Proper Sales Follow Up Calls — Increase Your Sales by 5 or More Times

There’s a lot of core reasons for “the more you follow-up, the more, and the bigger your sales.”
One of them is that most prospects don’t say yes the first time you talk. It also depends on your marketing message, and the value you show them.
Here’s the step by step process of sales follow up calls follow up that will increase sales 5-10 times.
But the chart below is a distribution that we actually measured for one of my clients, and what happened as we set up a “follow-up” program for him to make numerous follow up calls.
sales follow up call graph number of calls vs sales close percent
He had been making ONE face to face sales call, and when he;s heard, not now, or can’t afford it now, or some excuse, he bought it. His clients didn’t buy it, but he bought the excuse his prospects were giving him.
Notice something in the chart above? He was closing about 8% on the one sales call. It increased a little when he made #2, but by #3 he was just about doubling his previous sales.
From there every additional call started increasing more sales faster. Until he reached about 7 calls. And at 7 calls he was at about 90% close ratio. Obviously there were other things we were doing , but the general idea still applies. I’d say that getting to a 90% sales close ratio requires additional fine tuning your sales pitch, as well as being selective of the ideal client. But, the general principle still applies.
But after about 7 his likelihood of closing a sale was actually becoming less. Why do you think that is?
Apparently 7 is that magic number where most of those that having trouble making a decision were convinced. But if they had to keep calling beyond 7, there were fewer and fewer that COULD be convinced.
In any case, this says that you should plan on 7 calls, and maybe 8, but beyond that, is it worth it to keep calling?  And somewhere at 7 calls or less you’ll likely be closing those sales that you are going to close. Plus, you’ll be selling about 10 times what you current closely at just 1 call.
The Killer Follow-Up Process
I’m going to give you a little secret that will increase your sales by several times just for you using this process in those follow-up calls.
This is something I developed from doing lots of workshops, but it’ll apply to almost any kind of sales call as well.
First, let me set the scenario of how I used it in a workshop, then we’ll talk about how to use it in any sales call.
When doing a workshop, live face to face, or online, I figure that about every 15 to 30 minutes it’s time to summarize what we just said, what the potential measurable outcome SHOULD be if the attendees actually apply it, and then get them committed to achieving that measurable outcome by a specific date.
I will share with them how much one or more of my clients got from doing what we just talked about. I’ll tell them a story about that client, his struggles, where he started (measurement, value) and where he ended (measurement, value) in how many days, weeks, months, or whatever the time. Now they’ve got the picture, they could go from where they are to maybe $100K more in 3 weeks. So, I ask them, “If you could do THAT, make that $100K in 3 weeks, when are you going to apply this?”
Get them (not as a group, but individually) to commit that they will implement this within the next few days, and that they will have the result by a specific date. Everything is about setting specific goals. Don’t accept that they’ll implement in a few days, get them to put a date on it, both to implement and to get the results.
I’ll write their individual commits, by name, dates, and targeted measurements of Value on the board in front of God and everyone to see. Then I’ll make a promise to them. I’ll help them get there. So, they can call me for additional help if they need it, but by the date I wrote on the board, I will call them to see how they are doing. We’ll celebrate their successes, or I’ll help them fine tune that further.
Now, here’s a real aha moment for this situation. Most of them will NOT have even implemented it. Maybe 10% might have used it, and actually achieved those great results. So, when I call them, I’m going to celebrate their successes. I’ll let them know that they are the highest performers in my group, and, frankly, if they are an employee, I want to call their boss and tell him that this employee is the best performer of everyone in my class. But I’ll also ask him if he’d like to have more employees like that, or just maybe I could help this same guy move even further faster. I’ll very likely sell another class to another employee for the boss, or a coaching/consulting project with that boss.
But, now I’m going to send an email to the whole class saying that “Joe, just achieved X% more, and Y$ increase, how are the rest of you doing?”
As I call the others most will make excuses that they haven’t had time to apply it, or some other reason. First, I’ll have notes that show what it’s costing him in losses for every day or hour that he doesn’t fix it. SO I’ll ask him, about those costs, so that he knows his delay cost him a LOT. But I’ll offer to help him remove that cost. “What can I do to help you. I know you are busy. So at $10,000 a day in losses, what would happen if you could remove that in the next day or 2 for approximately $2K of my fees.”
And ALWAYS offer another suggestion that could relieve them right now. The more you give away the more you’ll get. When you give them another suggestion they haven’t thought of, they’ll eventually come to that aha moment of “wow, I never thought of that, maybe I need to hire him and get rid of this right now.”
In any case, some will snap that up right now. But others will say they will keep trying. OK. So, ask them when they’ll implement, and when will they cut the $10,000 in losses, and achieve that $100K? Get them to set a new date and time. You’ll call them then to offer some additional help.
Over time, many will eventually come to the conclusion that, they AREN’T doing it alone, whether it’s that they are too busy, or just focused on the wrong things, and actually hiring you would HAVE ALREADY been cheaper than the cost they have accumulated while procrastinating.   After 5-7 times of making excuses, and not eliminating that cost, or achieving that $100K goal, many will now just hire you.
And, according to the chart above, much past 7 follow-ups, and the rest are just not going to act. But still leave them with “I’m here for you. Just call.”
OK, that’s how to do it with a workshop. Let’s now apply that to your regular sales calls.
Follow-up to Regular Sales Calls
The key is to always be there to help them, not to make a sale.
I’m going to assume that your original sale calls established the following things.
  1. Their measurable targeted measurable outcome, by value and date.
  2. And that after they told you that target, that you challenged them to reach even further than their comfort zone.
  3. Their current obstacle. What’s held them back, and a measurable PAIN. WARNING: separate the cost of not achieving their goal from the cost flowing out the door. Let’s say that they targeted making another $100K within 3 weeks. So, don’t accept their PAIN as not making $100K. That’s already one in the same. They know that. It isn’t any more of a motivator to say that they’ll make $100K from acting, and not make $100K if they don/t. The key is to dig until you find an actually cost flowing out the door. For most businesses, it’s overhead. That’s something that flows out the door whether they make more profits, or become more efficient. I’ve seen business owners discover that they were losing $30,000 a month due to the overhead flowing out. So, we had a potential $100K growth, vs. a $30K loss.  Act now and make $100K, don’t act and watch $30K negative going out the door. Some will respond to the carrot, the $100K growth, while others respond faster to seeing $30K a month going out of the door. They might not have the $30K to lose.
  4. Establish what they’ve done before, and why it didn’t work.
  5. Now, establish that what you do is different, and with stories, you can show that other clients actually FINALLY did make those breakthroughs because they worked with you.
Simply ask them if they’d like to see that happen for them.
That’s sales call #1. If they don’t buy then, before you leave, ask them if they’d like to have that final breakthrough, and by when? Reminding them of $X flowing out every day. And then get them to define when they will either fix it themselves and when they will get the results, or when they will make that commitment to hire someone to fix it for them. Then offer to be there for them, a simple call as they are working on it themselves.
You will call them back on the day they defined that they will have accomplished this. As I said before, maybe 90% of them will not have even implemented. and follow the step by step process above, call after call.
It’s when they realize that they AREN’T doing this, and that that very expense cash flow going out the door is FAR greater than any amount they would have already paid you to remove it, that they will hire you on the spot.
Alan Boyer
Helping coaches, consultants, trainers reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop playing in the kiddie pool when attracting new clients.

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