Secret of How to Grow by 100’s to 1,000’s Times

  • Where do you stand among other coaches who do what you do where you do it?
  • And how to move to the top and above.



Whether you are just starting out, or have been coaching/consulting for just a few months, or have been a coach for much longer, you should KNOW where you rank.

And the next question might be, Where do you want to rank among all of the coaches who do what you do where you do it?


Why is that important?

Well, you may just find that you don’t have that far to become one of the best, and you may also find what it takes to become one of . . . or THE best.

It’s important to understand that most coaches don’t even know what you’ve already learned in this course, and I do mean MOST. Which means as soon as you start using some of the marketing tactics I’ve taught you along the way in this course, you will move quickly to the top.

So here are some exercises to do to find out where you stand, and how to get to the top.


Where do you stand in relation to the top coaches in your area on the internet?

The internet is one of the best places to find

  • Where you currently rank
  • Who is in the top 3, top 10
  • And what they do that got them there
  • And what they say, or maybe more important, what they don’t say in their marketing.

So, what keywords would you use to find what you do?

A simple start might be to name the specific kind of coach/consultant you are, such as “business coach”, “small business coach”, executive coach, health coach, weight loss coach, life coach, retirement coach, etc. You might also consider using keywords added to your type of coaching, or that replaces that type of coaching, which represent the types of outcomes you’ve defined as you did the marketing message research.

Identifying what people might use to search for you may just give you another insight into what you do and how people look for you. It is really important when it comes to internet marketing, and, frankly, the internet is your best opportunity or marketing.

In any case, now that you have the search words, or better, phrase. Let’s narrow down a little. If you are just starting or haven’t been at it long, we may want to compare ourselves to a very narrow locality, such as your city, region, or maybe state. So add your city to the keywords you identified, and go to Google to search for coaches like you in that region.

Write down the top 3, and the top 10, that you find there. We’ll start with the top 3 since these are the ones that get about 80% of all searches in that locality.

By the way, you should have been completing a notebook on your work as you were going through the course, so I’d do a printout of the Google page so you have the list of your top coaches in your area of work and region. I’d start a separate section on “competitors”

Don’t just consider these as “competitors” or someone to avoid, consider these as doing something that made them successful you can learn from, and in some cases what not to do.

In any case I’ve found throughout my coaching that there’s always someone out there better than me, and when I found out what they do either I can do it and move to or above their level, or I just might find out that, in some areas, I am already better.

So where they are better, we’ll learn from them. Where we discover we are already better, well, that’s not only a big comfort, but it allows me to focus on areas where I AM the best and work on the clients that want that.

Look at the Top 3 Websites on Google

Now let’s review some things before going further. We want to use the marketing rules you’ve already learned to compare how well other coaches market so we can learn from them and so we can rank ourselves against them using those guidelines.

Remember the marketing rules? (if you haven’t studied the marketing rules see the link at the bottom to my video course on getting coaching clients lined up)

  • What not to do — Don’t
    • Talk about you,
    • your products/services,
    • your processes, or
    • what you do
  • What to do
    • Talk about what they want
    • Or what they fear or don’t want
  • Be very specific as to your target client
    • Naming them specifically
    • Those that have a history of paying to grow to the next level
    • Those that have the money

Now as you scan these top 3 websites, what do you see? Do they do what they are supposed to do, or do they do what they aren’t supposed to do?

The reason I ask you to look into this is that you will quickly find that everyone around you, even those you may consider the top ones, just don’t do their marketing right. Which means that when you do, you will start acquiring clients faster than the top 3 you are looking at.

There will be some who you immediately know you can do better than they do. And you will find a few, maybe only 1%, who do it very well. When you identify them, LEARN from them.

Just because they are at the top of Google doesn’t mean that they are marketing correctly. It only means that they have chosen a keyword and performed search engne optimization correctly. It doesn’t mean that what they say on that webpage will attract anyone at all. In fact, it’s saying the right things when you are in front of your target market that has them begging you to help them. And most websites never get people calling them . . .because they don’t do what I’ve taught you how to do.

So, you either just discovered that you CAN outperform those at the top once you start getting your marketing message out there, or if they did do it right it is very likely they are what I call super performers, super coaches and you can become like them or even better by studying what they do do. Just use the rules I’ve given you to start weeding out those who do it right and do it wrong..


If there is anything that can take you to levels you can’t even imagine . . . yet . . . it is to find those you’d like to become, learn from them, associate with them, and then reach higher and higher. There was a time when I thought I was pretty good, and actually I was taking clients quite far.

