How Much Are You and Your Network Worth? . . . And Would Like to Become?

How much are you and your network worth? And how much more valuable would you like to become?

Let me give you a hint, most people have an income that’s about average for the network they associate themselves with. So one thing you can do to increase your income is ask yourself how much more can you make simply because your know and keep more successful people around you, and how much more successful. As big as you want to become yourself. And keep reaching further.

My income skyrocketed when I started associating with more successful people than me.  Now, both my income, and the results I provide clients are up where the super coaches, super marketers were.

Here’s some hints on how you can become worth more for you and your clients by who you surround yourself with. Read on.Tony Robbins was asked by one of his coaching clients, Robert Fulghum who wrote Everything You Need to Know You Learned In Kindergarten, why Tony was making 100 times more than he was.

Tony asked him, “Who do you network with?”

Robert replied, “Other millionaires.”

Tony said, “That’s your problem”.

You see, when you network with people that are who you’d like to become you’ll learn what moved those people to that level of success and income. In this case Tony was making about $100M and Robert was making $1M. Tony was surrounding himself with billionaires.

If you surround yourself with billionaires, you’ll learn the tricks that made them billionaires, and probably even if they lost it tomorrow would be back to that level again within a year or two. You’ll also get referrals to other billionaires which, that alone, could take your from where you are to a $100M or more with one or two referrals.

Robert said he was associating with millionaires, and at the time he was just barely a millionaire himself. So when you associate with others like you, which is normal to associate with those you feel comfortable with, but when you associate with others at your level of income and success, you may get some referrals, but pretty much like always, and basically you don’t learn anything more than you already know.

Don’t make the mistake of saying to yourself that “I’m not a billionaire, never could become one, so this doesn’t apply to me.” It does apply, no matter whether you are making $10K, $100K, $1M or lots more. Surround yourself with others with the kind of success and income you’d like to have and you’ll be on your way.

Chicken or the Egg

There is a reason that most people have an income that is about the average for the network of people he associates with. Whether it’s the chicken or the egg, you chose your network because those are people you are comfortable with, or whether you got where you are because of those you associated with, it holds very true.

Design Your Future — Don’t Just Wait for Something to Happen to You

The key is you can design your future with planning, actions, and surrounding yourself with those you’d like to become. There is a three fold benefit in doing that. You’ll learn what made them that successful and that rich. You’ll get referrals to others of that level which will be many times bigger than any referral you’ve gotten before. And by surrounding yourself with super success you’ll have unlimited resources when working with your own clients. And frankly you don’t want to refer anything less than what you are or want to become do you?

What Happened to Me

Let me tell you a story of what happened to me about 5 years ago. One of the big marketing coaches I had always looked up to was coming to town and I was looking forward to it. He ended up canceling it for lack of attendance. I called him and offer to help him fill the room since that’s one of my strengths, literally filling a room to overflowing.

In any case we did it, did a workshop together. And I had just stepped up to associating with those I’d like to become. About a year later I was invited to Top Marketers Summit in San Francisco. This was the top marketers across the country. Just that invitation was sort of my invitation to associating with the biggest marketing gurus in this country, and an acceptance that just maybe I was one.

Well we put our heads together on how we could promote each other, what Joint Venture partnering we might do. And I went from my relatively small world into teleseminars with 1,000+ people plus attending, workshops with 3,000 people. And found that JV partnering could grow my business nearly overnight from relatively small to large.

Surround Yourself With Billionaires or . . . What, Who?

If you are not quite associating with billionaires,  the story still applies at any income level or success level. Who/what do you want to become? What level of success? How much do you want to make?

Surround yourself with people who are already where you want to be, to the level of success you’d like to achieve, the income you’d like to be making. At first it could be somewhat uncomfortable, but mostly that’s a problem between your own ears not a reality.

Payback Is . . . Great!

Another is, to move there, pretty soon you’ll have to give some value back to them. By then they will have already provided some really huge value to you.

It will challenge you to deliver something of equal value back to them, and especially to your clients. You will also discover that what you have been delivering to your clients pales in comparison to what they people deliver to their clients, that’s why they get the big bucks.

