How to Make the Coaching/Consulting Sale in the First 15 Seconds

Let me ask a very important question.

If you go to a restaurant, how long does it take to know if you like the food? Probably the first bite, sometimes even before that.

So the question you might have is how do you impress someone in the first 15 seconds . . . not just impress . . . but actually have him begging you to help him.

For those of you who have been through my video course, read my books, or actually have worked with me, the very first thing you learn is

  1. Who is the ideal client who is already looking for help, has a history of spending money to get that kind of help.
  2. And that the ONE thing they want to discover from you is “Do you offer the results he wants” and “How big, how fast, are those results.
  3. And NEVER EVER start talking about You, your products/services, your processes, your credentials, years of experience.

As I said above, you must get their attention, and switch their thinking from “Oh, another sales pitch” to, “OMG I’d do anything to have THAT”

So the first words out of your mouth should be about the results you deliver, and how big that would be.

Imagine the difference between these two introductions.

  1. Hi, My name is ____________, and I’m a doctor.
  2. I work with pancreatic cancer patients who have been told they have less than 3 months to live. 80% of my clients walk out cured in 3 months or less.

Now let’s imagine that that introduction was in front of an ideal client, the pancreatic cancer patient who was told he has less than 3 months to live.

The first one is about the doctor. and this prospect has already met with 50 or more doctors, all saying, you have 3 months or less to live. So one more ordinary doctor will not get this person’s attention He/She is already tired of doctors that can’t help. So they shut down upon hearing the label.

But the second one should literally have that ideal client on his/her hands and knees begging them to help. Simply because it talks about them, what their results would be, and the value . . . well is so valuable that they’d do almost anything right on the spot to get that doctor to help.

So, you may be saying, “I don’t do anything THAT valuable.” Then your problem is between your own ears. When you feel that what you do isn’t very valuable then you never appear valuable no matter what you say to who. But, most coaches and consultants, actually can deliver things that are that valuable, or at least very very valuable.

So when you can lay it out to them in that 15 seconds, they will respond almost as well as this patient.

For instance, when I was selling “coaching” or “consulting” I frequently introduced myself as “a coach” and couldn’t understand why no one understand just how valuable that was, or what I delivered. I was just waiting for them “to get it” and no one ever did.

However, once I got it, I have literally saved businesses from bankruptcy, people from losing their life savings, from losing their children’s education fund, I’ve turned businesses from 5 clients a week into $500K a month, saved marriages because the wife was going to leave if this person wasn’t going to become successful/profitable, or stop losing everything they had, I’ve helped businesses with 1 client turn into $80,000 a day businesses, I’ve helped authors sell more books than their biggest competitors.

When you recognize just how valuable you are, or could be, and then offer that result of that value, or even bigger as your introduction, you’ll immediately see your prospects almost leaping into your lap.

I should clarify that in that first 15 second intro, that is marketing. That has your ideal client begging you to tell them how you do that, or show them that you could do it for them.

That will get your sales appointment, or opportunity.

And your sales opportunity should not be any different than what you did for your intro or your marketing. You will not talk about you, your products/services or years of experience, you will share with them how you have helped others get those results, or if you are just starting out, in that case, you simply share with them how you WILL do it with them, maybe simply setting down and planning it, then hand holding them as they trip over their feet and help them get up and accomplish those results.

One thing I sell is that I never allow my clients to fail, which is something that most will beg for. I will never let a client fail as long as he is committed to following through and doesn’t let his own obstacles get in the way. As long as they are open I will help them through their maze of obstacles that has stopped them before.

Should you be flexible in what you say?

Well, first I suggest that you do have a priority of an ideal client. However, for some of you that are still early in their coaching career, I would pick your most ideal client, and then you might have 2 or 3 secondary ideal clients. Usually they are somewhat related. And then yes, you might be somewhat flexible, identify that you are talking to one of your ideal clients, what his biggest problem is, what he wants the most, and then when you introduce yourself, you make him an offer he can’t refuse. so you are slightly flexble.

Let me share how that worked out for me.

My early career was as an electronic engineer. I did work my way to the top in executive and management in most of my jobs. So I understand both the technical side and the business management side.

So when I started exploring for my ideal client, I discovered that engineers frequently start their own companies, but because they are technical thinkers, they never get around to “how to run a business”, or “How to leap upward in their business to the very top of their industry”.

My first ideal client was an engineer who owned a manufacturing company or engineering company. but soon I discovered that any technical thinker, from doctor, to architect, to many other engineers, to landscapers, and on and on have exactly the same problems.

When they worked for someone else, they said to themselves that they could do a better job than their boss. But, at the time they were referring to something technical, and THOUGHT that would carry over to business success. it doesn’t.

So pretty soon I was making almost the same offer to every kind of technical thinker. I went from a narrow ideal client to a broader ideal client, but still it was any technical type.

But then, after doing this for many years, I discovered that by spending all of my time on one of those technical thinkers I would discover an awful lot of EXPLOSIVE results that applied to only them. And then my offer moved from a small offer to a HUGE offer, and I became even more valuable to my clients, and so my business exploded as well.

So as you explore your ideal client, I’d explore a few, test them out with my formula for explosive marketing messages, and you will very soon come back to only 1 or 2 at most as your ideal client, and your business will continue to skyrocket.

For my business, yes I still do engineers who own bigger companies, but that quickly led me to share with other coaches and consultants what I was doing to acquire my clients. So now I have two basic ideal clients, the engineer owning big companies that wants more than he can achieve alone, and coaches and consultants.








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