The Secret — How to EASILY Get Coaching Clients

There is more to finding your target niche than choosing an industry. In fact, below, I’ll show you a way to multiply your sales by many many times within that industry.

After choosing what kind of industry you target, divide that market into 3 levels of success, barely successful, average level of success and very highly successful.

Then ask yourself, which of these you want to work with and why? And which ones will you have the most success acquiring, and the most success in taking them to new levels of success.

Every level of success has a mindset, a belief system that essentially LOCKS those playing at that level into that level.

Barely successful – those at the bottom, typically are stuck there because they are the least likely to spend money to get help. They look at money as something to keep rather than to use as a tool to grow. How many times have you reached out to someone to help them and only be told “I can’t afford you”? There are only two reasons you would be getting that answer. 1) You didn’t prove to them how valuable you are, or 2) no matter how valuable you would be, their belief system is stuck in “save, don’t spend” instead of “grow my money”. When you play at this level most of the time they will never spend no matter how valuable you would be to their future. In other words, sales success will be low at this level.

Average Level of Success —  These are “learning how to grow more money with the money they have.” At this level you can, with a little effort, convince them to invest in you, as long as your marketing message shows them what’s possible, and how big, how fast, how great it is.

Very Highly Successful – These have already learned that the fastest way to new levels of success is to hire people who can help them get there. Therefore, these either are already out there searching for someone to take them higher, or have found someone that is doing it right now. Of course, there is always an opportunity to take them higher than the one that’s helping them, or helping them in a totally different area. This type of business, or person, surrounds himself with those that take them higher and higher. This is your ideal client.

As a business coach I discovered that businesses below $100K almost always told me they couldn’t afford me. Businesses in the $500K region I’d have a sales close ratio of around 35%, while businesses over $1M were somewhere around 75% close ratio. So where should I spend my time?

Where are you spending yours? Do you know what levels of success work the best for you?

The same applies to life coaches, career coaches, and any type of coach, or, for that matter, essentially anything you do. I was coaching a remodeler that was barely making it. His average sale had been around $20K but was told “No, thanks” more than he ever got a sale. We refocused his business from $50K average income homes to $150K average income homes, and his average sale went to over $120K, and his total income went from $50K to $2M in the first year. Plus he almost never was told no after he gave a quote.

Below is a graph of relative ease of acquiring clients. The vertical scale represents a couple of different measurements, relative ease of getting clients, and number of clients, vs the bottom scale which represents the level of success, divided into three segments, low, average, and high levels of success.ease of getting clients vs level of success

Notice how the ease of acquiring clients, and the number of clients go up faster when targeting prospects with higher and higher levels of success.

Many coaches make the mistake of thinking that “the more desparate” their clients are the more they will want help. Keep in mind that there is a difference between “wanting or needing help” and “will spend money to get help”.

 Alan Boyer

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