Ignore the B.S. and Leap Forward with coaching/consulting Income and Lots of Clients

When I say ignore the b.s. you probably are being told by several people that you should, or shouldn’t be doing this or that, and because of that you just don’t move forward.

The problem is that one of those telling the b.s. is you. The others are likely your friends, family, and other coaches who are just as stuck as you are. If whoever is giving you advice has never been beyond where you are by at least 10 times, then don’t listen. Maybe you should find someone who has already reached the results you want to listen to.

How many times have you heard things like, “Under promise, over deliver.” And I’ll guarantee that’s just one of the reasons you aren’t getting clients lined up outside your door begging you to help them. Or the reason you hear, “I can’t afford it right now.”

Why does “under promise, over deliver” not work?

Simple, your prospect wants a much bigger result than he is currently getting. So when you cautiously turn what you deliver to lower levels you aren’t getting within your prospects “want zone”, or “I’d kill to get that zone.”

You want to be within his “I’d kill to get that zone.” Then you’ll have them lined up outside your door fighting to get your rare available time.

When you look for a safe level to offer, you are looking in the wrong direction. You are looking at inside of you for comfort. What sells is what your client not only wants, but would nearly kill to get. Then you develop your deliverable to deliver that. Then you won’t be able to fight them off.

Frequently when I’m talking with a new coach I ask him what kind of result he delivers. Then I ask how big, how much, how fast. Actually I see blank stares with both, but the measurable results are nearly impossible to get a commitment.

I push for an answer, and if I can get anything at all, it typically comes out like, “Well, I guess I’d help them get about 10% more than they are now.”

Your Prospect is already likely thinking 10% is within his grasp. So why would he hire you?

Why should your prospect even be interested when he’s probably already bouncing up maybe 10%, and down 50% or so. In other words 10% further is already within his grasp, or at least he thinks it is. In his mind it isn’t valuable since he can do it all by himself.

What you offer, how much, how fast, HAS to be an “OMG I’d do anything to get that much!”

So when you “Under promise” you may not be within his “want zone” let alone “I’d kill to get that zone.” but when you find out where his “I’d kill to get that zone” is then you must make him that offer, “Would you like to (name his “I’d kill to get that zone”) and watch them beg you to help them.

That’s Not Possible, That’s Hype

Now wait a minute. I’m hearing some gripes from the peanut gallery saying, “If I offer them that much won’t they just say “Ahhh, that’s not possible. That’s hype.”

Let me give you a clue here. If you make a BIG but very achievable measurable result , and they say “that’s hype.” Then you are talking to the wrong market. When you reach into the bottom of the barrel, and offer to take them to places they’ve never been . . . the reason they’ve never been there before is that they already believe they can’t do that, or at least can’t do it that fast. You are simply getting caught in THEIR MISBELIEF.

First, share client results you’ve already delivered. If they still believe they would never get that, then move up to a more successful target client. In short, your ideal client is one that is already looking for exactly what you offer, has a history of hiring someone to take them there. And if you are offering to help him get it, and that big, that fast, he’ll snap it up. If you offer something just slightly bigger, faster, he’ll snap it up that much faster.

Now Over Deliver!

Yes, you still want to over deliver.

But let me share a thought with you. If what you are offering is HUGE, within their “gotta have it zone” and you miss by a little, they will still thank you, be very impressed, and will gladly keep working with you to finish getting to that level.

In fact, if you have even come close to a “I’d kill for that zone” or at least way above where they even thought they could get,  they will constantly want more even if you did miss it.

When you under promise, you don’t get clients!

When your offer, your promise is small no one wants you. When you offer something within a “want zone” you’ll get a few. When you offer something within a “I’d kill for that zone” they’ll line up outside your door begging you to help them, and never stop working with you.

Look around you. What is the HUGE Result that the most successful coaches promise

Become them.

Who is the most successful coach in your field? What does he deliver, what specific results, and how much, how big, how fast does he promise delivery. Move toward what he delivers.

You think you can’t deliver that much? Then set down and plan it out. What does it take to get there, and then get you a client that wants it. Start by planning what it takes. Get him to commit to doing it. And, simple, you either will get there, (you are their hero), or if you don’t, and he’s got the game plan in front of him, then your job is to be there coach, pushing harder, showing more of your tricks. And if you pushed them even a little further than where they are, they will see your value.

Over the years of coaching/consulting, I’ve reached further and further simply because I had clients that would reach that far, and we both got better.

When I started I didn’t have a measurement, but rarely had clients either. Then when I started helping them DOUBLE I had clients begging me. Believe me I left DOUBLE a long way back, 10 times, 100 times, even 1000 times is reachable, and they line up.

Make yourself VALUABLE and people will beg you to help them.

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