Learning How to Market and Sell by Paying Attention to What YOU Want

The best way to learn what you should be saying to market your services extremely well is to pay attention to what you want.

Here’s a secret on how to market your services so that it attracts them by he dozens.

Let’s start by asking you to define what you want if you were hiring a business coach (I realize that you aren’t all business coaches, but follow through this thought process. You’ll learn some valuable principles even if this isn’t your type of coaching. We’ll eventually get to what you do).

What do you need for your business? And let’s assume that what we want is something well beyond your reach as an independent business owner. It’s something you can’t do on your own.

Would you rather have? Someone

  • Showing you how to do goal setting? Why, or why not?
  • Showing you how to do your bookwork, accounting, and even showing you how to make bigger profits using your books? Why, or why not?
  • Showing you how to market?
  • Showing you how to close sales, or even close more sales? Why, or why not?
  • Showing you how to land $100K in coaching sales within 6 months?
  • Helping you to get $100K within 6 months?
  • Delivering 5 clients by next week?
  • Delivering 5 clients by next week  that would pay you $1,000 a month?
  • Delivering $100K within 6 months working less than 10 hours a week?

Seriously, think about each of those questions, and which one you’d rather have, and why would you, or why wouldn’t you want that?

Stepping back to look at how they all compare, let’s say that they all cost the same, which one would you buy first? Why that one?

And if you started down that path of asking yourself which answer is the most exciting to you, the most compelling, and which one would you buy the fastest and easiest, might actually cause you to ask a few other questions. There might actually be yet another approach that would be even more compelling.

Your answer of how you should be selling is right there in front of you.

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts you’ve probably seen the rules of marketing that goes something like this.

Marketing is:

  • Never about you, your products/services, your company, your processes, what you do.
  • It is always about what the client wants which is
    • Results, a specific outcome
    • And the higher the value of that outcome the more in demand it will be.

So, let’s go through those questions of what you’d be willing to buy from a business coach, and why.  And, while doing that, let’s take a look at what you might be saying about your own coaching business as we do.

Let’s assume that what we want are more clients, more income, maybe LOTS of clients. And let’s also assume that if you want more income, how much do you want? Just a little, another $1K, $10K, $100K, $1M. The bigger they offer the more compelling it is right? Oh, of course, at some point it sounds like either not reachable, hype, or it would just be harder than you wanted to work, right?

The bottom line is that if someone asked you if you wanted more clients, or more income, you’d say yes, but probably not buy. But if someone said you can have 5 new clients next week, that might be a different story. Or if you could have $100K within 6 months while working less than full time, wouldn’t that be pretty compelling?

Let’s take a look at the questions we started with above.

  • Showing you how to do goal setting?

Any possibility you already know how to do goal setting? So that doesn’t really appeal to you.

Or even if you didn’t know how, is “showing you how to do goal setting” (which is a process) better or less attractive than “5 clients next week”.

Of course, 5 clients next week is far better. Why? Because it is specific about the outcome, and how big, how fast. That’s the key to POWERFUL marketing that’s effective. It’s specific about the outcome, and how big of an outcome, and how fast you could get it. Goal setting is a process with no guarantee of any kind of outcome. It’s vague. Not clear about any kind of outcome, nor how big of an outcome. So it just doesn’t GRAB attention. It isn’t compelling.

Same for the word “showing you how”. That isn’t as good as “delivering” the results is it?

Now, let’s group a few of the other statements together that have similar vagueness as to outcomes.

  • Showing you how to do your bookwork, accounting, and even showing you how to make bigger profits using your books?
  • Showing you how to market?
  • Showing you how to close sales, or even close more sales?

All of those are still “processes” that don’t carry a specific, known outcome. Even the “showing you how to close sales”, or “close more sales” only imply that you’ll get better at sales, while a statement like “showing you how to close 5 times more sales” has a specific outcome and a measurable value, so it’s better. But let’s compare “showing you how” and “delivering” $100K in sales, or 5 new clients in a week. That last is right down to “handing them to you”. Isn’t that more compelling, than showing you how?

  • Showing you how to land $100K in coaching sales within 6 months?
  • Helping you to get $100K within 6 months?


  • Delivering 5 clients by next week?
  • Delivering 5 clients by next week  that would pay you $1,000 a month?

Notice that as the statements get “more specific” about outcomes, and value (how big, how great, how exciting, and how fast you’ll get it” that the statement seems to  reach off the page out to you and grab you?

Now, let’s talk about other kinds of coaches. Marketing that works, that literally leaps off of the page to grab your client’s eyeballs and mind are those that talk about a specific outcome, and a specific measurable value.

The More specific your target outcome the more that will buy from you

If you were going to a sporting goods store would you buy

  • A ball
  • A 3″ baseball
  • A 3″ leather covered baseball
  • A 3″ gold plated baseball (at the same price)

So why would anyone buy

  • A coach
  • A life coach
  • Add another $100K to Retirement within 6 months
  • Saves 90% of Failing Marriages within 3 months
  • Increase your salary by $10K every year from this point forward
  • Get a promotion, possibly skipping your boss within 3 months

Compare the first two to the others. The first two are vague and don’t discuss the outcome, nor how far, how big, how fast, and therefore WILL NOT SELL. The others will sell to a specific type of client.

Some coach training misleads

I realize that a lot of coaching training tells you to stay vague, not be specific in order to sell just about anything to just about anyone. Even though you might be able to deliver results to just about anyone, you won’t sell anything without being specific. Think about the exercise we just went through.

