How to Get Prospects CHASING You for Your Coaching

If you believe that marketing and sales seems kind of pushy. Then the problem is the way you are marketing.

Here’s an approach that not only works for coaches and consultants, but flat out isn’t pushy.

Imagine that you are at a meeting and you place a tray of goodies on the table. Some of the goodies almost disappear as if they were inhaled. And some people might actually be fighting to get that last piece. The one that disappears first is the most desired one for this group of people.

Did anything in that approach sound pushy?

If you took the tray and shoved it under someone’s nose repeatedly, that might seem pushy especially if no one was grabbing anything from the tray.  But that’s why most coaches feel that marketing is pushy. Either they felt that had to push to make the sale, or were just plain afraid that any form of marketing was pushy.

Remember! I said there were “goodies” on the tray. 

If everyone in the room couldn’t wait to get at them, then  I’d call them “goodies” wouldn’t you? However, if it took some work to get people to take something from the tray that’s totally different.

If no one is fighting for the things on the tray, then what you placed out on the tray wasn’t very desirable was it?  

Do people fight to get your coaching?

Would you like them to? Join us for two teleseminars in July on how to get them fighting for what you do. It’s just a matter of how you present it to them.

And that’s our job together, helping you develop how you present what you have until the entire room is fighting to get at it. It really isn’t too hard, but most coaches and consultants, are presenting what they do entirely the wrong way.

Let’s look at how most people do their marketing.  And I do mean most. We are exposed to about 3,000 different forms of marketing every day, and 99% of it doesn’t work. You see, the problem is that most people are doing what they see out there as “marketing” and can’t understand why it doesn’t work. Gee, after all their stuff looks like what everyone else does so why doesn’t that work?

Join us for the teleseminars in July, I will show you what really does work.  And it isn’t pushy in the slightest. Just like that tray, they’ll fight to get at it.

Let’s use an example of a doctor who’s standing right next to his ideal client, ‘er patient in a networking event. After all, aren’t coaches and consultants, somewhat like a doctor fixing something, or to improving it? 

I’ll compare what this doctor says, or might say, compared to what most coaches say as we go through a series of better and better ways to present what this doctor does, and what you probably have been saying until we get it to where, people will fight to get at what you do.

Let’s define who this doctor is, and who his ideal client his. He’s an oncologist, a cancer doctor specialisting in pancreatic cancer. I’m sure that you’ve heard that you should narrow down on a niche, so what’s the difference between this doctor saying, “I am a doctor” as compared to “I am an oncologist”, or even better, “I am an oncologist specialising in pancreatic cancer?” 

The Doctor A Coach
I am a doctor I am a coach
I am an oncologist I am a business coach
I am an oncologist specializing in pancreatic cancer I am a business coach specializing in struggling businesses


Any doubt that each step down through this table is better than the ones higher on the list? 


Isn’t it becoming clearer as to what this doctor or coach does the further we move down the list? 

One very important thing in marketing is “clarity”.  The clearer you are about what you offer the more people will buy.

Clarity of what?

The clarity in the examples above however, are clarity as to what YOU DO

The clearer your definition the more attractive you will be to clients. Clarity of what you do isn’t as attractive as the clarity of the results, the outcomes your client gets.

  • Clarity of Results
  • Clarity of Results for a specific person
  • Clarity of results this specific person WANTS And the more he wants it the more desirable.

except for that last statement. All the others are about you and what you do. That’s not what your clients want. Your clients want, a specific RESULT. So when you can define that you deliver THAT RESULT that they want they’ll start gathering around you.

I said START gathering around you.

Remember that selling what you do for a sales trainer might be selling sales training. But that doesn’t say anything about selling more clients, more sales, more profits, or showing you how to make a bigger sale. Buying “sales training” tells you nothing about the actual results.

If you are a career coach are you selling “career coaching” or are you selling “a bigger, quicker raise”, “a promotion”, etc.

So, back to the doctor and the coach we started with above.

The Doctor The Coach
I Work with pancreatic cancer patients I work with struggling architects


Is that better?

A little, it still lacks results, so far, this is about the target person, but if that pancreatic cancer patient is standing there won’t they likely say “let’s talk?” Or if the struggling architect is standing in front of that business coach won’t he likely raise his head and start asking, “can you help me”, or “can we talk?” 

But we are still missing RESULTS. We haven’t clarified what results we promise to deliver.

The Doctor The Coach
I work with pancreatic cancer patients to help them get better, or help them survive. I work with struggling architects to help them get more clients.


See how each step is getting better? 

Remember that I said near the beginning, about that tray of goodies, that if this was something desirable enough that they’d fight to get it?

So how do you do that?

You provide THE RESULT with a definition of just HOW VALUABLE it is, or could be. The more valuable, the more desireable, bigger, faster, and the more likely your target market would actually fight to get your rare available time slot, and, frankly, would pay almost any fee you asked for.

Take a look at the doctor and coach now:

The Doctor The Coach
I work with pancreatic cancer patients who have been told that they have less than 6 months to live. And about 80% of my clients walk out cured within 3 months. I work with struggling architects to add between $100K and $1M in 6 to 8 months.


Didn’t the IMPACT on the listener just change significantly? Do you see how different the IMPACT is when you ad specific results for specific target clients with a specific and very high value?

I’m sure that if this doctor’s ideal client was standing right in front of him when this statement was said that his ideal client would be begging him to help. Or if this was in written form, on a website, a brochure, or other form of ad that his ideal clients would be fighting to get in his door.

I have had coaches say, “Well, I’m not that valuable.” Yes you are!

If you believe that you aren’t that valuable, then that’s your problem. You don’t believe you are valuable enough. Make yourself more valuable.

I have a current client who is a consultant with oil and gas companies. After we worked on his marketing message he was shocked at how people almost leaped into his lap. The first week, he was talking to a CEO of a $4M oil and gas company and said “I work with $1 to $5M oil and gas companies to help them add another $6M within the next 21 months.” That CEO schedule an appointment right on the spot.

This client is also a radio program host and one of his callers asked him “So what do you do?” And he answered with a very similar reply. The CEO asked him to fly to Philadelphia next week. He was ready to hire him, but he’d like to meet him personally first.

This isn’t about hyping up what you do. It must be real, honest, and very valuable.

If you’d like to work on your marketing message so that they leap into your lap, I’m offering two free teleseminars in July where we’ll work on your marketing message, and 55 different ways to present it so that they leap into your lap. And the second workshop is how to close 5 to 10 times more than you’ve been closing.

Alan Boyer

Helping coach/consultants reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop thinking small when attracting new clients


Author of the upcoming book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting: Getting More & Higher Paying Clients Faster & Easier”


One Response to How to Get Prospects CHASING You for Your Coaching

  • Valerie says:

    Hi Glen. love this article. I’ve heard this message several times but the way you present it gives it more impact. When are your 2 teleseminars and how can I sign up for them?
    “I am a RN Health Coach who works with women who have sacrificed their health to the business of family, work and life. I help them reclaim their health and vitality.” Probably needs some tweaking.

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