How many hours a week does it take to build a BIG Successful Coaching Business?

Well, how many clients a week are you getting now with how many hours?

How many hours you spend acquiring every client really is based on that definition of what marketing, or client acquisition is based upon: “What you say, how you say it, and who you say it to.”

When I got those right I had 100 times more people showing up at my seminars and closing 30% to 50% of them. The time spent getting clients went down by 1/10th to 1/100th of what it had been.

When I first started my coaching I wasn’t getting ANY clients for weeks, yet I was putting in not just hours, but days and weeks trying to attract clients without much luck. But when I learned that what I was saying was all wrong, and what to say that attracted clients. Then I started getting about 1 or 2 people attending every seminar I did, but no one bought from me until about 8 months of doing that. I figured that that gave me a client acquisition rate of about 1 out of 1,000 attempts.

And if you measured the hours I was putting into acquiring clients that was around 40 hours a week for 8 months, or about 960 hours. Gee, if you put a cost figure on that, and figure that when I was employed I was making about $48/hour, that client cost me $46,000, but that client ended up paying me about $2,000 so I wouldn’t say that I was successful so far.

Then I evaluated that marketing definition: what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to. Well, it could have been what I said, and who I said it to.

So I changed what I said and tried again suddenly, I was getting about 1 person attending my seminars for every 10 people I reached out to. Now this is 100 times better, however, they still weren’t buying.

So this time I decided I must have the right marketing message since 1 out of 10 people were coming to my seminars, and actually said they loved it, however, they weren’t buying, so that led me to thinking that these weren’t the right people. These were certainly attracted to what I said, but these weren’t those who would spend money on coaching.

When I identified that they weren’t ones who would actually pay, that meant that the first requirement for an ideal client would be someone who not only would pay, but has a history of already hiring someone to help them for things they wanted.

And here’s what I discovered about that type of person or company. They usually were those who had achieved more success than those that I had been targeting. I had made the mistake of thinking that those who were starting out, or hadn’t been very successful, would be those who needed me the most. And although that might be true that they need me, one of their characteristics of being unsuccessful is that they never hired anyone to help them and that was one of their biggest reasons for being stuck at the bottom of the economic ladder.

Here’s what I discovered as I worked up that ladder as a business coach, when I targeted:

As for businesses, less than $100K they just wouldn’t buy, at $500K I was selling about 1/3rd, and over $1M I was closing between 1/2 and 3/4ths.

And for life coaching, individuals below $75K were not buying, while incomes of $75K to $150K were around 1/3rd, and over $150K were well over 50%.

I should note that all of these were responding at 1 out of 10 to my marketing, and then the sales close ratio was as I show above.

In other words, in order for them to buy, the more successful they were the more likely they would buy. Therefore, those that actually needed me the most were the ones not buying.

So if you are hearing mostly “can’t afford it”, “not now”, “Won’t work for me” after you’ve gotten a big response to marketing, then they are the wrong client.

Remember that marketing is based on

What you say.
How you say it.
And who you say it to.

When you get the marketing conversion, and sales conversion right the hours you spend attempting to get clients, and money it costs, will be the lowest by possibly 10 to 100 times. Imagine being able to fill a seminar room with 100 people, and then close 30% or more of them.

In my upcoming book I show coaches and consultants how to get 10% of those you reach out to with initial marketing, which is about 100 times what most coaches/consultants get as they start out. We’ll develop what to say, how to say it, and the big difference is “Who you say it to.”

If you’d like to help me by reviewing the book, I’ll share an early copy to get your comments on the copy to fine tune it further. Just email me at

Alan Boyer

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