What Percent of Those Suspects You Reach Out To Turn Into Sales Appointments

Do you know what percentage of those you reach out to tell them about your coaching actually turn into serious sales appointments?

If you don’t know then, isn’t it obvious that you aren’t managing it?

Knowing what you SHOULD expect gives you an idea of how good you are doing and if it should be improved? Find out what you should be or could be getting.I’m talking about what you should be getting as responses from your marketing: from your website, from your networking, from direct mail, those attending your workshops, any form of marketing, IF you do it right.

Don’t make the assumption that marketing doesn’t work because it never has for you, or it never worked very well. A lot of coaches try something, say it didn’t work, and they’ll NEVER do that again. Or worse, they’ll never do that again because it cost so much. (We’ll deal with that later.)

The answer to the question what should be you getting, or could be getting is around 10% IF you do it right. OK, anywhere from 2% to 10%+. I’ve even had some hit 20%, but I shoot for around 10% for most of my clients. We may start out around 5% and work it higher over time.

That means that IF you are talking to the right target market, your IDEAL client, and you say the right thing the right way you could get about 10% or better. I show my clients a way to tailor what they say that would get near 100%, but that’s ideal, and we use that only as a guideline, and shooting for 10% is reasonable.

I get about 10% of my direct mail calling me when I do a workshop. And about 20% of that workshop taking some form of next step with me. If you want to know how to do a workshop that gets those kinds of results, watch for my upcoming book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Businesses.”

In any case, what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to determines the conversion rate, the percentage who will actually call you, email you or some of other contact you asked them to do. It’s what I call “the bait.”

Here’s a key for getting the bait to work the best.

What it isn’t:

  • It isn’t about you
  • Your products/services
  • Your process
  • Your company
  • Your coaching
  • What you do

What it is about:

  • To put it simply, it is what you client wants. The clearer you tell him that what you have is what he wants the more he’ll be interested.
  • He wants RESULTS (be specific about the outcomes you deliver that fit with what he wants)
  • He wants HIGH VALUE results. The higher the value the more people who will be chasing you, and the more excitedly they will beg you to help them.
  • Making it exciting.

I know that a lot of coaches find it hard to talk about results. They’ve been told to keep generic, and that they can help everyone, so not to talk about specifics. WRONG! Could be the worst thing that has been done to coaches.

What most coaches say is something like, “I’m a coach”, and maybe spend the next 20 minutes explaining what you do, your process, etc. Take another look at “What it isn’t” ALL of those things on are the DON’T List.

Here’s a rule of thumb.

  • What the average coach says, I am a coach, and that 20 minute monologue gets less than 1 out of 1,000 to actually take a serious step with a coach.
  • If you talk about a specific result, increased sales, more clients, (business coaches); more income, life changing results, achieving your life’s dream, FINALLY get your dream at retirement (life coaches); getting a promotion in 3 months, getting another $10K out of this job (career coach), etc. Talking specific results can get somewhere in the area of 1 out of 100, 1%. (NOTE: this is 100 times more clients, more dollars with this simple change).
  • If you talk about specific results with a value, how much, how big, how fast, that can be in the 10%, 1 out of 10 area. But the value can deliver a LOT more clients, or some less depending on the value you hang out as a carrot. The bigger the value the bigger the number of clients. (This is 1,000 times more than what a typical coach gets.)

I realize that can be really hard because of the training. I’ve coached a lot of coaches who fight the concept, but once they get it they see their whole coaching business change. I was working with a client about 2 weeks ago who just didn’t get it. I finally asked him, “How many clients a week do you get now”, He said he hadn’t gotten a new client in almost 2 years. So I said, “so what do you have to lose? Let’s say that I’m totally wrong, will you lose any more than you lose now? Or will you upset someone and drive them off, but can’t be any worse than it’s already been.”

So, I got him committed to do it for just the next networking event. He called me the next day shocked. He had 3 people ask him for an appointment at that networking event. And then he placed that same marketing message on several Meetup sites, and had 10 calls that week. he was shocked.

All we did was say that one of his clients grew to $250K in about 6 months, would they like to explore how to do that?

In other words, mentioning results they could get, and how much, how big, how fast entices them even further.

Keep in mind that this is the marketing message, what attracts clients. It has nothing to do with making the sale, nor quoting a price. It is ONLY about getting their attention.

If you’d like to have help developing a very effective client attracting message email me and we’ll make a schedule to help you do that. You will be shocked, I guarantee it. AlanBoyer@leaders-perspective.com

Get coaching clients easily.

Let me share a different way of getting leads with you. This is about getting them to chase you instead of you chasing them.

Let’s use the analogy of fishing. You could fish with a single rod and reel, with a tiny bait on the end. But even if you did have the right bait you’d have to fish and fish and fish until you found the ideal place where your ideal fish that LOVES that bait could be found. AND you’d have to dangle the bait right in front of their nose.

But imagine this approach. In shark fishing, we’d spread the ideal bait all around the boat, and maybe even string it behind the boat for miles. And sharks would detect it from miles away and come running. There would be dozens, or even hundreds of them swarming around the boat and eventually even fighting each other to get to the bait. By then if you threw in one empty hook they’d snap it up and you could haul them in one after another. Or, if you threw a net in you could haul them in by the dozens.

Imagine doing that with your business. Our goal is, first, to get the right bait, a drive-them-crazy type of bait (I gave you some of the rules above, but we’ll tune that up for the drive-them-crazy level). And then spreading them around everywhere you are, can get people following you, and even fighting to get that rare empty time slot in your schedule. Notice, that this process is about getting them to chase you instead of you chasing them. You no longer have to drag your tiny bait behind you hoping someone will nibble one at a time. They start chasing you in larger numbers.

By the way, I am asking for help from coaches and consultants. If you share with me what you are doing now to get clients, I’ll share with you some ways to get lots of clients. And then you share with me how well that worked. I’ll use that in my latest book and include you in that book. (Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Business). Email me at alanboyer@leaders-perspective.com telling me you’d like to be in the “Secrets to $100K+ study group”

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