Marketing Is About Finding What Your Clients Would Kill to Get

Why most coaches fail!

P.T. Barnum said, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. But, if you still don’t succeed, quit. Don’t be a damned fool.”

No matter how logical that may sound to you, that’s probably the #1 reason that coaches and consultants fail. Remember, you don’t fail unless YOU GIVE UP.

But that leaves the question, what does work. Here’s how to succeed no matter what?

You must understand, that another key statement, “You just can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and expecting different results.”

OK, so what in the world do you do? Let’s start with what not to do that I’d bet most coaches do.

What not to do:

Most coaches believe that they must keep telling people that they are “a coach”.

Well, guess what? No one cares whether you are a coach or not.


That’s right. You may believe that people really need coaches. And you are right that they do. However, what you believe about connecting with those people who need coaches is totally wrong. That’s why you haven’t been attracting many.

Rule #1 in my video course on How to Attract Clients, Getting Them to Beg You to Help them says what not to do:

Marketing that works is never about you, your products/services, what you do, your processes, your credentials, your experience.

Does that seem strange? Is that what you’ve been doing? Saying “I am an anything” is talking about you and that doesn’t GRAB your prospect.

If that seems counterintuitive to what you’ve been doing let’s look into why that doesn’t work.

When you do lay the right things in front of those who need you they will beg you to help them get what they want, and what you’ve been saying just hasn’t been working, RIGHT?

 Why all of those things don’t work, and what does?

They don’t work because that’s not what your client wants.

Rule 2: What they do want is:

A result, a specific outcome.

And they want the biggest, most valuable outcome they can get.

So ask yourself these questions:

  • Does saying “I’m a coach” promise them that you would deliver a specific kind of result? No!
    • Don’t you know a coach who couldn’t deliver that specific result no matter if he is a coach? And that’s why saying “I am a coach” doesn’t do much. Plus the fact that few even know what a coach does, or what kind of results he could deliver.
  • Does  it promise to deliver how much value, how big?
    • Don’t you know a coach who might be able to deliver that result who wouldn’t promise more than 10c, let alone as much as you do, or do you know one that could deliver millions of dollars in just a few months. Which one gets the job? Obviously the one that promises to deliver that specific result, and with the largest value. Right?
  • Do my credentials, no matter how important, guarantee a specific result, or even a result more valuable than 10c?
  • If I say that I’ve done this or that for 20 years, does that guarantee a specific result or a big one?

So what will get the attention of a prospective client? It won’t be “I am a coach” will it? It will be to promise, or even suggestion that you could help him get a specific result that HE WANTS.

That would be a start.

But wouldn’t discussing getting an even bigger, more valuable result get their attention even more?

So, the way to attract clients is to

  • Promise, or suggest
    • The results THEY WANT
    • The biggest results.
    • Results they’d almost kill to get.

I use an example of a doctor going to a networking event that’s standing right in front of his ideal client, but neither of them know that what they want is standing there, the doctor, nor the patient.

When the doctor says, “I am a doctor”, the person who is standing right in front of him has seen 100’s of doctors over the last few months, so they don’t respond at all. They walk off. By the way, this is a pancreatic cancer patient that is dying of the cancer, and is burned out talking to doctor after doctor.

When the doctor says, “I work with pancreatic cancer patients who have been told they have less than 3 months to live. But 80% of my patients walk out CURED in 3 months or less.”

What do you think this person would do? Might he get down on his hands and knees and beg this doctor to help him?

Why? Because the doctor

  • Identified who he could help
  • Told him what kind of results he gets
  • What that value is, 80% LIVE

Now, did that doctor say “I am a doctor”? Did he say what his process was, or talk anything about how long he’s been in business, his credentials, or basically anything about HIM.

The only thing he said was about the patient, and what kind of result and value the patient would get.

So if you’d like to develop a marketing message that would have your ideal client begging you to help, check out this video class where I’ll take you by the hand to help you start attracting them to you, to beg you to help them.

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