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For 14 years now, I have been sharing with my clients a simple way to grow your business that gets about 10% of those you reach out to. I’ve always practiced that in a linear way.

In other words, every time I wanted some clients, I could market a webinar, or local workshop by sending out about 1,000 letters, emails, or videos in order to get 10%, or about 100 interested. And end up with about 1/2 of those wanting to take some form of next step with me.

So when I wanted more, it was a matter of doing it again and gain.

But I just discovered that the marketing formula stops being linear when you build enough activities back to back. In fact it moves upward toward exponential.

Let’s start by reviewing how to get the 10% to start with.

It amazes me that most coaches/consultants approach marketing by just throwing something at their marketing wall and have no idea how it works, why it works, and how well (how many) it should work.

Take a look at the marketing formula below.

marketing formula

Basically, your marketing message has a measurable result. What you say, how you say it, and who you say it to has a conversion rate. The average coach/consultant says something like “I am a coach’ which typically gets about 0.01%, 1 out of 1,000. In other words you may have to say it 1,000 times to get even one sort of interested person.

So the marketing formula says, (number of people who get to see, hear, or experience your marketing message) X (marketing message conversion rate) = number of people who call you, or show interest in your coaching/consulting.

What I show in my marketing message video classes is how to get a 10% conversion rate. When I do a local workshop, or online webinar, I send out a little over 1,000 marketing pieces, get about 100 calls (10%) from people who want to attend. Amazing how that consistently delivers. It is because of identifying my ideal target market, their problems and wants, and my marketing message shows them that they will learn how to get what they want if they come to the webinar, or local workshop.

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Besides developing that killer marketing message that brings clients to you, I’ll share 5 strategies, such as a technique for webinar, or local workshop, that almost never fails.

But, let’s get back to what I was saying earlier, which is how to turn those workshops from a one at a time collector of clients to one that doesn’t just add the number of clients collected at each event, but starts making they build exponentially.

I discovered this after building several hundred followers through my videos and ebooks. It’s important for you to stop thinking about just using your marketing to collect clients when you need them. Start thinking about building “followers”.

Let’s say that you do a series of videos that you sell as one of the early steps into your marketing funnel. They are very valuable how-to’s which is to give your prospects an opportunity to experience the kind of results you deliver. Let’s say that you get about 1,000 from the first video. Then you develop the next program, could be an online webinar, video, workshops. Because your first followers got such big results from that first video or live workshop. Anywhere from 25% to 50% of your first buyers, want to immediately buy the second.

So this time you get 250+ immediate sales, plus the next 1,000 you sell for video #2. So you have 1,000 from the first video, plus 1,250 for the second, totalling 1,250 sales.

And for the third, you get 25% to 50% of your total number of buyers, 563 plus the 1,000 new sales, or 3,813.

See the chart below. Accumulation of buyers/clients is no longer linear, more exponential growth.

Exponential Sales

This represents the sale from your marketing funnel, and you also get a percentage of the total number of students that buy your ultimate target sales, your coaching/consulting services. So imagine that instead of you having to go out there doing your smaller one on one marketing, this time you are simply reaching out into your cumulative students who are ready to take that next bigger, more valuable step with you.

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