Most coaches, believe that by keeping their focus on the whole world that their market place is huge as compared to when you narrow down the market is a lot smaller…but I will guarantee, with the right marketing message you can just about own the market if done right. Would you rather have 0% of the 6Trillion people in the world, or 10% of 100 people right there in your city monthly?

A Killer Marketing Message

Let me share a marketing message with you for a doctor. We’ll start with a marketing message like most coaches use, and work toward a message that gets this doctor near 100%.

First, let’s set the stage. This is a doctor in a networking event. His ideal client (er patient)  is standing right in front of him, but neither the patient nor the doctor know it yet.

Someone asks the doctor, “So what do you do?”

Most coaches would answer that with either, “I’m a coach”, or “I’m a ______ coach” naming the type of coach he(she) is. So let’s start this doctor out by saying, “I’m a doctor”. Then we’ll give him some alternate things to say.

By the way, saying “I’m a _______” is only a label, and it’s a label that doesn’t imply results of any kind, so it isn’t a very compelling, doesn’t grab your listener and pull them in type of response. It’s the weakest you can possibly use.

But let’s go back and define a few things, such as who is this doctor’s ideal client (er patient). This is a oncologist, a cancer doctor. His ideal patient is a patient who has pancreatic cancer, and has been told they have 6 months or less to live.

We’ll start with a weak marketing statement that’s similar to what most coaches use, and work step by step to more powerful ways of presenting what you, coach, deliver, and compare that to how that works for this doctor.

He starts off answering the question, “What do you do” with “I’m a doctor.”

Well, his ideal client, er patient, standing right in front of him has seen 50 or more doctors, most referred him/her along to another doctor, and he/she doesn’t want to deal with another one like that. So there is no real interest. Yet, there they two of them stand. The patient is probably going to die, and the doctor is going to miss a patient, and an opportunity to save someone’s life.

Another label that actually might work a little better is “I’m an oncologist”, or even “I’m a cancer doctor”. These work better because they are more specific. The clearer the statement the better the response, but this still isn’t clear about the type of outcome, nor how big, how fast, the value of the outcome.

By the way, this type of response is a little like a coach/consultant getting a little more specific about his label. “I’m a _____ coach”, a business coach, a marketing coach, a life coach, a career coach. But it’s actually worse than the doctor’s “oncologist” response because most of the world has no clue what a life coach does, or kind of result he gets. In fact, most coaches aren’t sure either, there are so darned many kinds, and so darned many possibly outcomes. This is not any better than just “I’m a coach”.

Back to the doctor, so the doctor might say something like, “I help people with pancreatic cancer”. Even more specific, but where’s the outcome? and How big, how fast? How Important?  However, I will guarantee that in this case, that patient standing right in front of him is now going to almost leap at him, asking him “what kind of results do you help your patients get?”

You see, when you get more clear, and this patient seriously needs help, even if you didn’t provide all of the information needed, that client or patient will be asking you to tell them more. The clearer you get the bigger the response. This might be similar to a business coach saying that they help small businesses get better. In fact, there’s a series of definitions here, such as “helping them get” how much better, how fast.

Back to the doctor. Let’s take him to that big, “OMG” statement. So when asked “What do you do” he replies, “I help patients with pancreatic cancer, who have been told they have less than 6 months to live. 80% of my clients walk out cured in about 3 months.”

OK, now step back and take a deep breath. Have any doubt whatsoever that that patient and that doctor haven’t just connected? In fact, I’d bet that patient would get down on his/her hands and knees and beg that doctor to take them on as a patient. And, do you believe that price will even be discussed, or would it make much difference anyway?

Wouldn’t you just love to have a statement that caused your clients to almost beg you to help them? But I’d bet you’ve been chasing them around and not catching too many, right?

Now, that’s an example of how a marketing message can GRAB a client and literally have them begging you to help them. It starts with a specific result, and a VERY HIGH value of that outcome. The bigger the value the more they’ll come to you and beg you to help them. Isn’t that a change from you having to chase them?

OK, I always hear coaches complain when they hear this story that, “I don’t have anything THAT valuable.” If you believe that, then you are your biggest problem. I realize that not every coach provides something life saving. But you do provide things that could be life changing, business saving, business changing, career changing/saving, and so on. In fact, what AWESOME vision do you have for your clients? The bigger the value you lay on the table as your results, the more people will line up to get it, and the more they will beg, or even fight to get it.

Your Vision of the Outcome You Deliver Clients Determines Your Outcomes, Your Brand, How Many Clients You Get, and How Excited They Are To Work With You

How many clients you get, how easy, and how excited they are to work with you starts with a simple thing, “YOUR VISION” for them. It’s also your vision of you and your business. Do you reach for AWESOME, or extraordinary results for your clients? Or are you afraid that if you reach too far that you might fail?

It really depends on you and how you present it. Present it as “Oh, I’m a coach” and it just isn’t compelling at all. In fact it’s kind of a turn-off. But saying something like, “I help $100K small businesses LEAP to $200K in 3 months” or a life coach who offers to help someone near retirement that doesn’t have enough and may even have to go back to work at Wal Mart, and you offer him “the retirement he’s always dreamed of” in the next year he’ll get down on his hands and knees and thank you profusely.

The value you provide starts with the value you believe you provide. It starts with your own vision of what you deliver to every client. If you haven’t developed that vision, then as the cat in Alice in Wonderland says, “Well, it doesn’t matter what path you take. Any path will take you there”. You’ll get exactly what you believe you’ll get for your clients. No vision, no results, or very little. Big specific vision, and clients will line up to get it, and you’ll have a huge practice delivering it.

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