However, I started associating with the coaches and consultants that I had considered far beyond me. I’d learn that the things I had been doing and teaching, were tiny in comparison to what I learned from them. And when I reached further, it happened again, and again.

Doing the Impossible — Don’t Let It Scare You

Suddenly, I was reaching levels that I used to think were beyond my reach or even what I had called impossible . And some coaches, even today call the numbers impossible, yet there are coaches even better than me doing many, many times better than I do. I’m just on one of the many rungs toward better, and some coaches who have never reached those levels still say that it is impossible.

In my opinion, there are so-so coaches, average coaches, good coaches, and super coaches. About 1% of all coaches ever reach super coach level. And you can do that by identifying who they are, and learning what they do, stepping upward multiplies at each step.

And where you start to identify them is by using the rules I’ve given you. Those that don’t follow my rules don’t stand a chance.. Those who do follow them, start down that path, but you have to keep tuning up better and better to reach each new level of client acquisition, and frankly, when you challenge your clients to reach levels like you are now reaching for you will be known as a super coach.

When I started in coaching I struggled to get 1 or 2 people coming to my speeches, and workshops. Then I found a coach who showed me how to literally fill any size room. So I was filling room of about 50 to 100 on a regular basis. That was roughly a 50 to 100 times multiplier. Always think about improvement as being multipliers, not small 10% or 20% numbers.

Then I was invited to an event called Top Internet Marketers and met coaches/consultants who were attracting couple of thousand at a time (that’s over 1,000 times more than where I started). I was also introduced to coaches who were doing 10,000+ at a time, (and that’s 10,000 times further). Get my point about multipliers?

Remember in the early lectures of this course I asked you to identify your value which is how big, how fast, how much more results you provide to your clients? What was your number that you wrote down then? Small, big, huge?

My suggestion is to identify coaches that you’d like to become like, study them, identify how many clients they have , how well do they follow the guidelines, what are they selling (one on one coaching, mastermind groups, courses, what freebies do they give, how do they lead new people into their marketing funnel), and do what they do.

Feel free, as you discover these new paths, to share what you find with others in the discussion section, and also ask me those new questions that all of these discoveries bring to mind. I’ll help.

Millionaire or Billionaire?

Tony Robins has a great story that changed how I look at coaching and how far I challenge my clients to reach. He was coaching Robert Fulghum, who wrote Everything I Needed to Know I Learned In Kindergarten, and Robert asked Tony, “I just don’t get it. We both wrote #1 Best Sellers on the Times list, but I’m making about $1M and you are in the upper $100 millions, so what in the world is the difference.”

Tony asked him, “So who do you associate with?”

Robert replied, “other millionaires of course.”

Tony said “That’s your problem. When you associate with billionaires you learn the little tricks that made them billionaires, and you also get referrals to billionaires. When you associate with millionaires, and you are already one, you don’t learn a lot about moving higher. And the referrals you do get are to other millionaires. Everything you learn from a billionaire or referral you get is 1,000 times more than you have today or know how to do.”

And I can vouch for that. You learn things that are 100’s to 1000’s of times bigger than I even thought possible, and that was when I thought I was already good, but there is always 100’s to 1000s of times more out there to learn, and many times it isn’t even as hard as what you’ve been doing.


Do not, let the numbers in Tony’s example deter you in any way. They are comparing millions to billions but so what? The point is that when you associate with those who are way above where you are, by associating with them you can learn their tricks to become like them.

So where ever you start, pick “the next level” as you see it now. Identify who’s already there, and start finding out why, and what they do.

Think about it as stair steps upward. Take small steps are first. You don’t have to jump to millions, you might take $100K steps at first.

So, pick a goal now. Identify where you are, how you rank among coaches around your city for a starting point. Then reach for the top within your city.

Set yourself a goal, how big, how many clients are these top ones now, and when you’ll get there.

And share what you find those bigger ones doing on the discussion of the course. I’ll help you every step of the way.

Don’t let the big numbers scare you. It’s actually easier, more profitable, and less time consuming to reach those bigger levels. Too many coaches have a mindset that “going bigger takes too much time, too much money and they already feel they are working too hard.”

I always tell my clients that most businesses have a wrong goal when starting out. They start by selling their hours, so the more successful they become the more time, money, and effort it takes. But their real goal is

“Making the kind of money they’d like to have so they have the time to enjoy it with the people they’d like to enjoy it with”.

And, if done right, they can make many times more dollars with little or no work if they planned it right.”

Share your ideas, goals, and the course work you’ve developed. I will help you make it many levels further with less effort than ever before.

Alan Boyer

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