How Many Calls a Week Do You Get from . . . Your Website, Your Networking . . .

Let’s just say that if you aren’t getting any calls a week from any marketing attempt, website, networking, business card, LinkedIn, or whatever you do to attract clients . . . you are doing it wrong. And please DO NOT keep doing it without making a change that gets you at least one call a week, and ideally 5, 10, or more.

HINT: Marketing that works doesn’t take long. It should be almost immediate. I keep hearing from coaches and consultants that they believe that they have to wait for it to work, have to wait to build something, a relationship, get to know enough people, etc. WRONG.

RULE: Marketing either attracts, is blah, or turns people off, and that’s instant. No need to wait.

Find out how to get immediate response to everything you do, measure it, and KNOW that it’s working or not.I know that coaches and consultants buy a website and then wait . . . and wait . . . and wait. . .

How long is too long to wait to see if it works? A day or two! No longer than a week!

I believe in CREATING the FUTURE YOU WANT. Not sitting on your thumbs waiting for something to happen.

We do need to break our marketing up into steps, here are some parts that are rather instant, while others take a while, but, for the most part, you don’t have to wait to figure out if it works.

The Steps of Marketing . . .

  • “Get Their Attention” — response should be almost immediate!
  • follows with holding that attention and building a relationship, most likely by giving some exciting, very desirable information while connecting as “their expert”.
  • And, actually goes through several steps where they like you more, and more, and they discover that you are an “OMG I can’t wait to get more from . . . “
  • Until they take the next step, this time buying something from you. Doesn’t have to be coaching, but a first step.
  • And finally, they are ready to buy your personal coaching time to take them where you take your clients . . . some huge valuable outcome!

Notice that the first step was “get attention”. How long does that take? Not very long right?

You should be getting attention right off the bat in whatever you do. In a few cases it gets better and better over a few days. You get the notice of 5 to 10 the first time you do your marketing magic gee whiz, and when you do it again, this time there’s 20, and when you do it yet again  . . . well, you get the idea when there’s a crowd standing around staring at something even more people pay attention.

But when coaches and consultants say that “it takes time”, they aren’t meaning that it takes a while to gather a crowd, they are saying that it takes a LONG TIME and they still haven’t even gotten noticed. Not the same thing.

So, the first step is “Say something, do something . . . that gets attention” and you’ll know if that worked almost immediately.

In the “Steps of marketing” above, if you don’t get attention in step one . . . nothing else matters. The next steps never get read, never get heard, never get experienced.

So, let’s say that at the top of your website you say something like, “I’m a coach”, or “Jim’s Coaching Website”. You will KNOW IMMEDIATEY that that does work, doesn’t work, or sort of so-so works. Let’s say that 1,000 people drift by your website in a month (we’ll have to cover how to make that happen later), but in the meantime, how do those 1,000 people respond. Do they glance at the headline and continue reading, or do they hang around for 20 seconds, a minute, 5 minutes, or do they leave in a flash?

In today’s fast internet world, you have 3 seconds to get their attention. Use Google Analytics on your website, free from Google. it’ll show you exactly how many come to your site . . . from where . . . how long they stay on your site. So in a day or two after turning it on you will be able to look to see how about 30 a day responded. Look at the “time on site”.

  • 10 seconds or less (smallest measurement they have), they glanced at your headline, your banner, and said, Nope not here! In other words, it didn’t grab their attention, so they left.
  • 30 seconds — the headline held them, they checked out maybe your first paragraph, or they scanned more of the first page, or a page or two without reading. Again, something didn’t hold their attention.
  • 1 minute — OK, just barely starting to work. They might have read all, or a significant chunk of your page.
  • From this point, the longer they are on your site the more they liked it, the more they read it. Remember the statement, “getting to know you, like you, and trust you” that’s what’s happening beyond a minute. But it ONLY STARTED. NOW you’ve got a few days with more material to help them make that connection a deeper one, and that can be measured just as easily as what I just showed you.

Now, how long did that take? Seconds to minutes and you KNOW that that part worked.

You can do exactly the same thing at every step of your marketing and know almost immediately if that part works.

