The Secret to Get Coaching Clients Chasing You With Your Website

I’d say that most coaching websites don’t bring clients. Coaching websites that work should be bringing you about 10% of those who come there, turning them into some form of next step with you.

The secret to get coaching clients actually chasing you instead of you doing all of the chasing issimple, at least once you understand it. But seems awfully hard for most coaches who don’t.

Everything you say on your website, every time you meet a prospect face to face, send out direct mail, or any form of marketing must be

  • Not about you, your products/services, your company, your process, what you do.
  • It is about what the prospect wants, desparately wants, which is
    • a specific RESULT, an outcome
    • HUGE value of that result
    • Excited about those results

Let’s look at a website that you might have been attracted to, and let’s compare how most coaches do it compared to what works.

We’ll start by evaluating the first thing you see when you get to that site, and remember that the only thing that MUST happen when you see that first thing is that it has to get your attention, that’s all. If the first thing you see doesn’t grab your eyeballs and suck you in mind and all then you, and most of the market that has drifted by this site will quickly move on and not read anything else. Most people spend about 3 seconds to determine if this site has any value to them at all, or they move to the next one.

3 seconds, win or lose. Grab attention, or they are gone. Grab attention and at least they’ll start reading. It’s the door to your site period. And the door to your business in every form of marketing you are doing.

In any case, what they might see right off the bat — Let’s say that you are looking for ways to get coaching clients. We’ll go through several of what a typical coach might say first.

  • Jim Jones
  • Jim Jones Coaching
  • Business Coach
  • Marketing Coach
  • How to Get Clients
  • How to Get 10 Clients a Week

Now step back and look at how any of those things grab you if you are looking for how to get coaching clients, and you had found them on a search engine saying they do that.  You were actually out there actively searching for what these people do, but does it GRAB you, pull you in? Or does it sort of push you away.

Any doubts about which one of these you would grab up first if you had seen them all at once? That’s the grabber.

Or if you hadn’t seen them all at once, and you were scanning through all of these options starting at the top. Would you have stopped long enough to read #1, #2, etc. Now keep in mind that even if you might have read a little further, that this whole marketplace will respond in low numbers to the non-grabbers, and in high numbers to the grabbers.

1 out of 1,000 Respond to You

My rule of thumb is that when it is about you, like Jim Jones, or Jim Jones Coaching, that about 1 in 1,000 visitors may respond.

1 out of 100 Respond to You, 10 Times More

When you use a specific result  that they are looking for (such as How to Get Clients) about 1 in 100 will respond.

That’s 10 times more clients, and more dollars. Something you might want?

1 out of 10 Respond to You, 100 Times More Clients, and Dollars

When the result is included along with a big value (such as How to Get 10 Clients a Week), that can be up in the 1 out of 10, 10%. And, in fact, the higher the value the more that will respond, the faster they respond, and the more excited they are which is the buying emotion.

Emotion Adds Even More Response, and Higher Quality Clients

Imagine the difference between someone who is just checking you out with little emotion vs someone that is so excited they dance around like a kid that can’t wait to open the presents under the Christmas tree. That’s someone who is READY to buy.

So what will you go immediately and remove from your website?

And what will you replace it with?

RESULTS they could get from you
Make it exciting

The About You Page Shouldn’t Be . . . About You

Now that we have them reading your website, what do you say on the About You page?

This part is kind of misleading. It isn’t About You, at least a page that works isn’t.

Keep in mind that your prospect wants specific results, and a high value of those results. Therefore you talking about you doesn’t lead him to the fact that you can bring him those results.

I know, I know, you want to start spouting about your credentials, how long you’ve been doing this, and you believe that will prove you are valuable.

Let me ask you a critical question. Do you know of any coach who has exactly the same credentials that isn’t as good as you are, or maybe they aren’t really very good at all?

I know for a fact, that after doing this for 12 years that my results will blow away most who just started out, in fact I won’t let a client achieve mediocre growth, while other coaches I’ve coached would have before we worked on what they deliver. In fact, when I find someone who can deliver bigger results than me, I hire them to help me get to that level, and I have stair stepped many times to much bigger results.

However, another critical questions is, “Just because you’ve done this for 20 years, does that mean that you are good at delivering results?” Nope. I constantly help clients who have done what they do for 20 years who aren’t #1 in their industry, and the #1 just started out a year or two ago.

So, don’t spout about you, about your experience, number of years, degrees, certifications, at least not yet. Remember, what gets their attention right at the top of the page.

The About You page is more opportunity to discuss the results your clients get from you. That’s really what you do right? So, again, speak the language of results, and high value, the higher the better. After a brief mention of results, frequently refer to clients who got this result and that value.

I wouldn’t make it too long because it won’t get read. However, after talking about the fact that you are dedicated to achieving this specific result of this value (how big, how good, how fast), you can mention a LITTLE about your credentials, years of experience, etc. Now it adds to that main point, results and value.

Coaches mistakenly believe that X years of experience, and credentials running all the way down your arm prove value, but it doesn’t, nor does it catch your prospects attention like the specific results he wants and a huge value. If you mention experience and credentials only, then your client thinks, I’m buying a pig in a poke. They might be able to deliver what I want, after all they are a coach, but there is no comfort level, and at first, there is no attention grabbing when they drift by your site. Not as many will stop to check you out.

Now apply those thoughts to EVERYTHING you say where ever you say it. In your live networking, online networking, direct mail, any form of marketing, and your life and business will change nearly overnight with clients clammering to get to you.

By the way, I need your help in my upcoming book, “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Business”. I have coached a lot of coaches and have some data on their results, but am gathering a database of what coaches are doing now for marketing with their current results, and comparing that to what they get after changing. You and new coaches will have access to a marketing database of what works, what doesn’t and how well based on what coaches say for their marketing message.

So, email me at , share with me what marketing you do now and how well it works. I’ll include you in the group who have contributed, and will work with you in that group to get even more clients, and track your results. I’ll include you in my upcoming book, plus I’ll guarantee that you’ll get clients right off the bat, or I’ll be there to make sure your client acquisition ability is steadily going up.

Alan Boyer

Helping coach/consultants reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop thinking small when attracting new clients

Author of the upcoming book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Business”



Most people are looking for the best thing, not just a so-so, and believe that m




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