Selling Coaching and Consulting Is About the Easiest Thing You Will Ever Do

Yes, I did say that selling coaching and consulting is about the easiest thing you will ever do. I mean that.

Many of you probably doubt that based on your personal experience, but if you’ve been doing the same things over and over expecting different results, well, then what has to change in order for you to get something different?

If you are selling a very desired specific RESULT with a very high value (how much, how big, how fast, and certainly more, bigger, and faster than any potential client has ever gotten before), then you have an easy sale.

But let’s take that one more step, into an area that I’ll bet you have not tried that will almost make your head spin when you land that coaching/consulting job so fast.

Do you know of a company, or an individual, that is looking to hire an employee to do something for them?

What is the biggest problem a company faces when hiring an employee?

A VERY BIG and VERY COSTLY COMMITMENT without ever knowing that the person they hire can actually deliver the results and how big, how fast, those results will be. It is a VERY BIG RISK.

Let’s say that the company is hiring a $75K a year employee. On the average, that means that at least 50%, or another $38K will go to benefits, and around $25K to $30K for an employment service fee. That comes to $75K+$38K+$25K=$118K.

And they usually have absolutely no guarantee that this employee can deliver the value they wanted. They are simply HOPING this employee can provide the value they want, and will pay for himself. HOPE is the keyword for a very big risk.

Now what happens if you find a company wanted to hire someone to do essentially either what you can do for them, or that you can show them how to do so much better than they do now that they don’t even need to hire someone?

You Are Easier, and Less Risky to Hire Than Any Employee

Imagine for a minute that instead of this company having to go through the looking, interviewing, and finally commiting to almost 175% of this employee’s fees with no guarantee of the results and value they want. But, you as a coach, if you walk in the door with a target result and HUGE VALUE that you have regularly delivered and, after your initial exploration into what they want so desparately, that you now make them an offer to their target measurable results in the next month for only your monthly fee, which I’d bet is about 1/100th of the risk they will take on that employee.

I assume that if a company will risk $118K that they are expecting an ROI from this employee of 2 times that or more, $236K or higher, 2:1 or higher.

So you, coach/consultant, offer to set them on the path toward another $20K a month for your monthly fee. Low risk in comparison to $118K, and within a month if you’ve started them down that path of 1/12th the yearly goal, you have a potential long term contract.

But here’s yet another opportunity. In the above example you actually helped them start down that path to their target result that they wanted to hire an employee to do (in this case you are either coaching an exec or manager to show them how to get started that way, and even before hiring, and maybe never having to hire), but another opportunity is to also teach them how to hire so that they have an almost guarantee of the target results and value. Actually that’s pretty easy since do you know of any employee who doesn’t make the mistake of talking about himself, years of experience, skills doing that job instead of talking about the target measurable results that I’ve taught you how to do to get lots of coaching/consulting jobs? I haven’t.

That’s a second huge opportunity, to teach them how to choose an employee that is almost guaranteed to deliver those new measurable results. So, if the hiring company would like another $200K for hiring a $75K employee, their risk is about 20/80 (the 80/20 rule turned upside down). About 20% of those they hire will deliver at least 80% of that target. While the other 80% will deliver 20% of their target.

And that company will be asking questions such as, “Did you manage in this position before?” “For how long”, “What is your degree?” And NONE of those questions guarantee any kind of measurable results. So what does? Having delivered that result of that value, or greater, before. and maybe how many times have they delivered that value or greater before. And another question would be, “How much greater? How many times?’

In any case, your helping them learn how to find someone that has delivered that result, and many times larger results, is the best bet of reaching that level again. But most hiring companies will be asking companies about the employee, credentials, years of experience in a position, but never do they ask the years of experience actually delivering that specific result let along of that much, that fast.

So it is easier to get hired as a coach/consultant for a few months than to get hired as an employee. Your results and huge value are so much clearer, and risk (your fee) is s0 much less, that getting hired as a coach/consultant is easy in comparison to getting hired as an employee.

Remember, you are selling a specific result of a very high value. You are NOT selling coaching or consulting, as such.

Start Looking for a Company Who is Hiring

So look for a company who is hiring, currently looking and meet with the CEO to explore what they want, and how bad they want it, and make them an offer to put them on the way to that value in the next month or two for you very low risk fee as compared to hiring an employee.

Every coach/consultant should have unlimited opportunities with this approach.

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