A Simple Way to Quickly Multiply Coaching/Consulting Income 10’s of Times

It always amazes me that most coaches/consultants would rather “sell to everyone” and struggle with almost no clients, and no income, rather than narrowing down on an ideal client that always buys, has a history of actually being out there already looking for what you do.

The first type you have to chase down, then you have to convince them to buy, and they almost never do, let alone spending much. While the second type is already out there looking for someone just like you and has a history of spending whatever it takes to get what he is begging for help to get.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since that’s what I was doing when I started out doing over 14 years ago.

But let me share a few of the aha moments as I moved through that discovery.

What I did was what almost every coach/consultant does right now, which was to believe that it’s easier to sell to the whole world. After all, almost everyone could benefit from my coaching/consulting, right? And the larger the market, the more I have to pick from, and the easier it will be to sell, right?

And of course, the more desparate they are, the more then need me, right?


Really! Why?

Time to Change What We Believe About Marketing Coaching/Consulting to Get 10’s to 100’s times more.

Here’s what was happening to me.

The Small Less Successful Target Coaching/Consulting Client

When I met with a company in the $100K area, or an individual in the $75K area, I would always get this response.

“WOW, I wish I could afford you?”

That simply means that what I said, and what I offered to them to help them sounded really good to them. So my marketing message worked, they wanted my coaching, were excited about it. They said “Wow”, and “wished they could afford me”. The two keywords for that conclusion are “Wow”, and “wish”.

But the “afford you” said that they wouldn’t/couldn’t buy from me.

Why do you think you hear that?

One of the biggest mistakes that “unsuccessful” people and businesses make is that they’d rather manage their businesses and their lives around “limiting,” “cutting budget”, “staying within a budget”.  Their focus is only on “survival”, not leaping forward by 10’s of times. In fact, I have had clients who actually saw their business grow by $50,000 a week the first few weeks, only to find that when we reached a conclusion that we needed to spend another $5K on marketing the following week, they said “they couldn’t afford it.”

Hmmmm! Let’s see, we spent $5K generated 4 weeks of $50,000 a week, and that was with a 30% profit margin. But then when we needed to spend the next $5K they said they couldn’t afford it. Their entire being was built on “not spending”, and the fact they hadn’t planned on spending. But here was the opportunity, and they weren’t going to take it.

It’s like a football team that 100% of the time plays defense. They WILL NEVER move the ball, never score. These businesses only had the goal of defending the money they had, or didn’t have, not on how to score 10’s or 1000’s of times the next time they get their hands on the ball.

But back to my story. When I was meeting with $100K companies, and $75K individuals, they almost always said “I can’t afford you.”

The Slightly More Successful Company/Individual as My Ideal Client

When I met with $500K companies, my sales success ratio was between 35% and 40%.

The Successful Company/Individual That Wants More Faster

When I meet with $1M companies, my sales success ratio is 50% to 75%.

Why is that?

  • The small companies, the unsuccessful ones, still manage their goals by not spending.
  • The bigger more successful companies have learned that you can’t succeed without looking for the greatest ROI and then spending on it. They have to pick up the ball and move it forward, and learn how to move it forward the fastest.
  • And those who are successful KNOW that the best way to do that is hire someone who has a history, or the ability, to do it.
  • The mid-range success companies/individuals, are still learning that that ROI is the way to get ahead, and still struggling cutting expenses in some areas.

So, the $500K companies, where I got 35% sales success, were JUST LEARNING that. So they take a little more time and effort to convince. That’s why the 35% success ratio.

The $1M and up companies, have already learned that they can hire someone to take them quickly to higher and higher results, so they are actually out there looking for that someone. Keep in mind “that someone” has to be out there advertising the RESULTS and the VALUE of RESULTS that they want. In that case they will snap you up.

So it does boil down to

  • Choosing the ideal client, those who are actually out there looking for you, those who will spend the money, and have a history of doing both. Your sales will skyrocket.
  • Your marketing message actually telling them what kind of results they could get, and HOW BIG, HOW FAST those results are.

In other words, my ideal client is already somewhat successful, not those who are desparate. and my sales, as a result are over 10 to 100 times higher than when I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for the unsuccessful who I would have sworn NEEDED ME worse than a more successful company.

If you’d like to learn how to find your ideal client for coaches/consultants that will make acquiring clients, acquiring higher payment clients easier, and develop that marketing message that literally has them chasing you, and them begging you to help them, and to make another $100K in the next few months, then:

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