What Percent of Those Meeting with You End Up Buying

Maybe I should be asking, what percent of those meeting with you SHOULD end up buying as compared to what percent you are currently getting.

Here’s how to close 3-5 times more coaching clients than you are now.Imagine, in the last blog post we talked about ways of getting over 100 times more leads, and if we do that many times it’ll be more than 1,000 times more leads. But, now if you add this next technique, multiplying with your increased sales close of 3- 5 times that would be somewhere around 100×5, or 500 or lots more depending on you doing this lots of times.

How Do You Close 3-5 Times More Coaching Clients?

As we said in the lead generation blog post, it’s about them, not about you or your coaching, or your sales. That’s kind of hard to grasp that you sales will increase by not selling, or at least not focusing on making a sale, but that is exactly what happens. It will MULTIPLY your results by many times.

But here’s a roughed out outline of what your sales process should do. This is what I teach in the “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Business” program and in the book that’s about to come out on Amazon.

The outline of a very effective sales process. Note: it’s main focus is to help your prospect figure out what he wants, and how valuable it will be to him if he acts now. So act!

Highly Effective Sales Process

  • Build Rapport — talking about common interests before getting down to the nitty gritty.
  • Get him to dream — what does he want, how bad does he want it, what will this do for him (how many dollars, change his life,monetize it  etc)
    • Ask why he only wanted that much. What if ______ he doubled it, tripled it, another $100K or whatever the challenge. After all coaches help people reach further than they even dared to think they could reach. So get them thinking about it.
  • What’s stopped him (obstacles, pain, and how bad the pain, how many dollars are flowing out from not fixing it)
  • What has he done before to fix it that didn’t work.
  • Make him an offer he can’t refuse by using his dream value, remind him of that paid if he doesn’t fix it, and that you have had clients go this far or further, what would he do if he got that far.

Do this right and sales closes in the 50%+ are possible. So if you have been getting 10% or less, that’s 5 times more sales closes. Think about where you are and how many more clients you’ll have. If you are closing 20% then you could have 2.5 times more, etc.

By the way, I am looking for some coaches to help me with stats on my upcoming book (Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting Businesses). I want to start with what is your current sales and marketing results, and I’ll share with you these much more effective results, and I want to track and include you in the book to show the results. Email me at alanboyer@leaders-perspective.com with “Secrets to $100K+” in the subject line.

I’ll be sure to include you by name in the book. And look what your business will be doing.

Alan Boyer

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