I had gone from doing workshops with 2 or 3 showing up, to workshops with 50 to 100 which I felt pretty good about. But now I was participating in workshops and teleseminars with 1,000 to 3,000 in attendance.

I had to return value for value. I didn’t have a list like there’s so what do I do? Provide things that increased their value with their clients, programs that they could sell as JV partners that benefits both of us.

The Other Aha — The Bigger Results My Clients Get and the Bigger Dollars that Come With That

After that, my focus for my clients was to not allow their small thinking get in their way. Most believed that whatever level they were at that a 10% growth was about what they felt they could achieve. So my job was not to allow them to get stuck at levels like that. I was hearing clients say that meeting with about 5 or so people a week was all they could reasonable do and that was working their butts off. So that’s where they were stuck. I had others tell me that they were getting only 2 to 5 people in their workshops.

Well, it was time for me to DRAG my clients to a level of success that made them really big bucks without them having to work so hard that they didn’t want to even try. Get more, lots more, for a lot less time and effort.

In any case, over that next year an MLM that I worked with went from “barely meeting 5 a week” to creating daily workshops 5 days a week with about 50 people a day, 250 a week while selling just about 1/2 the room, and he hit $500K a month. That’s right, $500K. At first he was working his butt off, but shortly we turned that into him showing others how to do it, making a big income while he got a share of it with almost no work.

Another client who told me if they could get one new major client a month from their website they’d be happy went to 1,500 new clients a month and $80,000 a day more. And they said it couldn’t be done. They even argued, said that what we were doing “didn’t look professional”. Strange how people’s beliefs end up shooting themselves in the foot.

And it feels somewhat strange when you are surrounded by people that do that every day calling that normal. You learn what it takes to become like them.

Hire a Coach Who’s Already at That Level

Now, let me share one more story. I hired one of them as my coach. This guy coaches the likes of Jay Conrad Levinson who wrote Guerrilla Marketing, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey who wrote “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Bob Proctor, Robert Allen and lots others. Working with him to reach for the next level and I can’t tell you how valuable every session is.

I’ve learned that there are coaches, normal success coaches, super success coaches, and those at the new level that I’d like to become. That’s my current coach. As I said, every session I learn how to reach new levels that I couldn’t have been believed possible just a few weeks ago. Now I’m doing that with my own clients.

Surround Yourself with the Super Success Resources Needed for Your Clients and for You

Let me share one more value to you when your surround yourself with the people you’d like to become.

Imagine that you are coaching one of your clients and discover that he needs some skill that you don’t have, can’t take him in that direction, but you know another super coach (not just any old coach, but a super sized one) and you could bring that person into your group to work on your client’s problem. Could be a group thing, or your client working directly with him as coach or consultant. In any case, you don’t have all the skills in the world that your client will need, but you can be seen as THE coach who can make it happen because you are surrounded by the most valuable people you can surround yourself with.  YOU will be seen as the one with ALL the answers, not because you’ve hyped them that you could do it, but because you have them all at your fingertips. YOU are the one responsible for bringing them to your client.

Now that’s supersizing it. You will be a seriously in demand coach/consultant.

What are YOU Worth? That’s a serious question, not just rhetorical. It’s time to decide what you are worth to a client, and to set a level of value that you offer to every client. Most coaches sort of “go Coaching” and have no particular goal for their client’s outcome. That not only doesn’t give you something hugely valuable to offer a client (and that’s what attracts them to you), but without a goal for your client’s outcome, well . . . you’ve heard the phrase that if you don’t know where you are going . . . that’s likely where you’ll end up . . . sort of roaming here and there and definitely not getting to somewhere very valuable for the client or you.

Decide on that value you’ll deliver every client. Decide on another that is way way higher for a special client (know who that is however). Decide on the minimum value you’ll ever deliver. And you have a clear definition of what you are worth to your clients, what to offer them and how. And the next thing that will happen is that you’ll be constantly moving higher and higher as you get better at this new target for “What are you worth?”

And as you surround yourself with even more successful people you’ll be challenged to go even higher, be shown how, and will also have resources to support you on the way.

By the way, do you have something you are struggling with in your coaching/consulting business. Imagine being able to call someone to get your answers and stop struggling.

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