What Is Your OMG Factor With Prospects and Clients?

Every coach, consultant, speaker, author should read Napolean Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich” because YOU are in charge of that prospect’s “burning desire”, or “OMG factor.” Or at least should see that as YOUR answer to lining clients up outside your door begging you to help them.

In “Think and Grow Rich” Napolean Hill says, over many chapters, that the real reason people succeed or fail is really whether they have a “burning desire” or not, and how intense that “burning desire” is. In other words there are some that “want” something but will let all of the day to day interventions get in the way and stop them. But someone with a deeply burning desire will do anything, ANYTHING to get the result and that person is the one that will actually get there and maybe lots further. In his book he describes 500 of the most successful people in the world that got there by simply following their burning desire .. . and a few other things in his book.

In my book, “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting: Getting More & Higher Paying Clients Faster and Easier” the number one thing that will determine your best niche market, the one that will actually line up outside of your door begging you to help them is . . . (music please) finding someone who’s already looking for you and ….has a burning desire for the success you can help them achieve. They will line up and having a burning desire to work with you.

There Are Those Who Have a Burning Desire for What You Do . . . Why Work With Anyone Else?

So, coaches, tell me, “Why in the world do you play with anyone other than someone that has a deeply burning desire for the results you can help them with?”

You have a tool, and, PLEASE, use it. That tool is their burning desire. Either find someone who already has a deeply burning desire for what you can help them with, or someone who still wants and needs what you have . . . but don’t stop there . . . take that and build higher, and higher, and higher, on their burning desire.

Ever hear of “mouth watering”? Make what you have mouth watering, exciting, what I call the “OMG factor.” OMG I’ve GOT to have THAT!!!!!

Imagine a child in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. He’s dancing around the tree, “Mommy, mommy! Can I open my presents?”

If you use that tool you have, the results and the HUGE value of those results, that becomes a BIG CARROT for your bunny, er, I mean client. But you get the idea. The more excited they get about FINALLY, OMG Finally I’ve got the answer I’ve been looking for!

Do you know your ideal market well enough to KNOW for sure what drives them crazy? Either something that they’d do almost anything to get (a positive desire), or an “Ouch, that hurts so bad I can’t stand it”.

Do you KNOW your market that well? If not, it’s time to learn.

Or even if they didn’t even know they needed it, if you help them discover how OMG valuable it is they’ll almost beg you to help them.

Imagine what it was like on Thanksgiving. You smelled turkey and other goodies cooking in the kitchen. It left your mouth watering. So how do you do that with your business.

But then, after the smell Thanksgiving morning,  What did you do next?

If you are like me, you walked around and around in the kitchen and snuck a taste when you could. Did that taste satisfy you and you went back to watching TV or talking to family? Not likely. It probably raised your desire for more. It did mine!

Now, the trick is how to do that for your coaching business isn’t it?

Let’s think, what do you do that’s like that smell of Turkey and goodies that makes your prospects’ mouths water?

What would happen if you placed something VERY VALUABLE out there in plain site, something that your prospects would do almost anything for, get excited, really worked up? The more valuable the better. Don’t think like most coaches do about not giving away the store. They have a fear to show, or give anything of value. But let’s think about Thanksgiving morning a bit more. Did anyone give you the whole turkey any time before dinner? No, but there was that smell, that was followed by the taste (a small sample).

Become Awesome, Exciting by Offering to Help Them Become Awesome or Extraordinary

And that’s what works for your coaching. Your freebie that should be hanging out there for everyone to see should have SERIOUS AWESOME EXCITING value. And the first part is only “the smell”, a sense of what’s behind the curtain. They’ve got to sign up, ask for it, to even get the taste.

What you hang out there must be desirable, the more desirable the more that will sign up to get it. So tell them, not how, but what they’ll get in results and how big, how fast, how great it will be. That’s the smell that drives them crazy, a sensual, emotional OMG got to have it.

Next comes the taste. It’s got to be good too. Just like the taste we sneaked at Thanksgiving. This time it should be an aha moment, something like, “Wow, I NEVER thought of that!” which proves your value, but you still didn’t give them the whole turkey. It’s a taste that leaves them wanting more, “please please more!!!!” “Mommy, mommy, can I open my presents NOW PLEASE!”

In any case, your job, at every step of marketing and sales of your coaching/consulting business is about either finding someone who already has that deeply burning desire (that’s your ideal client, you don’t have to work very hard to get this one), or someone who does want or need what you have, but now you’ve got to work on building that desire up to “burning, OMG I’ve got to have that”.

Don’t Under Promise to Over Deliver, REACH for the Big Stuff Your Clients Would Kill For and Become the Coach They Would Kill to Get

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve heard from coaches/consultants is that stupid statement “under promise and over deliver.” Keep in mind that under promising doesn’t attract customers. I’m not telling you in any way to hype up anything. I firmly believe that almost nothing is out of the reach of a truly good coach working with a truly good client. So, I’ll always challenge a client to reach even further beyond what he thought was achievable. That IS our jobs by the way, taking people to levels they couldn’t reach without us, so my clients reach things like 2 times, 5 times, and even 1,000 times higher than they thought possible.

It really is as easy to play for the really big results as it is to plan for mediocre results. In fact, now that I’ve done this for so long, it actually is a little harder to hold back.

Just remember, your job is to help people reach new levels, so don’t hold them back, or hold you back. REACH and become the most valuable coach you can be.

Just think that if you hold back up front, how attractive is that to your clients?

I’d suggest that you go back and read the previous post on what it takes to become extraordinary for your clients, delivering extraordinary results.


And the best way to become extraordinary is to connect with those with a “burning desire” to become extraordinary, that’s your ideal niche market.

Alan Boyer

Helping coach/consultants reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop thinking small when attracting new clients

Author of the upcoming book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting: Getting More & Higher Paying Clients Faster & Easier”



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