Are You Shooting Yourself in the foot with your client attraction?

There are lots of things that coaches/consultants tend to do that actually block them from getting clients. Here’s something that I discovered when trying to call 75 coaches myself, asking “I’m looking for a coach” and NOT ONE called back.

Are you doing any of these things?

I dare you to go look at any coach’s website. It may be an eye opener if you are doing any of these things, scary even. Or, it might actually be an uplifter if you are already doing them when you realize that all of your competitors are so far behind you.

In any case, look at most coach websites for these things, then be sure to see if you are doing them and fix them fast.

Phone Number Easy to Find or Not There?

How hard is it to find their contact information?

I’ll bet that 90% of them don’t have a phone number on the site anywhere.

In marketing, I’m always measuring what percentage of the people who are exposed to the marketing attempt actually respond. The harder you make it to find your contact information the lower the response rate. So if it’s hard to find any kind of contact information, then even if you had something rather attractive on the website that could get you 10% calls….or better… well, it’ll be less than 0.1%. Yes, that’s true. measured it on 100s of websites.

If you decide to keep your phone number hidden, or purpose, or by accident, there are about 50% of your target market who feel comfortable with electronic responses, and about 50% who would rather just pick up the phone and call and won’t if it’s hard to find your phone number or it isn’t there at all. So, there you go, you lost half your traffic by leaving off the phone number, and in fact, those that call are lots warmer leads. so you may be losing more than half your potential clients.


Leaving your email off your website, or hard to find, gets about the same result, at least a 50% reduction in responses. I’ve heard some coaches say that they don’t want the spam by placing their email on their site.

OK, which is more important, getting a little spam here and there, or getting lots of prospective clients emailing you? As I said above, the more areas you block, or make hard to find the fewer responses you get.

When it comes to spam . . . that’s what Norton and McAfee are for.

The more visible you are the more you will get of both the positive and the negative outcomes. They sort of come along together. I probably get about 100 or more spam emails a day, and about 30 to 40 of signup emails from my website and 5 to 10 actual prospective clients getting more acquainted. What happens if I hide my email?

Well, I lose both sides of that equation. I let Norton handle the spam so I only see a few. And I handle the positive ones.

Have you hidden your email address?


I use LinkedIn a lot. I’ve found it the best thing since sliced bread to find ideal clients and contact them with a common background such as both being on LinkedIn, or both being on a specific group on LinkedIn with a common interest. I’ve used it to get nearly 90% of those I call actually taking some form of next step with me and my clients that I’ve done this for.

But, just try to contact a coach on LinkedIn!

I’ve frequently gotten calls on my website for coaching areas I don’t do. Oh, yes, I could take on someone looking for career coaching, or life coaching, and do it myself, but anymore, I stick with what I do best, and don’t need to take others anyway. So, when I get those calls I’d rather find one of those coaches that I have some sense that a referral from me will get handled as good as I’d have handled it. So, I want to contact them, and talk before handing off the referral.

But about half of the coaches on LinkedIn have blocked people from contacting them directly. They have set LinkedIn to prevent someone contacting them unless that person already has their email address. The result: only those who already know you, and has your email address can easily connect with you.

If you are on a group where your ideal client is, or someone who knows that ideal client do you really want to make it hard for them to connect to you?

In fact, set a goal for

  • How many should connect with you every week
  • What percentage of those who connect that sign up on your website.
  • What percentage of those then move to that next step in your marketing funnel.

What Is Your Goal for Connections and Clients You Get Weekly From LinkedIn? Still Waiting for Something to Happen?

I asked some people on one of the LinkedIn groups how many people call them from LinkedIn weekly. Everyone said ZERO.

So I asked them, how long should it take to get calls once your start working a social network like LinkedIn, or, for that matter, how long should it take from any networking, local or online?

I got answers that varied from: “It depends” to “it takes a while to get to know people”. So, basically no one had a specific goal, nor any idea of what should happen by when once you start doing it. In other words, no specific goal for how much by when means . . . no results no matter how long they wait. And they are still waiting with lots of hopes.

Marketing can be divided into 3 sections.

  • Get attention — which takes about 3 seconds (so why wait weeks hoping somebody will call)
  • Build relations, credibility, desire. Which can take anywhere from one article or email to 4 or 5. (So why are people waiting around?????)
  • Get an appointment

Get the idea? If what you say anywhere, when you start a discussion on a LinkedIn group, when you answer someone else’s discussion get’s immediate attention you should know rather quickly. You should see a rise in connections, a rise in emails, and maybe even calls. Look for all of those things to happen when you start a conversation, or enter one.

LinkedIn provides a weekly report on how many are looking at your profile, in fact, the free version of linkedin lets you see quite a few of only the last ones, so keep your eye on that. Once you know who’s checking you out, and how many, you’ll get an idea of whether your conversation got attention or not.

If those people aren’t connecting, you might be saying something wrong. If they do start connecting, GREAT! For those that didn’t connect, you might send them a connect invitation, especially if they are your target market.

Next, when people do connect, email them with a “thanks for connecting” email. You have their attention, now follow through with relationship building, credibility building but emailing them, giving them something valuable that might have been why you got their attention in the first place, or simply ask them what got their attention.

Then send them an invitation to go get your whitepaper, freebie. And keep providing even more with emails and personal help.

You might want to read the steps for closing a coaching sale in “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting: Getting More and Higher Paying Clients” to start closing 30+% of those that are somewhat more removed from you, and 50+% of those who you’ve developed for some time.

Waiting for Things to Happen, the Right Time, Right Place, Right Opportunity

Never just wait for something. Create the future you want, when you want it, and how big you want it.

I had a client some time ago say that they wanted to speak professionally, but no one was calling them so they didn’t know what to do.

I told them go create the speaking gig you want. In fact, for several years now I’ve done 1 to 2 speaking engagements a month, or workshops (about the same thing anyway). It’s easy to find a place you will use for the presentation and how many seats there are. Then I use some databases with my ideal clients in them, and send out about 20 times what will fill the room. If the room holds 50 seats, then I want about 60 showing up. I’ll send out between 1,000 and 1,100 invitations, carefully worded with the potential outcome they will get so that it attracts them, and I’ll get about 100 phone calls wanting me to “hold a seat for them”.

Now I have 100 people that need me on a list. About 50-60% will show up, so I’ll have exactly what I want to fill the seats with some standing around.

And, I have a process that almost guarantees 20% of that room will work with me in one way or the other, and near 100% of everyone who called will be on my list that get ongoing help from me and another 10% will become clients down the road.

By the way, I also have that process that gets many turned into clients  in my book. Be sure to get a copy when it comes out, or email me, and I’ll hold you a copy.

In any case, why stand around waiting for someone to hire you. Create what you want, where you want, when you want, and as big as you want.

Alan Boyer

Helping coach/consultants reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop thinking small when attracting new clients

Author of the upcoming book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting: Getting Higher Paying Clients Faster & Easier”



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