On a website you have

  • Traffic, visitors — how many, from what source, what keyword, how are they finding you
  • Conversion — what you say on the website, does it attract, does it follow through with relationship building information that holds them, and finally converts them into clients.

All of that measureable, and takes, oh about a minute or so of your time to go look at the data to see what is working and what is not. Sometimes there’s more steps, but they all apply to how many visitors, and how much conversion at every step. Just make sure that you know what the steps are. Actually on the internet there can be 2 steps or 18 between you and those looking for you. All you have to do is measure the steps, see where they are clamoring to get through to you and which ones become road blocks, go fix it and watch the clients clamor through the next, and the next until they get to you.

And, yes, there are some things that take a while to build. Search engine positions take a while, from days to weeks to sometimes months depending on how competitive it is. There are only 10 positions on a search engine with maybe millions competing. Believe me those things are well worth it, but not the only way to do it. So do the long time things so that they have time to work while you do the short time things that will deliver results NOW.

Measure them all, tweak them all while watching your prospects getting closer and closer to you. You have no reason to wait for anything, CREATE exactly what you want without waiting.

Want visitors to your site NOW. Simple! VERY SIMPLE in fact.

Google Adwords Instant Results

Try Google Adwords. Do you know that if you turn on Google Adwords (cost you nothing to turn it on), you could be #1 on Google within 15 minutes?

You could have traffic to your website in just over 15 minutes. Of course there are A LOT of misconceptions about marketing that’ll hit you right in the face. I hear my clients all of the time saying things that nearly drive me crazy. But Google adwords isn’t the enemy, it’s one of your many answers to getting clients, but it will force you to face your misconceptions of marketing rather fast because you are suddenly MARKETING, OMG!!!! And ALL of your misconceptions will hit you right in the face right there, right then. It isn’t Google, nor Adwords that’s the problem. It’s you facing your marketing misconceptions all at once.

One of them is paying for marketing. Google Adwords costs per click, anywhere from $1 to sometimes many, many dollars. So, yes, you are paying for every click, every viewer of your website.

But let’s look at that thought in depth. If, for every click, you received one client, wouldn’t you do it? But that just isn’t going to happen. So, the question really becomes, how many viewers does it take to get one client? And wouldn’t you still do it?

If it took 10 clicks, then you’d be turning 10% of those viewers into clients, or at least a call that YOU would then turn some percentage into clients. If you spend $1 per click, then it would cost you $10 to get a call, and if you sold 1/2 of those then it would cost you $20 to acquire a client. The most important question then is “how many dollars does it take to get a client?”

I tell my clients that when you know that figure, the next question is “How many do you want to buy?” All you have to do now is tur that system on whenever you want a client and BUY them. They become yours once you have a system that reliably delivers at that rate. And that’s all marketing really is when done right.

You see, the problem is that most coaches and consultants, throw something against the wall to see what sticks and never follows through, OR, as in our example above they throw something against the wall and wait and wait and wait for something to happen. If it didn’t happen right away they should measure how well it worked, fix it, and start getting something right away. But their belief was, to wait, that it had to work if they waited long enough. Not so. If it didn’t attract someone relatively quickly it wasn’t working.

But back to adwords. I’m amazed when a client tells me that they don’t want to spend money on adwords, that they can wait for a free something or other to work.

Google Adwords is great in that you can turn it on, have a marketing message in front of the world 15 minutes from now, and within no more than a day or two KNOW with some certainty how well “what you say” does or does not work. You’ll know how many are looking for what you do, and with what keywords they search. You’ll know whether you say on your website works, and you can fix it within days if it doesn’t, or even if it is working, compare different messages and find the one that works 5 times, 10 times, or even 100 times better.

There are so many ways to generate immediate traffic, and immediate interest. It all revolves around whether you actually generate attention in the very first touch.

Networking, if you get attention when you are networking, either live local, or online, you could hear them say “Wow, I’d love to have that, how can I find out how to get that?”  Yes, now you can build a relationship that might take a few days to a week or two, but you KNOW if they are interested in the first touch, so no waiting. It’s up to you to actually create it the way you want it, when you want it.

Or, create your own workshop — Marketing a freebie, either local, or teleseminar, and literally FILL it IF and WHEN you get attention on your first touch, or follow up touch with your list that you’ve been building.

