A Simple Change in Thinking Will Get You Unlimited Clients

One thing that seems hard for a lot of coaches to accept is that selling coaching is not about selling. It’s a simple new way of thinking . . . for them at least.

Find enough people to help them get what they want, and you’ll have everything you ever wanted out of life. . . Zig Ziglar

When I stopped trying to sell coaching, and started finding people to help them get what they want, my coaching business started to thrive, not just survive, but THRIVE big time.

My goal is that everyone I touch should experience a HUGE leap in some area of life or business. Bigger than they could have imagined before I came along.

Yet, I hear from coaches all of the time about “giving it away” as “devaluing” their coaching value, or simply that giving it away doesn’t work to bring you paying clients.

I differ . . . BIG TIME.

Give Away Huge Value, Establish Your Value

By giving it away, especially if you give away something VERY valuable, they get to experience it and they will want more. It’s that simple. And the more you spread around, the more people who are talking about how great that was, and more coming to experience the results.

It is about giving away SERIOUS VALUE.

It isn’t about giving away the store. Meaning that you give them a taste, a very valuable taste. It is about being able to change a common belief that has kept them down that suddenly either actually changes their life or their business big time, or at least they now see that this new way of thinking will deliver it. It is a real aha moment, a life changing, or business changing moment.

This, in no way, is about devaluing you or your coaching. It is about increasing the perceived value from everyone you touch. So, if what you have been doing has not gotten you clients, or has not gotten you paying clients, then you’ve been doing it wrong.

Why Coach Marketing Doesn’t Usually Work Well . . . the Wrong Bait

I’d like to share some concepts with you about marketing using a fishing analogy. Most people marketing like people fish, by dropping a single line over the edge of the boat with a tiny piece of bait. Even if the bait is right (most coaches don’t have the right bait), but even if the bait is right, they have to get it right in front of that fish’s nose, and even then he might not take the bait.

The next step up in marketing is putting 10 fishing lines over the edge. Well, if you found exactly where the fish (your market) was, and had the right bait, having 10 lines will now get you about 10 times more. However, as most coaches know from experience, doing 10 times more of what you’ve been doing probably isn’t getting you much more than doing it just once, which didn’t work well either.

Marketing Isn’t About Generating a Little Interest . . . It’s About Getting Them CHASING You Instead of You Doing the Chasing

But, now let’s try another approach. Ever hear of chumming? They use that principle to fish for sharks. They throw the shark’s favorite food all around the boat, and probably even stream it behind them for miles before getting to the fishing area. Well, it attracts sharks from miles around, and they swarm around the boat by the dozens or hundreds. They even fight each other to get at the bait. And even throwing an unbaited hook into the water will start hauling them in one after another. Or even better, you could throw a net into this frenzy and haul them in by the ton.

Let’s Market Our Coaching By Spreading Around The Bait and Get Them Coming to Us

Now think about that scenario as your marketing. First, get the right bait. Most coaches have no clue what that right bait is. And that’s what we work on first together. That alone, I will guarantee will increase your results by 10 times to 100 times more than you’ve ever gotten. Imagine the fish swimming around the boat by the dozens or hundreds and even fighting to get at the bait. Imagine your clients chasing you and fighting to get that rare slot in your schedule.

That’s a different approach, and different goal for your marketing. We don’t want to generate a little interest. We want them chasing us, fighting, begging to get that time slot. We’ll work to develop your marketing to that drive-them-crazy level, and even if you get only 1/2 of that target, your business and your life will change. They will chase you. But the bait determines whether they go wild, begging you, or you get a slightly less desire, but still them wanting you. A far easier sale.

It all starts by having the right bait, then throwing it around you where ever you go until they start gathering. You may have heard of this as branding, but that doesn’t even begin to develop the right picture of what I mean. You do want to be known for something, something that causes them to come from miles away to get those free samples we talked about and what you say, that’s your bait

Marketing for Coaching Clients by Chumming

Believe me, it works for coaches, the same as it works for shark fishing. Just get the bait right, and spread it around. They’ll come running.

How Many Come Running Whenever You Do This Is Your Grade Card

One more key point: measure your progress like getting a grade card. What you say, how you say it, and who you say it to, and also how many freebies you spread around that are HUGELY valuable, that’s your bait. So, how many respond every time you do this is your grade card for your bait, your marketing message and freebies. Your grade is the tool you use to tune up your bait until it attracts them.

At first it will attract 5 to 10 times more than you have now, and later it gets even better as your grade gets better and better.

By the way, I’m looking for a group of coaches to share what kinds of marketing they are currently doing, and how well it works for them. While most coaches don’t get many new clients at all, there are some out there doing some things that work extremely well, and may be different from what I’ve been teaching coaches. So I’m putting together a database of coach marketing strategies to share with everyone in my upcoming book, “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Businesses: Getting Clients Faster and Easier Than Ever”

And for sharing what you have been doing, I’ll share with you what I’ve been helping coaches do for some time that grows coaching businesses fast.

I have spent the last 12 years with a mission to find the biggest, best, fastest ways to market, and especially to marketing coaching/consulting. Whenever I have found someone who could do it better than me, I’ve hired them to bring me up to their level.

I have stair stepped upward through some of the biggest marketing gurus, and will share that with you for sharing with me, and helping me build this database.

I also want to show the before and after, and may include you in my book.

In any case, if you’d like to participate, email me at alanboyer@get-coaching-clients.com if you are serious about growing


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