Stop and think for a moment.

  • Who are those already doing business with your ideal client?
  • What is the win-win that you can provide for both of you?
  • How many people will you get every week by doing just one of these a week, or a month?

Please share your ideas on the forum. Speaking of leverage, the more people who share ideas on the forum the faster everyone grows by using those ideas.

So, please share those ideas you come up with for strategic partnering and the amount of leverage that gives you to reach lots more people.


3 Responses to Strategic Partnerships a Way to LEVERAGE the Number of People You Touch at One Time into Coaching/Consulting Clients

  • Geoff Carter says:

    Hi Alan

    I was fascinated by your article about leverage… I well know
    this is a key part of growth, but you put it into a business
    context that made it real and practical, and so it helped a lot.

    In the part about web developers, you state: ‘I’ll market to the
    community he’s in to about 1,000 to 2,000 people.’

    I am unsure what you mean here… do you mean:

    1. People on your email list?
    2. Running a direct mail piece?
    3. Telling people you know at BNI and other group meetings?

    If so, what do you do if you do not have a list of local subscribers,
    or the cost of funding a direct mail shot is prohibitive?

    Your thought on what to do here would help me greatly, please.

    Thanks very much…



  • alanboyer says:


    What I mean is that I market in any of several ways to the market around him. This has to be a win-win. I bring prospects to the workshop for him (actually for both of us), and he brings his existing clients to the workshop.

    Frequently I market with direct mail to his neighborhood, or where ever I can reach people that need a website (for him) and to grow a business (for me). The goal is to bring a percentage of that outside market to the workshop that the web developer had not been exposed to before. That makes it a win-win.

    I bring more to the workshop that he’s not gotten before, and he’ll bring his current clients to the workshop.

  • Geoff Carter says:

    Thanks Alan

    That’s clear now. In essence, you and the web developer
    bring your own clients to the party so we both get exposed
    to new folk, but the focus is on helping the web developer.
    It’s a sure win-win model. I like it.

    Cheers and thanks again


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