Or, create your own speech opportunity — Can be local organizations, either trade organizations that are in your field, or social organizations, churches, Lions, Kiwanis, or almost an unlimited list of them. As long as the title of your speech GRABS ATTENTION the organization will WANT you there, and those coming will want to be there.

The point is that you don’t have to wait for anything. Just create it the way you want it and when you want clients, or to keep a steady flow of them.

The whole key to “getting attention” comes down to “not what you say about you, your coaching, your processes, nor what you do”, it comes right down to “what does you client want”, and “so badly they can’t wait”.  Now don’t confuse a “desparate” client with someone who wants something so desparately. There IS a big difference. The Desparate ones usually won’t pay for it. The more successful who desparately want something usually will pay almost anything for it. There’s a BIG difference.

In any case, I’ve discovered that coaches and consultants frequently don’t know how to present the results they provide so I’m kicking off a program after the first of June where I’ll take you through how to present what you do in a way that will have them prancing around like a child in front of the Christmas tree that can’t wait to open his presents.

Either watch for that announcement and schedule in a couple of weeks or send me an email asking me to hold a place for you now.


Alan Boyer

Helping coach/consultants reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop thinking small when attracting new clients

Author of the upcoming book “Secrets to $100K+ Coaching/Consulting: Getting More & Higher Paying Clients Faster & Easier”


3 Responses to How Many Calls a Week Do You Get from . . . Your Website, Your Networking . . .

  • Kenn (web designer for coaches) says:

    I’m continually impressed by the amount you have to share. I hope you type fast too!
    Love this “you are doing it wrong.” if you aren’t getting leads.
    Great too –> “what does you client want”, and “so badly they can’t wait”

    Can you write an article titled, “How to get attention and draw them in without feeling like you’re too over the top”?
    I hesitate with some claims if they are too over the top … I know you and I both discussed this notion that will often
    piss others off with, “no way”, etc.

    Yet our goals as coaches are not to fulfill those big goals – but to help clients reach them and some will some won’t … right?

  • I’m continually impressed by the amount you have to share. I hope you type fast too!
    Love this “you are doing it wrong.” if you aren’t getting leads.
    Great too –> “what does you client want”, and “so badly they can’t wait”

    Can you write an article titled, “How to get attention and draw them in without feeling like you’re too over the top”?
    I hesitate with some claims if they are too over the top … I know you and I both discussed this notion that will often
    piss others off with, “no way”, etc.

    Yet our goals as coaches are not to fulfill those big goals – but to help clients reach them and some will some won’t … right?

    • alanboyer says:

      Ken — Coaches frequently feel that any amount of telling someone about coaching is “over the top”. But if it is honest, true, then so what if someone feels it’s over the top?

      Roy H Williams, one of the greatest marketing coaches once said that if he doesn’t get a pull back from any of his clients about the copy he is writing for them, then he isn’t doing it right.

      It works this way. For any so-called niche market, you can divide that market into 3 parts, the low success ones (I call these the kiddie pool since they play down here), the average success ones, and the very highly successful ones. Every one of these levels has a belief, a mindset, that locks them into that level. The low success ones, the kiddie pool, will almost never make it out of near failure because their beliefs are the shoot yourself in the foot beliefs. And one of those things they believe is that when they see an ad, or any marketing, that promises levels of success that they have not experienced, then they will not hesitate to call that hype and refuse to buy in. Yet, those that are in the very highly successful groups are buying this as fast as they can, that’s why they are successful.

      So, the first thing that happens with a really good marketing piece is that it will attract lots of people, and at the same time the kiddie pool won’t hesitate to call it b.s. The good marketing will see a higher response, and a higher complaint factor. That’s what goes along with good marketing.

      One problem is that inexperienced coaches don’t pay attention to the increased sales, they pay attention to the complainers. In that case they are allowing the failures to determine what they say in their marketing, which locks them into failure as well.

      Successful ones look only at the number of steadily increasing calls, leads, and sales and ignore the kiddie pool comments because that is from the uneducated about what works. Your success should be measured from the successful contacts, not the unsuccessful ones that will always complain.

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