How Many Instant Replies Do You Get from ANY Activity?

Are you WAITING for something to happen because of doing something, networking, website, that last article you published, marketing of any kind you sent out?

How many call you EVERY TIME you say something somewhere is your success factor.

It’s stupid to WAIT for something to happen. Make it happen the way you want it to.

It’s pretty simple, if what you said worked, you don’t have to wait, you’ll get an immediate reply.

I know that all of the so-called marketing gurus claims that “it takes time to build the relationship”, and, although that might be sort of right, if what you say this time, and only this time, “gets your ideal client’s attention” then you’ll get a fast, and measurable response.

So, don’t wait, read on.Everything you do, whenever you reach out to touch someone even for little things, or for that all-important marketing, should provide such serious value that everyone who sees it, reads it, experiences it, should immediately recognize that THIS is a very different, and VERY valuable person, PAY ATTENTION. In fact, reach out to get to know them now.

What is your vision of what you do for anyone you touch any time you touch them? Do you have a vision of what you will do for them that one time, or when they become a client? Or do you just wait to see what happens with no particular outcome in mind?

I believe that it was the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland who asked Alice where she was going and she didn’t really, know and the cat told her “Well, then it really doesn’t matter which path you take does it?” So if you don’t have a target outcome in mind on everything you do, even just meeting someone once time, no matter how briefly, then you won’t get much from it. And that applies to any of your marketing, and every time you touch someone.

Everyone you touch has something they WANT, and many times it’s something you can provide to them.

In any case, it starts by having a goal of what you want for that person that you touch. If you have a goal of what you will leave with them, an outcome you want for them, IF that is a significant outcome, you will get their attention, you will leave them with something like, “Oh, wow, if just meeting with him one time for such a short time was THAT good, I wonder what it would be like to work with him/her?”

It Doesn’t Take Long to Get People Chasing You

I once asked on a LinkedIn group what anyone got from being on that group. The response was “it takes a long time to build a relationship, so it’ll happen later.” When I asked “what will happen”, and “how long will it take” NO ONE had an answer. Therefore they were getting exactly what they had defined, NOTHING, and they are still waiting for whatever it is to happen.

It’s about being outstanding, awesome, incredible. It’s about standing out above the crowd in the answers you provide in other people’s discussions, and the aha moments you share when you create your own.

Be In Control of How Many, When, Where, and How….Measure

You can even measure the results you get. For instance, when I start a conversation on LinkedIn, frequently I have already written a blog post about it, but sort of prime the pump with a thought in the group and point them toward the blog post. Google Analytics measures the traffic to my website, where they came from, how long they spend on the site, and where do they go afterwards, such as do they dig for more information about me, or what I’ve said. The more they dig the more of an impact you made on them and they want to get to know you.

So, when I start a discussion, or join one in progress, I want

  1. To make a serious impact on them by providing a thought that NO ONE in the group had thought of, and an opportunity for them to get a result they wouldn’t have believed possible. If I’ve done it well, some will want to go to my website. How many, and how fast measures how well I connected.
  2. I want them going to my website, reading that article, and then wanting to find out more, either about me, or to read more articles.
  3. And eventually for them to sign up for my newsletter, and even further down the line signing up for my membership site, or class, or one on one coaching.

So, for every discussion, I watch the hourly results on Google Analytics. I can see how many respond to what topic, or to something special I say. So a large number moving to my site tells me how well they liked what I said and if they want to get to know me.

What Is Your Measurable OMG Factor?

Yes, relationship building is a part of marketing, however, you don’t have to wait to find out. The first step is “get their attention”, next is “getting them to want more”, “leave them with their mouths watering, not just a little but a LOT”, what I call the OMG factor. “OMG I’ve got to learn from him.” And you can measure it when you connect.

Or, if no one comes running, then you’ve got to change something. You can actually manage and optimize your results from networking this way.

On the average I get 10 to 15 calls a week just from fine tuning what’s connecting on LinkedIn. No, they aren’t all becoming immediate clients, but they are people who want what I have, and I am there for them which is the step before hiring me. The more you give the more you get, and you can measure that too. I do hear from coaches how their giving away even the kitchen sink isn’t getting them clients. Well, easy, measure what you say and watch how they respond. It’s when you provide something so valuable, and so incredibly desirable that they will hire you.

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